Top 5 Smart Bike Lock 2019

Top 5 Smart Bike Lock 2019

we created the Noke you lock incorporating all the cutting-edge
technology used in the original Noke into a practically indestructible
hardened steel body the Noke you lock will protect your bicycle or motorbike
in the toughest environments while also giving you easy access using only your
smartphone available with an app for iOS Android and Windows phones the Noke
you lock uses wireless Bluetooth technology when clicked it automatically
looks for a phone with a compatible key and unlocks you don’t even need to
remove your phone from your pocket or purse just click and go no more worrying
about lost keys or forgotten combinations sharing your bike with
others is easy with just a couple taps you can quickly and securely share your
bike with your friends even better you can revoke access automatically without
needing to track down keys the Noke lock incorporates a long-life
rechargeable battery that will several years between charges but we
wanted the no key you lock to do even more so we added an alarm
after locking Noke pull down the button to arm the alarm function if
someone tampers with your Noke for more than three seconds a loud alarm
will shriek for 30 seconds drawing attention and likely scaring off the
intruder the alarm function resets every time you open Noke the history
function in the app shows you who when and where Noke was used what if your
phone dies or is lost not a problem just key in your custom quick click code this
ensures that you’ll never be left stranded in the unlikely event that you
ignore the warning in the app and let your battery die you can always give
Noke a jump start with an external battery finally maybe you don’t have a
smart phone or prefer to bike without it we’ve got you covered just add the
optional key fob to your order and you’ll be able to access Noke with or
without your smart phone Noke no problem

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