Top 9 Ways to Use Your Smart Speakers with Alexa

Top 9 Ways to Use Your Smart Speakers with Alexa

– Your smart speakers with Alexa are way more than just speakers. – Here’s some neat things you can try. (upbeat music) – You can play music on
your supported Echo devices so that you’re music
plays in the whole house. Alexa, play my Pump Up
Playlist everywhere. – [Alexa] The playlist Pumped Up Playlist on Amazon Music playing
on the everywhere group. (heavy rock music) – Waking up can be a little
bit better with Alexa. Alexa wake me up to heavy metal
music tomorrow at 6:20 a.m. – [Alexa] Alarm set for 6:20 am tomorrow to hard rock and metal on Amazon Music. – Alexa, turn off lights. (heavy metal music) Alexa can make lists
to keep you organized, like grocery lists, to-do
lists, even packing lists. I don’t know about you, but
packing really stresses me out. I always feel like I’m
gonna forget something. Alexa, add socks, T-shirts, a hair dryer, and a straw hat to my packing list. – [Alexa] I added socks,
T-shirts, a hairdryer and a straw hat to your packing list. – Alexa add bigger suitcase
to my shopping list. – [Alexa] I have added bigger suitcase to your shopping list. (upbeat music) – Alexa can help you know
what to wear for the day. Alexa, will I need a sweater today. – [Alexa] Currently in Portland it’s 36 degrees fahrenheit
with mostly cloudy skies. – Sweater weather, my favorite. Alexa, will I need an umbrella today? – [Alexa] It might rain today, there is a 56% chance at 11 am. – I’d tell you an umbrella joke, but I think it might go over your head. (upbeat music) – Life gets busy, and sometimes it’s easy to forget to keep in touch
with my favorite people. Alexa, remind me to call dad at six p.m. – [Alexa] Okay, I’ll remind you at six pm. – Actually Alexa, remind me to call dad every Monday at six p.m. – [Alexa] Okay, I’ll remind
you every Monday at six p.m. – Okay, I hope you heard that, dad. (upbeat music) We’re throwing a party tonight, and with all these moving parts I wanna make sure my
cooking times are perfect. – Not like last time. Alexa can set custom timers so you can keep tabs on everything. – Alexa, set a two hour rib timer. – [Alexa] Rib timer,
two hours starting now. – Alexa, set a 30 minute bean timer. – [Alexa] Bean timer,
30 minutes starting now. – Alexa, it’s party time.
– Yeah! – [Alexa] I’ve got your back
baby, and your baby back ribs. – Alexa can help guard your
home when you’re not there. When you set up Alexa Guard, she’ll send a notification
right to your phone if she detects a sound like a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, or breaking glass. – Alexa, we’re leaving. – [Alexa] Okay, I’ll start guarding now. – With Alexa you can control the lights in your house with your voice. Alexa, dim the bedroom lights to 50%. – [Alexa] Okay. – Actually Alexa, make the lights blue. – [Alexa] Okay. – What? Blue soothes me to sleep. I am not a morning
person, but Alexa can help kickstart everyday with routines. – Alexa, good morning. – [Alexa] Good morning, it’s
going to be a great day. The weather is 72
degrees, traffic is light and you have three events today. At 10 a.m take Scout to the vet. At 11 a.m. give Scout a treat for being a good boy at the vet. At one p.m. snuggle with Scout. – Sounds like a rough day. (upbeat music) – Those are some of our favorite
things to do with Alexa. Try them out, and check out
some more of our videos.

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