Towson University – Safety Introduction

Towson University – Safety Introduction

Doc the tiger says “stay safe.” Safety is an important issue for Towson
University’s campus community. So, we wanted to share some important
tips with you through a series of short videos. To keep it fun we asked Doc the tiger to help out. The results? Very watchable safety videos. The goal? To help keep you safe. Before we let him take it away, a couple
things about to use Police Department: Our police department is fully
accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for law enforcement
agencies. Our sworn police officers are vested
with full authority to enforce state and local laws as well as campus regulations. We utilize more than 1,000 video cameras
and more than 150 blue light phones to aid in emergency response and crime
investigations. Our goal is to make TU’s campus as safe
as possible. These videos teach you how to help.

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