Traditional Syrian Ice Cream in the USA

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15 Replies to “Traditional Syrian Ice Cream in the USA”

  1. It looks like I need to take a trip back to California!!! Every time I think I find out everything about California food there is another gem like this that pops up . Now I have to get traveling lol

  2. I like this style!!

    I want 20 flavors of this

    I literally shared this video 20 times on twitter on travel channels and travel magazine pages.

  3. A great part of travelling is trying the food – but this is a good way to try something authentic when you can't make it to the country. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I lived across the street from that bakery for years and never tried it. Next time I am in Anaheim I'll give it a try. I do have an unrelated question though… I watch your Las Vegas food videos and I have heard that the restaurants and bars on the strip are now charging extra "CNF" fees (convience fee?) on your meal checks of about 5%. If you could touch on this in your next vegas video I would like more info on it.

  5. That looks absolutely delicious! I really like the concept of sliced ice cream especially with pistachios on it. Although I avoid dairy 95% of the time now, I totally would have a cheat day for that ice cream! It's cool that you were able to interview the owner!

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