Traffic police – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Traffic police – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Chingam, inspite of you in the jam, you are useless fellow. Quickly arrange for traffic police in Furfuri town. It’s an order. Ok sir. Hello Chingam sir, you are stuck in traffic, don’t worry, we will try to control the traffic. Motu Patlu you both control and manage the traffic very well, I want to make you both traffic police. Do you accept? Yes sir, I agree, thank you sir. Today onward our town will be traffic smooth flow, no traffic jam, what say Patlu? Yes Motu, from today on wards the people of the town shall be happy and stress free life. Patlu how is it possible that the traffic is again jammed? We were controlling it so perfect. Hey one person give the signal, both are too confusing. Oh sorry, you are also giving the signal, I didn’t see you. You move out, I will manage this. Without helmet you are riding, pay the fine. Without helmet next time don’t ride. Now you take rest Patlu, I will manage the traffic. Why is this fly after me? Stop it Motu, are you controlling the traffic or jamming the traffic? Get aside from here. Oh sorry, Patlu a fly troubled me a lot. Why are the people seems angry and sad? They don’t look angry infact they are. Aroma!! Hey, what are you doing? Motu this is someone else’s order, Motu stop it. I will also give the money, I am eating for free, take this money. Hit him. Patlu, why are you lying on the ground? This way how will you control the traffic? Get out of my sight or else I will kill you. You get aside, let me control the traffic, go! Ok, why are you getting angry? Hello Motu, listen DIG is coming in black car, take good care of him. Salute him properly. There is a red car in which a smuggler is smuggling gold, catch him. And I will reach in a bit. DIG is arriving in black car and the smugglers are in red car. Don’t honk with such a loud or else i will forget everything. So what I was saying, Chingam sir said DIG will arrive in red car and smugglers in black car. DIG in Black car and smuggler in red. DIG in Black car and smuggler in red. Hey Patlu listen, Chingam sir on phone said DIG in red car is coming and black car the gold smugglers, be alert. The black car is coming, stop! Oh, so what are you thinking? Wearing police uniform to get disguised and escape from us. Patlu, pull him off from the car. What are you both doing? Do you have any idea who I am? We know you very well, we know everything, we are been informed by Inspector Chingam. We are following the orders, he told us to handcuff you and wait for him to arrive. In case you try to run, you will not be spared. Chingam said this, let him come. DIG sir has come, good morning sir, look we have caught the smugglers. No problem, I am in hurry. I will see him later. Please sir have a look at it. He was trying to make us fool by wearing police uniform. Call Chingam now, I said call him. He talks a lot, do something about him. Good job, you both will be rewarded by government. Thank you sir. Swear in the name of motherland, we won’t spare who ever did this. Swear in the name of Mother India, I will send them in the jail for forever. Sir, you are under wrong impression, he is not the red car DIG but the black car DIG. He is the smuggler but he dressed in the police uniform, that’s why you are confused. But we recognized him at first. You both handcuffed DIG, how dare you? Chingam, shoot them. Motu, I think we are wrong, we let the smuggler go and holded back DIG. Sorry sir, human error. Sir in the meantime we will go and get the smuggler caught, till then will not show you our face. What a duty are you both doing? Salute me, and get back to your place. Sorry sir. The red car smuggler is going. Stop, you are smuggler. Patlu empty stomach I cant think, do something. Idea. Have these samosa and start your action. Long live! Get aside every sir. I withdraw you both from the role of the traffic police. Sir move aside, please hear me out, you are going to be in trouble. Chingam and Bubble gum are standing in front of you as a trouble. Now, what what will you do? Now god is the one who shall do what ever has to be done. Motu told you both to move aside but you didn’t listen, now face it. Come on salute now. Sir your smuggler in the car, catch him and look the gold is also lying on the ground. Motu Patlu, you are not prefect traffic police. But you both are very brave and courageous, you caught the wanted smuggler. And the gold as well, I shall reward you both for this deed. All the best Motu Patlu. Thank you sir.

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