Travelon Anti-Theft Lockdown Bag | Portable Safe to Protect Your Belonging While Traveling

Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In this video, we’re going to do a gear review
of the Travelon Anti-theft Lockdown Bag, a portable safe that you can use while traveling
or even in your daily life. (light chiming music) Have you ever felt nervous about leaving your
keys or wallet on a hotel pool chair while swimming? Or maybe you’ve checked into a hotel and
realized that your room doesn’t have a safe, or even worst, the safe doesn’t work. I know I have, which is why I carry
a portable safe. The kind folks at Travelon sent me their large
Anti-theft Lockdown Bag to test out and review, so I wanted to share my thoughts on it. Keep in mind that even though they sent me
this bag, this is not a paid review and we are not being influenced to review this product
in any way. So let’s start with the design. The bag is made from a material called SafeTex,
which is thick but flexible. It reminds me of the material you might find
on gloves used to shuck oysters. It’s breathable too, but Travelon claims
that the material cannot be slashed or cut by razors or knives. The strap at the top of the bag is also reinforced
and cut-proof, and seems to contain two cables that reinforced in the tightly woven fabric
material. The video on their site shows the strap resisting
pliers and even bolt cutters. I wasn’t able or willing to try it, but
I’ll take their word for it. From my perspective, it definitely looks to
be reinforced and the amount of materials required to cut through should prevent most
attempts. The Anti-theft Lockdown bag comes in two sizes,
a smaller version which fits essentials like your phone, wallet, passport, keys, and jewelry,
and a larger version, which is what we received, that can fit bigger items like an iPad. In case you’re wondering too, I did try
to fit a 13 inch MacBook Pro, and it was just slightly too big for the bag. To lock the safe, all you need to do is place
your belongings inside, tighten the top, then run the strap over an immovable, solid, or
large object. You then run the lock through the holes in
the strap and the metal loop, creating a very tight seal at the top. Travelon also includes a four combination
brass lock. While it works, I definitely would recommend a more substantial lock. The included lock feels very lightweight,
so I’m not exactly confident that it would withstand a lot of force. I happen to have a more hefty combination
lock from Master Lock, and it fits perfectly through the holes. I think a stronger lock is especially useful
if you think you’ll use the travel safe inside your hotel or hostel room. The Travelon Anti-theft Lockdown Bag runs
around $40 to $45 on Amazon. Overall, I think it’s a great product to
use while traveling. It’s not going to stop a hardcore thief
from stealing your stuff, but then again, the product isn’t intended to keep out the
heavy duty criminal. Instead, it’s a product that you can use
in a hotel room or hostel to secure your belongings while out, or in a place like a pool or beach
or gym, where you might not have your full attention on your belongings. It definitely beats leaving your belongings
under a towel. I still would prefer to use a hotel safe if
given the option, but if you don’t have one in your room, this is the next best option,
and definitely more effective than just hiding or locking your belongings in your suitcase. I used a portable safe when I traveled through
Southeast Asia, and it proved to be extremely valuable, especially when at the beach or
in some of the smaller hotels that don’t have safes in the room. Also, some of you might remember that we did
a review of the Pacsafe Travelsafe almost a year ago. Both are very similar in design, but this
is definitely more portable. The Pacsafe Travelsafe has a steel mesh cage inside,
which makes it less flexible and more bulky. The Travelon Anti-theft Lockdown bag, on the
other hand, has a more substantial strap, while also being a bit more discreet. Have you used a portable safe? If so, have you found them to be useful too? Please share your experience below and let
us know if you have any questions. I’ve included direct Amazon links to the
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