Turn Old Smartphones into Security Cameras with Motion Detection FREE Alfred

Turn Old Smartphones into Security Cameras with Motion Detection FREE Alfred

SelmaTeacher7 Mr. Berry here
today I’ll look into using older smartphones and turning them to a home
security system so let’s get started with the lesson now I’d like to add at
this time that no one is paying me to create this video I feel that it’s a
really great way to turn your old cell phones into a great home security
network for free so let me go over the requirements first any Android phones
that have Android OS 2.3 and up basically this is most smartphones made
after 2010 be able connect to your home Wi-Fi and have at least one working
camera for Apple phones have iOS 8 or newer be able to connect to your home
Wi-Fi and have at least one good working camera and now for the good stuff
which app will we be using we’ll be using the Alfred home security camera as
seen here now let me show you how to install that
here what you want to do is find the Play Store and then go ahead and click
it and then bring up the Play Store then you want to do a search for a LF while
alfred as soon as you type in AOF you’ll see it go ahead and click on alfred
security camera you’ll come up now just click on install and then accept and
then it’ll be downloading after downloads ill then need to be installed
as it does here automatically after it finishes installing go ahead and click
on the green open button and you’ll open up into this window here you’ll give you
some suggestions on how to mount your camera but I’ll give you some to make
sure you do login to your same Google account on any of your devices and it
does have really good motion detection to that you can change the sensitivity
on now on this screen here go ahead and click on the start button and then
choose to send up this device is either the viewer or the camera now you’ll need
to login to your Google account and make sure that it’s the same Google account
on the PC as well as the cell phone so step one is to point this camera at
where you want to monitor step number two install Alfred on another device
such as a Chromebook another cell phone even a Windows PC select it as the
viewer and then log into the same gmail account then view it on your computer or
your cell phone now to do that simply go to the website listed there and then on
the cell phone this being the camera you want go ahead and click on to save power
and it turns off the LED screen and allows you to use your camera has a
security phone with motion detection so let’s try this out I typed in Alfred
camera and see if the camera is low hey there they are and if I want to look at
one of these here you can and click it you’ll show you the live image there so
I raise my hand there it is so that’s working I go to this one and if I raise
my hand on this one you can see it let’s click on this one here yeah yeah yeah
yeah that works now let me show you what some of these icons mean if you’ve been
using it for a while you’ll record motion detection and that type of thing
and so any of the events will be recorded and left here for you
so then you can click it here and let’s just see this event there you go this is
one of my night classes and it does see very well
at night time so as you can see there it queries audio and you can see in
low-light not in total darkness but if you long as you have some type of light
in the room you’ll pick it up very well as seen here so let me show you a
demonstration with the lights out and then I click on the loan here so
there we go there we go so as we can see here the camera named Skyy number four
is using the low level filter so that’s click there so let me show you these
other icons down here the first one is a snapshot if you click it it takes a
snapshot and saves the image down on your hard drive this will do a video
recording and remember it will automatically do the video recording for
you whenever he detects motion and that might be anywhere between a 5 second or
even a 35 second video that you can then view later you can rotate the image and
then if your smartphone has a flashlight you could turn it on so let me go turn
off the low light filter turn off the flashlight there we go goes back to dark
and you can turn on the low light filter all the way the low light filter on my
other phones that I’ve been working with already for the last few nights works
great just like you see here you can switch the camera to because most
smartphones have a forward facing and a rear facing camera so if we click that
now it’s facing the other way so you can actually put one of these smartphones in
the middle of the room and look at a 360 wide view of your room this is full
screen or not and you can zoom in or zoom out and then you can also exit to
view your other smartphones point of view this very first icon here if I
click it it shows you how many times was your camera disconnected so if you’re
having issues with your network or if your camera turns off for any reason it
will show here when it was off and this is why they recommend that your
smartphone always be plugged in to power so it never runs out of power while it’s
working as a security camera and this icon is
anytime when it records motion detection as you saw earlier now if you’re viewing
these on another cell phone you also have an icon that looks like a
microphone at the bottom of the screen you click that speak into it and then
your voice will be broadcasted to wherever the security camera is so
that’s a nice feature now the two ways that I’ve been using to mount my smart
phones is one by using a simple plate holder like you see here
phone sits in there it stays up another way is to use a cup but you must
remember to put a sock in it that way the phone will sit up properly and not
sink down too far into the cup oh now you know how to turn a smartphone into a
security camera please give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and
leave a comment down below as well as share the video thank you very much and
bye bye

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86 Replies to “Turn Old Smartphones into Security Cameras with Motion Detection FREE Alfred”

  1. How clever, clever, clever. Who would have thought that those old android phones would have a use other than as a "brick." This video should inspire anyone to try and set up your own security system for "free" using old android phones. I'm always amazed at Selma Teacher 7 and his creative ways to make use of technology. AAAAA+

  2. Great stuff Daniel. So nice to have a real teacher teaching me….even in my dodage. Enjoy learning about chromebooks and use mine a lot due to it's portability, speed and simplicity. They are getting better and better, new screens are incredible…..as on my Samsung Pro. Thanks so much for your time and effort.

  3. i got some questions please.
    1.how does the motion sensor triggers?(i dont think smartphones have passive infrared pointing out)
    2.does it warn u when motion is captured?
    thank you

  4. I am very much in favour of finding a second purpose for older cell phones but one question comes to mind. I am guessing this is what you meant by in requirements that you have connectivity to your wifi. Do these repurposed cell phones not require sim cards to operate? I purchase used cell phones which requires me to remove and transfer my sim card from my old cell phone to the "new" cell phone. IF I am correct, how do you address the lack of sim cards?

  5. Struggling a bit with the install of the Alfred Home Security App. I am using an iMac and an iPhone 4s. As I am downloading to the phone, I get a screen asking to choose a device. Of the choices, I don't see any that suit the need. One is selected and it is a media streaming device, so I don't see it as a likely pick. Any suggestions?

  6. Would this app allow me to check the live feed or events that have been recorded when I’m NOT at home? I really enjoyed this video. Very informative. I had no idea this existed. And quite a few interesting features as well. Thank You.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you so much..I live in a recovery home, and Everytime I leave my house to go to counseling or my NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS MEETING'S, it always feels as though someone has been in my room,. Living in a recovery home we are not allowed to have locks on our doors, but we do have single rooms, but I always feel like someone has invated my space when I get back.so I'mma set up my old smart phone as a camera and bust the little bastard that thinks he's clever…thank you again.. double thumbs up in Washington state.

  8. thank you Daniel for a great tutorial. I got a few questions: where are the recordings saved? if they are saved on Alfred's servers, how large is the space per user? can you connect a dropbox storage or any other? what format are the files? thanks a lot.

  9. Great clear video. Liked the coffee mug and sock to hold the camera… how can you set it to send email with picture upon motion detection?

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  11. Great idea. Any thoughts on security of these phones from hackers? These phones will run on older software that won't be updated. How do you prevent hackers?

  12. Turn on your phone video recorder. USN connect your phone to your pc. Use a free webcam app on your pc. thats all there is to it. No app ads. No internet. No wifi needed unless you want. Ispy is the number one security sw for your pc and/or phone. If your wifi goes down it wont matter, you are hardwired!

  13. You should mention, the free version lacks a lot of features such as HD, zoom options, two way audio and more. The free version is still decent none the less. For storage, those of you worried about storage, you can setup your android devices to auto backup to google/cloud which will also back up the videos recorded by this app (helpful if the device used as the camera is stolen, cause without a backup or the device you lose your videos) you can set it up to record via motion detection or you can manually hit record from your PC or cell phone you use to view the camera(s) there is also an alarm feature built into Alfred, that lets you sound an alarm via the cells speakers at the loudest it can go "isn't extremely loud, but nice option none the less". You will notice sometimes, when you go to view your camera. It will say "camera is asleep/offline" then has a button you push to wake it up, note that sometimes this fails and a manual wake up is required.

    With that said, this is an excellent choice for a cheap home security, but isn't as reliable as systems made strictly for doing so.

  14. Great video. I have a ?. Looking at using this setup on a cheap prepaid phone for my Hog trap. Do you have any idea how much Data the Alfred app would use in idle mode? Does it only use Data when it sends a alert when motion is seen?

  15. I made a second video for this topic. In that video, I show you how to save the videos made with Alfred Home Security. Here is the link:

  16. I was at "Dollar tree" and they have a standing charger for android phones for $1. Only disadvantage is you can't have a phone case on it, the connector is not long enough to reach all the way because its flat, but looks perfect for this. You might have to add a wedge under it to aim the camera it sits at about a 75 degree angle.

  17. If opposite facing cameras don't work for your homes layout use a mirror to direct one of them.
    ̖ ͐́☨ل͢ ͊̄ ʃ🇺🇸 𝖋♘🥃 ᕁ 켘⚼🧡 ᕁ 🍀🃁🃑🃘🂨🂽🔫 ᕁ 🎱🌪🥇 ᕁ ⁴🦋² ᕁ 🌕 ᕁ 🕶 ⚑

  18. Daniel. The video quality (on the PC) looks low. Is this because of the cameras on the phones? Or do they compress the video?

  19. How do you protect against hacking, which you see so much of even with paid security or baby cameras and services? Protect against setting up a service for people to be able to see inside your house, I mean.

  20. Has anyone found a solid fix for the issue of a black box/screen instead of the camera feed when trying to view from a desktop pc?

  21. Hi I'm trying to get it to work on iMac 2006, safari doesn't update, alfred.computer doesn't load. On Chrome the same it says browser not supported

  22. Is this only for live check ups? Does it saves 24 hours recording? How practical is this as a DashCam? Knowing who could have damaged your car while you were away.

  23. Alfred sucked compared to other ones. Live video seems to go up to the internet and back down, sucking up tons of bandwidth destroying slow connections.

  24. Hi I love your vid..I am going to follow your suggestions..question: Alfred would like to view and see chat messages ..is this secure for me to do?

  25. how many phones i can connect to the same App, can i use the same account for different locations at home. so i can check all the rooms ?

  26. I placed my old phone as a camera in my dad's room while he was sleeping and then I talked on the microphone

  27. I would absolutely not recommend you use Alfred Home Security for many reasons including their privacy policy, you definitely should read it. For one your videos are stored on their servers so the potential for hacker or anyone viewing your cameras. Also they would turn over your videos if requested. Other services like Trackview (no affiliation) don't save your data but you can save to your Google Drive if needed. Anyways Alfred should not be used due to security reasons.

  28. Hi Mr Berry, John Berry here :)… This is a great tutorial thank you , Can I ask a question please, is there any way of getting notification alerts to my phone when motion is detected? Thanks again John 🙂 I have liked and subscribed 🙂

  29. thank you for this so much. I searched on google, and saw this video, and as soon as I saw it was your video, I just downloaded the app, without a moment's hesitation.
    Again thank you.

  30. I'm using Home Eye App for this purpose. It is absolutely free, and has the options for email and notification delivery in case of motion detection.

  31. Nice video – does it has night vision feature because most of time we need night vision for security monitoring

  32. My only issue is that the plug is at the bottom, but the camera is at the top. How do you work with that?

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