Unpacking Bosch Biometric Reader – BioEntry Plus

Unpacking Bosch Biometric Reader – BioEntry Plus

BioEntry Plus is a slim-design fingerprint
reader for installation on door frames. It is compatible with a full range
of access-control applications, from a simple standalone door control
to complex, networked access-control systems. Features Ethernet interface for TCP/IP communication,
optional standalone user management, multi color LED, different authentication modes
(fingerprint and/or card), and proximity cards. Authentication can be granted by reading fingerprints,
cards or a combination of the two. Supports 128 access groups and 128 time schedules.
Anti-passback door zones supporting 32 readers. Tamper switch and duress finger option. The product is compatible with the following
access controllers: AEC 2.1, AMC2-4W and D9210C. With BioStar Express Setup utility, combined
with an access controller (e.g. AMC2 4W) a secure door control can be built.

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