Using Bike Parkades

TransLink offers a number of indoor Bike Parkades to allow customers to safely and securely store their bike for the day Accessing Bike Parkades with Compass is easy If you don’t already have one, get a Compass Card Register it online at and enroll in Bike Parkade It’s important to ensure your Compass Card has a positive balance at all times in order to access the Bike Parkade during operating hours If you need to top up your card with Stored Value in order to access the Bike Parkade Go to the nearest Compass Vending Machine located inside each SkyTrain station Now let’s take a tour of the Bike Parkade Tap your Compass Card at the card reader next to the door to open the Bike Parkade Remove all bags from your bike Pull the rack towards the floor Lift your bike into the wheel tray Lock bike to rack using a sturdy lock Pull up gently on the pneumatic lift And finally, pull the rack down to unload your bike For more information, visit

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