Using the NordVPN App on Android TV

Using the NordVPN App on Android TV

Find the NordVPN application on the app store
and install it on your Android TV device. After the installation finishes, launch the
application. Click on the Log In button, enter your NordVPN
credentials and log into the application. You can now go to the All countries section
to quickly connect to servers in specific countries, or choose one of our Specialty
servers in the section below. Please note that, when connecting for the
first time, you will be asked for permission to connect to the VPN and add a VPN profile
to your device. It’s safe to do it, so simply follow the
prompts to create the profile. Once you’re connected, your selected server
tile will light up green. A word “Connected” will appear at the
top-right part of the application, indicating a successful connection. To disconnect, click again on the tile of
the server you are connected to.

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16 Replies to “Using the NordVPN App on Android TV”

  1. You need to do a more in-depth video about this, for instance if you know the server number you want to connect too. Say like United Kingdom #443 then you would need to go into search function to achieve this. Please make this android tv app more user friendly like the IOS or windows!!!

  2. Agree really need to be able to choose a specific server for each country as the one it chooses by default is blacklisted by some streaming organisations.

  3. I already have an account set up and trying to run the app on my smart sony bravia tv but keep saying " invalid credentials " am able to open the app on my phone with the same credentials with no problem … Any ideas ??

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