Verisure: Smart Alarm Presentation

Verisure: Smart Alarm Presentation

Introducing the Verisure Alarma, the most avanced alarm in the world for protection of your home or business. Let´s look at the control panel first. It is the central control for the alarm. A unique device, designed to protect you better when you are inside your home or business. Its portability in an emergency and its high sensibility intercommunication allows the monitoring station to mantain contact with you all time and permits more effective intervention. By pressing the sos button you immediately contact the alarm monitoring station. We are calling you from the monitoring station, we received a sos signal. Another advantage of the Verisure Panel is that it doesn´t need a telephone line thanks to its sim card connection. And of course you can actívate the night mode at the simple press of the button before you are going to sleep. Or by using the multifunction remote control if you are already in bed. The motion detector with color cámera and flash is an essential element for the verification of the alarm and to notify the police without false alarms. If there is an intrusion it sends images of what it happened so the intrusor can be identified, which commits the elimination of false alarms.The flash permits identification even in the darkness. For the more at any time you can remotely take pictures and see what is going on at your house from your Smartphone. So you can relax wherever you are. When you are away from home you can, or even more important when you are inside. The shock sense will protect you by detecting an intruder, before he breaks into the house. Its impact, inertion and vibration sensor is design to protectall the Access points of your house or business, such as doors, windows and shop glass pains. But the most surprising thing about the Verisure Alarm is how easy it is to use. Verisure intelligent keys not only let you activate and deactivate the alarm when you enter or leave the house without having to memorize complicated codes, but they also let you know who enters or leaves your house or business. It´s very simple. First a signe collocate each person. White for mum, black for dad, pink for your daughter and Green for the home help. Second decide who do you want to keep control of and that´s it. Now you can instantly see whattime a particular person is entering or leaving. A very useful tool for your house or business that will let you see when your employer is arrived or leave through your Smartphone. Verysure is more tan an alarm. It is also home automation, Access control and video control. This is why we created the touch control keyboard. Just one keyboard will let you control your alarm. Your home automation for turning on and off the heater, the lights or opening the door remotely and your video survalance with cameras recording what happens. It also let you control other facilities remotely. For example you can control the alarm of your business from your house. we offer the most advanced alarm on the market. Verisure Smart Alarm, much more than an alarm.

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72 Replies to “Verisure: Smart Alarm Presentation”

  1. Groupe français ? Sinon vous savez que dans très (c'est-à-dire l'equivalent de very dans ce cas) , il y a déjà un 's' final , et sure non dans le sens de bien sûr mais d'adjectif est le même en français à un accent et une lettre près, en espagnol c'est pareil mas seguro , tt dépend le commerce mais si c'est français c'est bien dommage et pareil si c'est espagnol.

  2. Un nombre espagnol es mejor , lo digo porque es una marca por lo menos de idioma espanol y tal vez de Espana .

  3. I work in norway at Verisure we dont have this system. This system is so sweet would love to have this at my home! Hope it will come to Nordic market.

  4. Its ilegal in sweden and the nordic to take pictures with your phone from your alarm. And IF you have sex your kids Will be able to watch.

  5. Sounds great and even better when the guy sold me mine… Just a little annoying that THE SENSORS ARE NOT PET FRIENDLY!! I had false alarms none stop so traumatic for my cat! And stressful for me! Ohh yes the a guard response sounds great really pleased when a guy in his late 60s turns up AFTER 47 mins!!!! What can a guard do in the uk ? Hmm not much by law he is not even allowed to enter me house! Thanks for making my home insurance invalid to verisure my contents exceeded 80k therefor needed a grade 2 police response system compliant to PD6662 don't ask me what it means but apparently this was!!! It turns out it's the same as a poxy Yale of the shelf jobbie in the eyes of my insurance company! Thanks for the absolutely terrible customer service when cancelling… ADT police response was perfect and cheaper!!!!! More importantly insurance approved!!!

  6. It is interesting how it provides help at all times by monitoring everything that is going on inside de house, even when there is no light

  7. If I am out of my office and someone tries break in, how does Verisure help me so I don´t put myself in danger?

  8. Me mudaré de casa en unos días, ¿qué se tiene que hacer para cambiar la instalación a mi domicilio nuevo?

  9. ¿Qué medidas de seguridad manejan dentro y fuera de mi negocio, sobre todo en relación al tema de robos?

  10. Yo recomiendo cambiar periódicamente la cerradura de la casa, además de instalar el sistema de seguridad

  11. Tengo un negocio de joyería, ¿qué medidas de seguridad proponen para la gestión de este tipo de comercios?

  12. ¿Cada cuánto actualizan el portafolio de productos que tienen, en relación a avances tecnológicos hoy en día?

  13. we have this alarm system at home it's amazing it has help us feel safer in our home after being burgled

  14. PLEASE PLEASE!! BEWEAR OF THIS COMPANY THEY ARE SCAM!! Had it fitted in my house also shop, unfortunately the camera doesn't work! they say the picture would help you see the intruder, NO it not very clear, and the SOS its doesn't sent police out to your house. there had been so many problem with the system THE SENSORS ARE NOT PET FRIENDLY!! I had false alarms none stop !! i got a Dog! And stressful for me! yes there is a guard response AFTER 47 mins!!!! What can a guard do in the uk ? Now i want to cancelled my contract due to false and misleading sale and empty promises, i have to get approval of the saleman and on top of that I have to pay £500.00 for cancellation fees!

  15. Can the guards see what you’re doing through the photodetector cameras? Or can they just see the photos that are taken when the alarm is triggered? Because I am slightly paranoid, I feel like I am being watched and I need someone to verify this.

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