Video Tutorial: How to setup SANNCE 4CH 1080P PoE network security system N44SU+141G

Video Tutorial: How to setup SANNCE 4CH 1080P PoE network security system N44SU+141G

hey guys this is our new generation 1080p PoE network video surveillance system N44SU + I41G*4 This camera system is a whole package with various features like 1080p HD video, easy PoE installation, remote access and much more. Carefully open the packaging boxes in which you’ll find the cameras, NVR and other essential accessories needed to get the system hooked up inspect all the items and report any missing or damaged ones immediately if there is any now let’s take a look at the NVR on the front panel of the NVR you can see five indicators: they are the power indicator, IR receiver indicator, REC recording indicator, link network connection indicator and alarm indicator here on the back are the 4 PoE ethernet ports to which you connect your IP cameras VGA and HDMI outputs for video display RJ45 ethernet port to connect your router Two USB 2.0 ports for USB mouse or USB backup RS485 PTZ control port and the DC 12-volt power in, now it comes to the camera the basic components of the camera are weatherproof PoE port, IP66 weatherproof housing, smart IR cut filter 36 pcs of infrared LEDs and a glass cover now let’s begin the installation before connecting the cameras you’ll have to install the hard disk in the NVR first so it can record. Unscrew the metal case of the NVR get the hard disk and plug the HDD power cord and data cord into the corresponding ports of the hard disk then place the HDD properly in the case and flip the NVR to get the hard-disk tightly fixed to it with four screws if the hard disk is already built in the NVR you can just ignore this part after this you can get the cameras hooked up find the coming ethernet cables in the package and connect one end of the cable to the camera remember to put on the weatherproof casing at the joint and fix it tightly so the camera is totally waterproof the other end of the ethernet cable goes to one of the PoE ports on the back panel of the NVR then connect the monitor to the NVR via HDMI port plug in the USB mouse and the power adapter. Finally don’t forget to use an ethernet cable to connect the NVR to your router and get internet connection and then you can go over the guide wizard on the monitor there is no need to modify the settings just leave them by default and click next here you’ll also find the QR code of the mobile app and the QR code of the NVR serial number they are used when you want to get remote access to the system by your mobile devices or computer after the guide wizard you can watch live monitoring video on your monitor now. Remote monitoring on smartphone tablet and computer is also very convenient by our free desktop or mobile apps let’s first check out how to get remote access on a smart phone or smartphone and tablet users first download and install the XMeye app you can get it from Google Play or App Store for free or just scan the QR code on the screen Open the app and register an account input the username, password and email address to create your own account login with the account you’ve just created click on “+” on the top right of the interface to add the NVR create a new device name for the NVR and get the serial number by scanning the QR code showing in the NVR guide wizard how to find the QR code then you can enter the NVR guide wizard by right-clicking the monitor interface on your monitor and choose guide there you’ll find the QR code which we also mentioned in the NVR quick setup part then the NVR you just added will be presented on the screen click on it all the cameras you have connected to the NVR will be presented on the screen click on any one of them to watch live video another option for remote monitoring is by your computer get the software CMS from the coming CD and install it on your computer open the pc client software and login username is “super” by default and no password is needed. after login choose system click on device manager select add area to create a group for the NVR and then input a Zone Name that is easy for you to remember once done click on the zone name you just created and then click on add device to add the NVR into that group name your NVR check cloud input the serial number of the NVR you can get the NBR serial number by right-clicking on the monitoring interface on your monitor to enter the main menu choose info and select version there you will get the basic information of the NVR including its serial number once done click on ok then it enters the viewing interface double-click the device name you just added and the pull down menu shows all the cameras you’ve connected to this NVR move the cursor to the NVR device name right click your mouse and select connect all video extra stream and then the real-time monitoring videos are presented on the screen you can change the display modes of all the videos via the buttons on the bottom of the screen you can also do other settings and control the system via the right side menu ok this is all about the new 1080p HD PoE network video security kit it will become your reliable companion at home or in office if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to come to us

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39 Replies to “Video Tutorial: How to setup SANNCE 4CH 1080P PoE network security system N44SU+141G”

  1. Is there any way to change your qr code once someone has had access to the DVR or could anyone with access just remote view for life?

  2. Bought the system less than a year ago. Had a power outage and when the system turned on only half of the camera worked and one camera now shows a fuzzy view. I bought the system through eBay. Never had a problem till now.

  3. Sir i found problem in registration. Verification code is not coming in my mailbox. I tried different mail addresses.So how to register on

  4. Now the problem is that I can't see the cameras in the app in another place other than my house… this would make the cctv useless. Is there some fix for it?

  5. Hello again, I don't know what happened with the system now, something strange behavior get my attention as the dvr beeps by certainly time, now I tried to connect from my work to see whats going on with the house and the app shows that muy cams were offline. when I get to my home something changed to the configuration since in the info is showing nat service connecting (or so) I did restore the system with no success (connection) and cloud shows connecting, worst of all, now some cameras won't connect as before. Need help with this now 🙁

  6. Where can i find instructions to add a sannce IP camera to a dvr hi3520d v300? can you please recommend a model of IP camera to work with this DVR over IP?

  7. Good evening, I got my device today. I'm trying to connected to the internet so I can use it from my phone. I saw in your video I need to connect the internet cable into the DVR. Can I not do this wireless? I mean connect the DVR wireless to my broadband? Thanks in advanced 🙂

  8. We've tried emailing but had no reply. No software is working to set up on my computer and app fails every time therefore we can't use. Been trying to find answers but nothing has helped.

  9. Hi, is there any thing I can do to fix the lag or low frame rate.. bc the image is going 2 or 3 secs and then jumps to 7-8 i.e. and so on.
    Thank you for your support

  10. Hi, can someone say me if ethernet connection work also without using a router? simply connecting ethernet cable from the source

  11. Trying to set my up. It says the password is null . What does that mean ? Bc I can't change the password without the original password

  12. This company is also known as ANNKE. Mine completed died after only 9 months of usage. SANNCE support acknowledged the unit was dead but refused to honor the 12 month warranty.
    I am lodging a dispute with my credit card company/paypal and also my local consumer watchdog here in Australia as they have clearly violated the 12 month warranty which is clearly stated on their website. They even had the audacity to ask me to buy another one. What an absolute joke!
    They will be very happy to take your money but the warranty and service is worthless.

  13. So no completely local only access? If I want to view the cameras on my computer I have to run that through the internet only? Does this not have a web browser accessable interface that can be accessed by the IP that is assigned to the box?

  14. Hi can someone help me??!!?? Can I turn record off ? I don't want to record all the time ,just as night or if something happens at the time that I need to record.

  15. Hi Sannce I bought a new Seagate Skyhawk 2TB and installed into my DVR . Got auto format message then screen said "formatting storage". Since then the screen been black with power button flashing red and DVR making a whirring noise. This been happening for 20 hours. I can't get no menu up using the mouse and I don't know what's happening. Have emailed, messaged on FB so now coming to YouTube to find out, is this normal? How long does it take to auto format a new hard drive?

  16. Salve,ho installato questo dispositivo e dopo tre giorni non vedo piu' in una telecamera come posso fare per ripristinarla?
    grazie mille

  17. Hello, please . l'm still confused does the internet connection needed only to see the recoded videos, or it is needed to record the videos? In other words is it necessary to keep the internet connection on all the time?

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