View IP Cameras Live from iPhone App

View IP Cameras Live from iPhone App

Here is a demo of the Zavio iPhone app remotely viewing IP cameras that are connected to a Zavio network video recorder. The initial screen when you open the app lets
you choose an NVR to connect to. I tap on one of the NVRs and the app connects
to it. The app initially loads the 6 camera view. Being that I only have 4 IP cameras on this
system, I switch to the 4 camera view. I double tap on this outdoor camera to open it
up in single camera view. And then I tap on the icon with the camera and letter
L on it to switch to high definition mode. I pinch and move the screen to perform digital
PTZ functions. I tap on the screen to enable the menu, then
tap back to return to the multi-camera view. I double tap on this indoor IP camera to view it. Then I switch to HD video mode and perform a digital zoom. I am doing that by pinching and moving the
screen. These are not PTZ cameras. I am able to zoom like this because of the
function built into the app and because these IP cameras are high defintion. When I double tap on the screen, the camera returns to its full view again. The Zavio app for iOS is designed to connect
to stand-alone Zavio NVRs and also PC based NVRs that are built using the software included
with all Zavio IP cameras. In addition to the live camera viewer functions,
the app also supports the following. Remote search and playback of recorded video
surveillance footage. Controlling PTZ cameras. Accessing to the digital inputs and outputs
of NVRs. Customized camera views based on cameras from
multiple NVRs (which can be at different locations). Push message notifications based on motion
detection and other types of alarm events. For more information, please visit Thank you for watching.

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