Viper 5706v Remote Start/Security System Review

Viper 5706v Remote Start/Security System Review

What’s up guys… just making a quick video I got this remote start installed in my
car about two months ago. I think its been a long time now to get the whole feel of
it and everything so I can give a decent review for it and here we go. So the remote start I
got…the remote start and security system I got in my car is the Viper 5706… it’s with both remote start and security system together here’s the main key fob that comes with
it… got the basic setup on here you’ve got the unlock/lock on the front you got the time, the status of the vehicle,
range of the car that it’s… sensing your car and then it’s got the battery up
top this remote key fob doesn’t lose battery
that much like in the past two months i’ve only had to charge it like once and
it was only like one bar instead of charging it all the way and on the sides here we
have the Aux button which gets programmed when you get it installed. this is the main button to turn on
your… to start the car and is a function for if your car has multiple it’s called the functions from your key
like a regular key fob you get when you get the car since for there for us i
have here the only functions that was on the key fob was unlocked lock alarm and
then a open trunk there wasn’t anything or you could
double tap like I the unlock twice and hold it and then the windows go down so if your key fob for your car does
have that and whoever gets it where we get it
installed by they will put a programming on here i can go to show you the
function key real quick so there’s multiple levels there’s four
levels of belief is the one two three four and then goes back to the regular
screen so you can program up to four extra different features that your cars
keep up does so for mine the Ox button actually opens up the
trunk so i’ll go ahead and do that hear that beep and then the symbol on
here shows you that the trunk is open and then you go back here at them trunk is open it’s quick I like it’s not doesn’t take too long I didn’t take too long for trying to
open anything that’s not bad there is a shock sensor in this that’s
one thing i have noticed every time I close my trunk of my car is like locked
and armed and do get the alarm does go off because I guess I could I close the
too hard and the shocks sensor starts going off on the car basically every lock it you’ve got the
main set up for that turning the car on you have to hold this
and then it’ll just is your beep it takes like five seconds and then the
car will stay on for at least 12 12 minutes you don’t go
inside the car and put the NEP X but i use the valet key because the less bulky
on Mikey teaching but yeah you put any key in the ignition and then turn it to
the on but not completely on with that and then to turn it off you
don’t want to do it you just push it one more time the car will turn off there’s no
difficult process of going to turn the car on or anything so when you do turn it on don’t go
around one more time so we do get in your car market first we doing look at first you will there is something that I do
have a automatic so there is for manual cars there is an extra process you have
to do for your car if you want the remote start to work so every time you
got your car yet the prep your car to be turned on with the remote start with the fact that
we can keep up with for automatic there’s no like crazy
process not that crazy or process beautiful
music process for that butter so to do so if i do want to use that if
i push the brake now the car will turn off but all you do is
push to keep the key and this all the way not all going on with this write-up
to the max and over there nicely and then push the brake the center will recognize their to keep
up will you do it all the time you’ll be good to go and you can start driving off there’s
not really a long wait time or anything turning the car on and getting in going
i will show you you’re going to turn it off what happens
when you do push the brake before putting the can ok so if i don’t but the key and all and
push the brake the car will turn on kid it has two cents a key to be in the
ignition for the most part of the active so that
is only one thing you got to keep you can keep the key in the car if you want
but i want to be smart if someone breaks in your car they can basically to turn
the car and go but uh with this it’s pretty simple setup I haven’t had
any major like problems with more thing is that truck in the trunk that gets a
little bothersome sometimes but it’s not that crazy were there will be a waste
time thing butter yeah and then you get the for the
security system they do have the blue light for mine they just suck it up there but you can
tell them where we want to get it put on about my remote start from a best buy
that they have them this was them the best ones they had in
store dad on the another better version which
allows with a turn your car on from your phone or any more any mobile device and
I really need that because I mean I have that in there is a subscription for to
have to pay like a monthly thing for it to turn your car on from your phone oh yeah if you have any questions or
anything let me know you can leave a comment and description i’ll be going i
was looking at then I’ll be replying I’ll be pretty active on there and then probably on this channel i’ll
be posting a lot more like if i doing out there changes to my car we’re good to go all right guys leave a like subscribe

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70 Replies to “Viper 5706v Remote Start/Security System Review”

  1. You opened your trunk while the alarm was armed and nothing happened. Therefore your trunk and whatever valuables in there are not protected.

  2. Yeah, why would you want stuff protected in your trunk? That's a lame ass excuse, not all alarms are installed that way, maybe get it done at a professional shop next time.

  3. These sort of back yard reviews are the best as its from genuine people that actually like the unit and are not trying to sell it to you so there not bias.
    But for god sake. Stop saying Ahhh. But Ahhh. And ahhhh. So freeking annoying aahhh.

  4. Did Best Buy install the Viper 5706V system to your car? I have that same Viper system installed on my 2010 Chevy Cobalt. I bought my Viper 5706V in April 2014 at a car audio stereo shop and I had them install it for me there as well. So far, everything works the way it should on my car with no problems. The remote start comes in handy in the winter and the alarm/keyless entry comes in handy since I have a real good aftermarket Pioneer double din DVD/CD stereo system along with two 10" Kicker subs and a Kicker amp. I'm very happy with my Viper and love protecting my car from the thieves.

  5. Very nice review, That's sort of expensive for an install but since it was best buy they always seem to overcharge you when it comes to installing one of these. What other functions work with your 5706v for your aux? I paid an audio installer to install a 5706v on my 2011 dodge charger. For anyone wondering about the viper smart start, I manage to install mine myself and the cost for subscription is $99.99+GPS a year on the viper website, as of right now from what I know you can't pay per month, you have to pay it all up front once a year.

  6. But can you open the trunk while the car is remote started? I cannot get mine to do that; maybe it's just like that. It does give me a notification that it did the trunk open on the remote but it doesn't unlock it.

  7. Thanks for the reply, just got mine done on a 2014 Tundra for 600 at a local shop. Best buy wanted 7 and change. Found a extra 2 way remote on eBay for $80 just a FYI.

  8. Very nice video. I'm looking and trying to compare this 5706v and the 5806v and wondered if the 100 dollars more is worth it. I have an FRS myself so I guess this video made up my mind 🙂

  9. heyy bro can I just but the kit itself 5706v and have a shop install it to save more money cause some shops do charge a lot.. Thanks!

  10. Just got mine installed yesterday to replace my old 5901. Very nice and seems to be made out of nicer material. The longer range is an added bonus. The local shop around me has been running a special $499 so I jumped on it. The smart phone feature can always be added on at a later time if you want but like you said it's paid subscription and not really necessary. I also like the buttons on the valet remote aren't at sensative as the older version where you could accidentally start your car or unlock it.

  11. the subscription is $139 for 3 years or $69 per year, for mobile device and they also had the remote start to my factory key that came with my car for free.

  12. Did you turn on the vibration function on the remote? Where the remote will vibrate, sound and lights up when the alarm is going off?

  13. Hey quick question. I have the same whip. Was wondering if what bypass module is needed? Thanks

  14. is there a function on the remote to set auto re-arm? I have the same viper alarm but it doesn't show how to set the auto re-arm.

  15. hi there i just see u video about the viper 5706v , i just get one for my car, the remote LED light they auto on? or have to program? and from Level 1 to 4 how do u program it? can u make a video on that please Thanks.

  16. Thanks I found it. My remote light was not coming on and my clock was off. Thanks.
    Any idea on how to adjust sensitivity? I smack the door couple times and alarm wouldn't go off.

  17. I'm looking for a 2way alarm. how far is the range on your remote if the alarm is tripped? can you leave it parked 20miles away and still get a notification?

  18. does it come with a wiring diagram for the unit? I know my old crime stopper sp502 came with a wiring diagram so you could do it yourself, I haven't been able to find anything on viper's website.

  19. I have the same system but I noticed my key fob doesn't chime anymore after I step on the 3 year old niece was playing with my keys so is there any chance she changed some of the settings?

  20. How to change the time and background color on the remote.

  21. For a manual you just have to leave the car in neutral so it doesn't just launch into the car in front of you.

  22. Does your air conditioner work when it is remote started? Or does it require the key to be in before it turns on?

  23. How does it work with cars that has push button start?
    Can they just start straight away without having to do anything ?

  24. Helpful review man. Do you know if there's a way to program the windows to go down with the AUX feature, when it was not a stock option?

  25. Hey, I just got this installed. They told me about getting a proximity sensor and a tilt sensor & a window break sensors. I ended up not getting them as of yet. I'll be getting then later but I was wondering, since I didn't get those sensors. When will my alarm actually go off? Just when someone bangs on the car? What if someone took a bat and broke my window? Please help

  26. This Viper suck. You have to hold to auto start the car. I got my alarm install and it is not Viper or Compustar at all. All I need to do press it one time without hold it like Viper do. It cost me only $250 and it has 2500 ft range.

  27. I lost my my viper key while cutting the grass. Is thier any possible way for me to find it as far as gps on the key it self?

  28. Does the remote show anything if the door was accidentally left open or the trunk and the hood? or is that only the remote with the car logo in the screen?

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