Vivint Smart Home Security Review 2019 | ASecureLife

Vivint Smart Home Security Review 2019 | ASecureLife

(smooth funk music) – [Narrator] Vivint Smart
Home sets itself apart from the competition with how thoughtfully and thoroughly it’s integrated
smart home into security. Vivint’s high-end unique equipment makes your house thoroughly
smart and secure. Today, we’re reviewing Vivint so you can decide if it’s the
upgrade you’re looking for. Who are we? ASecureLife is a
dedicated team of security and tech experts who make your
security decisions simple. Subscribe to our channel to
get more videos like this. In our book, Vivint
Smart Home takes the title of best in smart home tech. A lot of Vivint equipment
is designed in-house, something few security companies can say. Its award-winning doorbell camera was one of the first on the market. And the company is constantly improving on its already thoughtful designs and expanding its line of equipment. Their equipment options help you build a complete smart home with things like doorbell cameras, indoor and outdoor cameras, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, door and window sensors, and motion sensors. You can also add door locks, thermostats, garage door controllers, and much more. To get all that equipment
up and running properly, Vivint sends out professional installers. These pros offer complete
customization for your setup. They make sure you’ve
got the right equipment in the right places on your property and ensure that the tech works properly. They’re also there to answer any questions and show you how to use everything. If Vivint doesn’t have all
of the equipment you want, you can add Z-Wave devices to the system to fill in the gaps. If you’re looking to amp up the efficiency of your smart home and
Vivint security system, visit the smart home
section of our website for a list of compatible Z-Wave devices. All that cool equipment comes together in the Vivint mobile app. Lots of other companies charge extra for mobile access to your system, but Vivint includes it in every package. The app lets you check
in on your entire system, light bulbs, doorbell cameras,
and all, from anywhere. It’s touches like this that
excite us about Vivint. But how much will all this
functionality cost you? For all Vivint’s plans, you
pay a $99 installation fee. The basic monitoring plan
starts at around $30 monthly. All three pricing tiers give you access to the Vivint mobile app,
which customers rave about. The mid-level plan costs
a bit more monthly, but it includes a smart
lock and a thermostat. The final pricing tier,
around $50 a month, adds video monitoring and a
doorbell camera to your plan. Vivint exclusively uses
a cellular connection for all its monitoring plans. That works for most people, but not if you live in a rural area or somewhere with poor connection. Vivint also offers a flex pay option. This lets you spread equipment costs out over the time of your contract. This means a higher monthly rate, but an easier price point of entry for their high-end
equipment and monitoring. And if you’re able to pay of
all your equipment up front, you can get out of long-term contracts. But the cost can also be
too high for some people. The control panel alone
will cost around $500. If you don’t wanna pay for
all that gear up front, you’ll have to sign a contract
of between 42 and 60 months, with a strict cancellation policy. If you have questions about your contract or run into issues with your system, Vivint’s customer service is available 24/7 throughout the year. You can call or chat with
someone online at any time. Vivint offers a comprehensive
smart home experience, but their high-end
equipment can be costly. Because of that, we don’t
recommend this service for people with tight budgets or people who want a
simple security system. But if you’re looking to make
your house into a smart home, we recommend Vivint because
it has the most comprehensive smart home integration in
a home security system. Looking for more flexible options? We’ve reviewed more home security systems in our Best Home Security Systems video. If you need more help, we’ve got hundreds of
resources at Thanks for watching.

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