Vladimir Putin’s Rise To Power – Full Documentary [HD] #Advexon

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100 Replies to “Vladimir Putin’s Rise To Power – Full Documentary [HD] #Advexon”

  1. Hello,
    Please understand transparency about TRUTH in Intelligence as a World leader…
    World Leaders have connection to Gangsters and Mafia.
    Please understand transparency and educate yourself and the uneducated gangsters.
    We are all gangsters because we have a clan name.
    There are righteous gangsters!

  2. Hello,
    Please understand transparency about TRUTH in history…
    Apply World War I and 2, apply logic about Samurai and Buddhism like Yin and Yang principles.

    Apply the United States History that I learned in the schools of United States, apply the Civil War, apply the Revolutionary War…
    Please understand transparency about TRUTH in History before we start pointing fingers!
    Please apply love and logic.
    Love is scientific by nature!

  3. Hello,
    Please understand transparency about TRUTH in knowledge and being educated in law.
    President Putin is also an lawyer/attorney/barrister!
    Please understand transparency.

  4. Please understand transparency about TRUTH in betrayal amongst the rankings because you were bribe by money instead of loyalty and love.
    If money is so important, eat the money and not the food or vodka!
    You need knowledge to make Vodka not money!

  5. Hello,
    I believe President Nixon escape impeached by resigning from being the President of the United States… It is in history books!
    President Trump can be the first United States President who was too late to resign before he is impeached. Understand TRUTH about history because it is going to be in the United States History books in the Schools of the United States.

  6. Как всегда! Американские идиоты хотят вмешаться в конфликт других стран, просто чтобы иметь причину для объявления войны.

  7. A good rule of thumb is to never trust a politician. All politicians are corrupt, liars and backstabbers. Some just more so than others.

  8. How much were these people paid in order to lie so much? Everything this video says is a blatant lie, which has been exposed by many journalists. This is propaganda from the evil cabal which rules over the world


  10. Napoleon, Hitler, Putin they all have similarities. All born poor, aggressive, loved violence, served in army, had short man's síndrome and all wanted the same is to rebuild Holy Roman Empire. all three men listed, killed people especially those who brought them in power. Napoleon was first antichrist, Hitler was second and Putin is third. They (Russians) waited him like a Messiah who brought them hope (look how they welcomed him in power) brought them peace. He build third template and is master of conspiracy. That's exactly what Bible says, born by water, rises to power with fire and blood, comet will pass… All this happened during his coming to power

  11. Advexon had established healthy partnerships with companies based in the UK, the USA and Moldova=
    western controlled media propaganda.

  12. Russia experience everything. And they stand alone in the mids of economic collapsed. No debts i think. Which is great to improved economic growth step by step. Soon the bear will get its honey from the top

  13. What did you expect! After the fall of the Soviet union the Russian people had to put up with the corrupt drunken clown that was Yeltsin . It was humiliation for the Russian people and we in the West turned a blind eye and indulged him for our own benefits. Putin just filled the void. Yes he's a crook but so far western elitists. Putin just does it better and smarter than our own crooks ..

  14. I love how ppl believe Putin is 100% honest & straight in his operations. We know every government has corruption, thus there are corrupt leaders. Russia has had a history of this, like many countries. But now, post soviet era, were ppl became billionaires, nearly overnight, we should believe Vladimir Putin, ex KGB, is squeaky clean, w/the intrests of russia & it ppl at heart? Ok, I've got a 2018 Ferrari, low miles, clean title for sale for ya….$5k obo

  15. Love him or hate him, WHERE WOULD RUSSIA HAVE BEEN, NOW, WITHOUT HIM. It's no secret, he's not a Saint, but, Has He Ever CLAIMED TO BE ONE? Sometimes you have to get in bed with people you may not want to do, but, that is one of the best ways to learn about who is doing what and to whom.He had intelligence, and ambition, for his Country, and of course himself. It has taken much of his life, years, to accomplish all that he has. I wonder how well the next, President of The Russian Federation will do.


  17. 30:30 Lets be honest here, that rich fuck there could care less about equality and opression, he just wanted to be even more rich, but instead got putins middlefinger in his ass.

  18. 45:26 ugh man, ok, honestly, this documentary learned me something, but it is also filled with bs
    should we really go and mention multinationals and their wealth all over the world ?

    Yes, it is pretty obvious putin is a dictator having way more money then he should have, but fuck me, what high ranking world leader doesn't have the same problem ?

  19. They didn't colonize anyone, causing wars on other countries and dominate their soveregnity is the worse.

  20. Okay, Putin is corrupt! Russians considers him as the greatest! What's the problem then. Show this video to American kids….. He's something you can call as alpha male

  21. Excelentes presidentes salud vida a todos los amamos mucho,lo justo correcto siempre no a los corruptos delincuentes asesinos profanos dictadores opresores satánicos abusadores sicópatas atrevidos, jesuscristo es con nosotros amén aleluyah Shalom🙌💌🇩🇴🙏😇⛳®️💞👏🌹💃👨‍👨‍👦✍️👁️

  22. Not allowing investigation so strictly makes the government look suspicious and fails too keep the people fooled so wldnt allowing an investigation keep the public convinced in the government’s innocence? They cld always deny the evidence if it proved guilt?

  23. Check out these OLD links by an AMERICAN, ANTHONY SUTTON on how the ''American Banking CARTEL'' and ''THE ORDER'' run america and many other countries.

  24. What about the culture of corruption in the United States the United States government so crooked so corrupt I don't think we have a politician that is not for sale by big corporations is not been fought off bigger by Israel reminder big corporations

  25. I don't think we have a high-level politician in the United States that has not been bought off by lobbyist groups buy a pack which is the Israelis I am. Corporate America Hillary Clinton herself and her uranium one deal she sold in Florence she was Secretary of State she was open for business the Clinton Foundation

  26. This event is so similar to 911 but it predates 911 South 99th state government saw this I thought what a great idea I don't work for us

  27. Why would any government agency be training their agents to plant bombs in a civilian apartment building and actually use real live worms real material they always say it's a training exercise when they get caught

  28. This is all that typical us propaganda usa good russia bad, we all know who.are that real bads here and that ain't russia

  29. Putin demonizing propaganda.He is a hero in the eye of majority of Russians and many others who are not spoon fed with the biased media shows. Putin has saved the Russian country. People of Russia chose him to be their president. There is no evidence that he is corrupt at this movie or anywhere else . It is only plausible for some thinking. Also they don't know history of the Soviet Union or collapse of it or the reasons for anything behind Russian president actions which are just reactions to a real situations. There was no democracy or any other order in the so called country when Putin came to reverse the chaos to order.

  30. You idiots saying it's all just American propaganda are fools when so many Russians are saying it's true ! Putin is a Billionaire he sure didn't work for those Billions lol….

  31. If you look at putin when he used to be a child, you clearly see like radiation glowing of him,- that he must be gay, and if anyone can not see that he is a homo, you would have to be blind 😎

  32. As a westerner I downvoted the video because it is kind of insulting to my intelligence to nit-pick Putin over small corruption crimes. Look, when a former KGB moves up the ranks of a very corrupt government, we don't have to know the specific crimes, it's kind of obvious he's blatantly corrupt. Why make a documentary about it? People who don't know he's corrupt are daft. The little things you're pointing out are very likely some of the least offensive things he's done. In Russia, you have a road paved with human bones through Siberia. Putin looks like a saint compared to Stalin. Really, you should have done a documentary about "How corruption is less corrupt these days in Soviet Russia" … throw some memes in it and we'd have good entertainment.

  33. Very abstract in nature – Not even sure I know what I just watched – a westerner taken down a road completely out of context – whoever wrote and or produced this documentary obviously had an agenda –

  34. To be honest I quite believe that after the Tzars Putin is the best thing that happened to Russia. And before you shower me with loath full comments, just please name me one clean politician. Russia is vast and large and the Russian people are now eating and enjoying good quality of life

  35. Reading comments I see that kremlin internet bots now evolved and learned English. Get the hell outta here. Your internet sector is for slavic dumpsters

  36. nice try but clearly this is Yank propaganda with nothing to back it up in the way of facts but somebody basically saying trust me I have proof which I can not show and I feel there was corruption. Anybody remember the war on Iraq which was based on the line trust us Sadam has WMDS and that should be enough for you.

  37. "Once and always Cagey Bee." "Nobody retires from the CIA." "You can retire from the Mafia. Just pick out your prison or coffin first." And what is the difference exactly? Oh yeah, govt big shots have more money and power.

  38. Putin is decided to wash away democracy, growth and population aspired … "Poor despicable me for Putin to send the gas chamber"

  39. Let us do a background check on George bush and his father let’s see if they are good enough to qualify as good “Americans “ or are they very much well suited for arrest or extradition. STOP supporting a Unipolar world 🌎 and STOP broadcasting FAKE NEWS AND DOCUMENTARIES.

  40. And yet Russian Citizens are so proud of Putin this tribute was made.
    I think the only reason this Investigation about Putin was made is because he refuses to bow down to the New World Order Freaks.

  41. Pes thn madalena robert cristian cover it up 👄👄👄👄👄👄👄🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🕶🇲🇨🇮🇹🇺🇸🇦🇼🇩🇰🇷🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇦🇷🇬🇱🇬🇧🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  42. I love this fagot. He ravaged the country, people hate him, but he continues to sit on the royal throne and draw himself a rating of 146%.

  43. before PUTIN how RUSSIA had 0 level , And compare Now how Russia GDP , putin is the best ,
    So you fuckking ignorance media, western hell don't propaganda mother fuckker

  44. Western countries has a habit of sanctioning other countries posing as threads because they are afraid they will do better than them.🤧🤧

  45. идите нахуй творцы кинематографисты фейкомёты. фуфло.

  46. On re raise of Russia after 9 11 and war in afghanistan Mr putin seems a great Commander of Russia being now the world speedly turning to Russia and China Block it understood that putin is a hard working leader and also know ho to deal with the world being the major act for a leader russia and Pakistan with China and Turkey zendabad allah ho akbar

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