VOC Leader Spotlight: Brinks Home Security

VOC Leader Spotlight: Brinks Home Security

I’m Mike Parish. I’m the Manager of
Process Excellence and Digital Service Design at Brinks Home Security.
Security has been, for a long time, much more about the phone call experience,
you know, and that’s walking you through whatever it is that we need to. Customer expectations have changed in the fact that they’re really moving – forcibly
moving – us to a digital front and it’s really across the board. That’s really
based off of, again, not you or your industry or us as Brinks,
or the security industry, but it’s based off of all of their experiences. So our goal is to move 30% of all of our customer contacts and
transactions that exists in the call center to digital by 2018 and then
obviously expand and conquer from there. The ROI implications there are
phenomenal once you start really building the campaign for your customers
to change your customers’ behavior when it comes to how they
contact you. We have a new two-way text platform where you can, if you want, not
ever call us again and handle everything that you could handle with a call center
via text. And at the close of each of these conversations you receive a very
nice automated thank you message that also comes with a ForeSee Feedback button,
so you literally just click this in the same medium that you’ve talked to us in
and you instantly can leave your feedback for us. It’s been incredibly
successful. It’s a crowd sourcing tool that we use to really plot out what
we’re going to build next within our new text platform. I’m definitely biased when
it comes to ForeSee Feedback. What you can do with that it’s just such a quick,
customizable tool and the limits are really your imagination.

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