Volkswagen Passat B6 B7 CC changing key fob remote battery

Volkswagen Passat B6 B7 CC changing key fob remote battery

You can replace discharged remote battery in your Volkswagen Passat B6 key fob yourself. Start with removing plastic key from the remote. Now press on the chrome part of the remote. Do it on the side without key release button. Now you can pry plastic cover and open your cars remote. Inside you’ll find single battery, that you need to pry to remove. Install new CR2032 battery inside the remote and put the remote back together. Your cars remote should work instantly, no need for reprogramming it.

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11 Replies to “Volkswagen Passat B6 B7 CC changing key fob remote battery”

  1. random question. How the preheating remote is suppose to function? It has ON / OFF, but pressing them doesn't seem to do anything. Do I need to set it up inside car somehow first or something? (pre-heating settings) … or just probably out of batteries.

    Because didn't see light blinking on remote itself (I suppose, it should?)

  2. My key fob stopped communicating with my car. I changed battery no luck. I also purchased car without the pull out key, only key fob. Is there a way to re sych the fob with no master key? Thank you

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