Wall Climbing RC Cars Compared: As Seen on TV vs Amazon

Wall Climbing RC Cars Compared: As Seen on TV vs Amazon

This is Radical Racers. It’s an As Seen
on TV car for kids that could climb up walls and do 360 stunts. This is an
Amazon remote-control car that can also climb walls and do 360 stunts. Do either
one of these work and is one better than the other? Let’s find out in today’s video. Alright guys a lot of requests for
this one, especially as the holidays approach. This one has been
advertising on television. The Radical Racers as you can see is As Seen on TV.
But in fairness I’d like to go on Amazon and find a popular alternative. This one
has a lot of reviews for it so it’s been around for a while so I wanted to see if
it was significantly different or better than the Radical Racers. But I already
noticed one thing about this one that I don’t like.
Look how generic this box is. Remote-Control Car. Doesn’t say anything
about wall climbing or 360 stunt on the front. On the back it says 360 rotation
but you got to look over here on the side to show that it actually climbs walls.
Now that’s in stark contrast with the Amazon page. It says EpochAir RC cars
for kids. The only place I see EpochAir is in an email address way on the bottom.
Again the Amazon page says wall climbing dual mode 360 rotating stunt, rechargeable
high-speed vehicle with LED lights. Hardly any of that’s really highlighted on
this a generic box so I’m kind of a little disappointed about the packaging. This one, look at this. Bright colors. These guys know how to advertise it properly. The As Seen on TV
people, they know how to do it. This one was $20. This one was $22.
This is advertised on television. This one’s popular on Amazon. Let’s see if either
one of these can live up to the hype. First thing I’ve gotta do is unbox them,
charge them up, and then give them a shot. You have the remote control with
the cable and the car itself. The remote control requires two AA batteries.
Not included. Oh it’s a pet peeve of mine. Why don’t they just
make the this rechargeable as well? Why don’t… I don’t know. Approximate playtime is
10 to 12 minutes and it’ll take about an hour to charge it. That’s not too
uncommon with a remote-control car. So you spend most your time sitting around
waiting for it a charge and you get a few minutes of fun out of it. Here’s the remote control. You have forward/reverse, left and right. Pretty standard. Time for the EpochAir with a generic box
remote control car. Wow this car looks a lot… Look at the bottoms.
Is it me or do these look very similar? I could be mistaken but I think one
may have been inspired by the other. Just a hunch. The remote is much different than the Radical Racers. Radical Racers has kind of a game
controller. This is slightly different design. But again this one looks
like forward/reverse, left and right, two slider switches. So I mean the
controls are about the same, just in a different housing. This one takes six batteries. Six AA batteries that are also not included. You’re killing me
here with these batteries people. I don’t think I have eight batteries to do both
these controllers. Just make the controller rechargeable like the car. Looks like you can charge the
car via the remote or you can charge it plugged into the wall. The estimated
charging time is twenty to forty minutes as opposed to Radical Racers which is
an hour. And these instructions say that this Amazon EpochAir is supposed to last
about eight to ten minutes. So let’s plug these in and get started. Even the back is almost the same. Look at this. It says charge, then wall/floor/off.
Charge/wall/floor/off. Very similar. The Radical Racers shows
that it’s charging but I’m not seeing anything from the EpohcAir at all. Alright both of them are charged. Now this one from Amazon didn’t take any time at
all to charge. I guess it was already pre-charged. The Radical Racers, it only
took 15 minutes so it was obviously partially charged. But let’s start off
with the Amazon car and this nice fresh blank wall behind me and see how it turns out. Oh wow. It sounds like a vacuum. It is a vacuum. Oh wow. It is stuck to the wall. Whoa. Whoa.
OK there is a little learning curve here. I’m getting it. Whoa. How bizarre. If you turn this, the left and right by itself, get the 360. I have to admit that’s kind of fun. It’s got headlights that are blue and tail… oh!
It just fell right off the wall but it’s still going. It’s still going. Oh oh oh! That sounded kind of ugly. Oh! Oh! I think the blinking lights mean that
it’s almost done. Uh-oh there it goes. There it goes. There it goes.
Oh that’s it. That’s it. About seven minutes I got out of that one. Oh yeah it died.
Pretty fun. I want to see how the Radical Racers compares, though. Alright the Amazon did pretty well but let’s see how that Radical Racers does. The
As-Seen-on-TV version, which looks remarkably similar. Sounds familiar also. And it sticks. That’s a good sign. Let’s try it out. Oh that curve was just me going straight. Right off the wall. This one is seeming harder to control for me. And it keeps falling off the wall. Look that. I’m trying to just go straight. I’m just trying to go straight and it
keeps falling off. What I’m trying to do is go up and to the right. I’m trying to go this direction. I’m tapping the right lever so it’ll nudge that way,
but it’s not working. Watch. If I hold it down, it goes into a 360. Not as easy to control at all. Well I would say it’s lasted longer than the Amazon See, even when it’s like that and they go forward… Forward. Forward! How about if I point it this way? Oh and then it falls off the wall. How about forward this direction? Off the wall. I kinda wish the battery would already die by now because this is not very fun. Oh now the lights are blinking.
This has lasted longer I’ll give it that. But it’s almost impossible control so
what’s the point of having a longer battery when you can’t really do much with it? It reminds me of like when you spray a bug a bug spray and it’s
starting to affect it. It’s like there it goes. There it goes. Uh-oh. Is it bad that the most enjoyable
part of the Radical Racers to me was when the batteries
died and it fell off the wall? They look the same but for whatever reason the
design feature maybe because of one’s wider or the body type, the Amazon was
far superior but we can’t just base it on one test. Let’s try something else out
before we make a final conclusion. But in the first test, Radical Racers did not
impress while the Amazon actually was pretty good. Now after they’ve been depleted,
I can see that the Amazon does light up when it’s charging. It just
came pre charged, so that’s why it didn’t light up the first time. It’s been 40 minutes and the Amazon is done charging. Radical Racers still going.
So the Amazon wins the charging speed test. Alright I’ve put a picture of
Bailey up here on the wall to give you a little bit of perspective of what we’re
seeing here and I went through the instructions for the Radical Racers and
it says if not driving straight then you need to push the left and right trim
buttons that are right here. But those can only be pushed while it’s moving so
let me try that out and see if I can get this straightened out.
Okay still going to the side. I’m going to try the right trim button Oh it’s going straight. It’s going straight! Turning is kind of weird. Let me see if I can go around this. Ok right-hand turn. Oops.
Oh! Oh no! Aw. I just wanna make one lap. Alright I’m making this lap. Maybe I’m not. What if start this way? Oh I’m doing it. I did a lap. Whoo! Well the trim’s fixed I think but there
still seems to be a weight imbalance that’s causing it to shift around when
you’re turning it. Let me try the Amazon car and see if it’s any better I made a lap. Oh! Oh so close. Oh he did it. Oh he did it.
Can I go for two? Oh. Look at that. Look how much better. Oh no! Well clearly the Amazon
is easier to control on the wall even after I fixed the trim on the Radical Racers. Next up I wanted to see how these work on the floor to see if there’s much
of a difference and here’s how that went. Now it’s pulling to the left.
Now it’s going straight again. Now look. I’m just going straight. It seems like it gets stuck in that
360 thing and you have to go the opposite direction to fix it. The trim
isn’t really working This is hard to control man. Not a fan. Look at that, straight as an arrow. That’s what I expect from a
remote-control car. Can pretty much do what you want it to do. Look at this, easy. It has a 360 but it doesn’t get stuck
in it like the other one does. So both of them do work on the walls
but how about the ceiling? I wanted to see how that went.
It didn’t go so well. Check it out. Here we go. Oh! It was an ugly spill.
Let’s try it again. Maybe the ceiling isn’t a good idea for
these after all. Let’s try the Radical Racers and see how it does. Here we go. Oh! Nice catch, huh? One more time. Let’s see what Bailey thinks about it.
Bailey look. What’s this? Uh-oh! (Barking) Bailey you don’t like that, do you? (Barking) Lt’s see if she likes the Amazon car any better. (Barking) (Barking) There is goes! (Barking) OK Bailey. Alright Bailey. (Barking)
Ok Ok! Alright so between the two of these in the end, I would take the Amazon EpochAir
over the Radical Racers. I just feel like it worked better right out of the box.
It performed like I would expect a remote-control car to perform.
The Radical Racers seem to have something of a weight issue where the bottom is
always tending to go downward. And on the floor it seems like it also get stuck
in that 360 mode. Something else to consider is whenever these are climbing
on walls both of them are actually pretty loud and after a while some
parents may not want to hear that. Have you used a wall climbing car like these?
Tell me what you think in the comments below. Please follow my social profiles
for progress pictures, videos as I go. And please subscribe for more product reviews from me, James White, with Freakin’ Reviews.

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    Edit: Also, if you know you're going to be reviewing something that may require your own batteries, then it's your responsibility to have said batteries on standby. No reason for you to complain. You put yourself in this position, so you should be ready regardless.

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