Watch FBI, officers raid Jeffrey Epstein’s island estate

Watch FBI, officers raid Jeffrey Epstein’s island estate

[MUSIC] The raid came only two
days after the accused sex trafficker was found dead
in his New York jail cell. The hideaway,
sometimes referred to as pedophile island, hosted rich friends and
entourages of young women. Agents in FBI jackets arrived by boat and
gathered at waterfront chickee huts. [MUSIC] Yeah. [MUSIC]

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100 Replies to “Watch FBI, officers raid Jeffrey Epstein’s island estate”

  1. The FBI was sent in to cover up everything that has not been made public yet.
    These are domestic terrorists behind the badge. Parasites.
    These scum manipulate the truth to fit their own agenda. These scum want to bring harm to our families and dictate our rights to us.
    Bring awareness to our children and communities about the realities of our law enforcment. We can not trust THEM.
    Help document the corruption and terror being committed against the people by our law enforcment. We can not trust THEM.

  2. MSM:
    Epstein hosted young women…
    “young women?”

    y’all are not that stupid soooo obvious covering for the disgusting pedophile with word trickery is obvious

    journalism is dead
    epstein is not

    hope the overlords enjoy Cuba. i hear it’s hot in August

  3. Oddly it and his other properties were not secured when he was arrested, nor were his associates or the people in the videos from his Manhattan home arrested. The fix is in.

  4. My thoughts I think Jeffrey Epstein came clean about everything and he had his opportunity to be suicide it out just like Bush Senior and McLean and he chose suicide instead of being taken in the court

  5. Christopher Wray told his Secret Police to burn the buildings down after destroying all evidence. Of course, save picture of Bill Clinton in his sexy blue dress and red high heels. Wray wants to hang that portrait in the bathroom of his fancy FBI office. Picture will cure constipation!

  6. I do not understand why Epstein's island was not raided long ago. It is almost like someone arranged for him to take out all the evidence, and then they raided. Very curious!!!

  7. SIMPLE: STOP all the bull crap about “conspiracy theories”. Julie Brown knows better. None of the basic facts involve “theories.” And “conspiracy” is a fundamental statutory crime with basic elements. Start with an FBI “302” examination of Alex Acosta about his “intelligence community” contacts when he made the totally corrupt plea deal in 2007 with the absurd, never done “immunity provisions” for Epstein’s accomplices, and fellow trafficking and sexual assault perpetrators of children. Then do “302s” of all the immunized accomplices including Dershowitz who allegedly negotiated the deaL AND is on the immunity list. Then do 302’s of Clinton, billionaire Burkle and all other “playmates” of Epstein AND additional immunized “playmates.” Then once it is obvious that it leads to Israeli (Ghislaine) and CIA cover ups of their connection to Epstein, ADMIT IT, AND PROSECUTE. The law prohibits hiding behind “classified” and / or State Secrets Privilege laws to conceal crimes. END OF SPECULATION AND VERY SIMPLE. BARR / WRAY: JUST DO IT.

  8. too bad they waited so long that gave them plenty of time to hide lots of evidence. maybe because they were covering for people like the Clintons

  9. First domino to fall! Losts of lying media trying to cover up whats been known to many of us years ago! Panic mode! More to come!!

  10. Can anyone believe that the FBI only raided the island a month after Epstein's initial arrest, giving those with vested interests ample time to destroy vital evidence . What a joke.

  11. Why raid it now after years since all of the evidence has been earased?

    Why not raid the Zorro Ranch and lock it off after his "suicide"!

    Oh that's right the guards were overworked to watch the surveillance, cameras were facing the wrong direction and he was taken of suicide watch after he "tried" to commit suicide a week before.

  12. The FBI need to investigate child protective services. Near all of human trafficking victims are from foster care. Child protection are illegal to investigate. Because they are corrupt. Your are so dumb if you don't do that. Trump, investigate child protective services.

  13. Why is British & US Virgins Islands? Is that for all virgin children into Sex Slavery at Island? It’s bad name! The islands need replace a new name from Virgin Islands.

  14. They went there to get rid of any other evidence that was left over, namely videos that show high powered people and other blackmail material from ever seen the light of day.

  15. FBI, another episode of 'a day late and a dollar short ' … please try and salvage some sense of public creditability.

  16. According to the medical examiner appointed by Bill DeBlasio, we have high confidence that HIlary Clinton murdered Jefferey Epstein.

  17. They need to question the cement company that covered up and pour cement in those underground children dungeon beneath the Egyptian temple.

  18. Such a beautiful and pastoralic place, it's hard to believe that awful things maybe happened there. 😔

  19. NOPE…NOT…believable! This is a textbook "d€€p [email protected]€ – ph0lz [email protected]"! These agents "kr1$1$ @kt0rz" are awkwardly loitering in front of, what I would guests to be, the largest plate glass windows on the island.. They stand around long enough for their official uniform insignias to be I.d.'ed, on/by drone, followed by their lame attempt to cover the windows, with remarkably handy, brand new cardboard boxes and moving blankets.

    We already know AG Sessions sent detectives out there when the bank of CCTV monitors were uploaded to [email protected] [email protected]€r'$ [email protected]@m acctount. It has further been documented, that the crew, higher to back fill the tunnels (that don't exist) were allowed to keep their cell phones on/with them. And…don't forget about the recent "accidental" fire (D1r€it€d €n€rgy W€@p0n) that engulfed the island! Enjoy the show…🍿🍿🍿

  20. The FBI and CIA have scrubbed and scrubbed all the evidence and they will slowly leak their own editions right before the 2020 election just in time…Thia horrific scandal is far from over!

  21. Look up a girl named 'Bebe fennimore', on facebook she has a photo at epstiens island the photo is taken from a room looking down at the trees and grass and buildings and you can see one of epstiens workers cleaning the grounds the photo says it was posted nov 11th 2015..
    Now if you look up "linkedin DKIPLLC" on google you will see the name "lesley groff" and "bebe A" worked there and that is a fake company owned by jeffrey epstien and bebe is now married and no longer "bebe a" unknown last name i couldnt find but now her past name is fennimore and she is foriegn and she was possibly a paid sex slave who isnt coming out because shes been paid well, she did work for him at that fake company and the DKIPLLC address was in newyork and it was a model agency lol but yeah the other lady named lesley groff that i mentioned earlier who also worked or was in charge of dkipllc was one of the 4 main women who helped find and procure young. Underage girls for epstien lesley probaby found him bebe fennimore but it is all very fishy. This girl deff has some missing links to this disqusting lifestyle epstien was living.
    Like i said id like to see if someone knows this bebe who is now living in staten island possibly she is married and she was selling a sink on facebook i saw comments on the post. It is all very odd stuff.

    Like i said do research on "Lesley taylor groff" her husband name is "Ike groff" they are from New Canaan Connecticut. But yeah lesley hasnt been on her facebook she has a fuzzy photo and its old but she needs to be arrested she has lots to hide. Along with sarah kellen or sarah vickers she is brian vickers wife brian was a nascar driver and his wife sarah ran one of epstiens fake businesses in new york also and she was finding young girls for epstien these women were big roles in this epstien story it is absolutely horrendous and ghislaine maxwell was possibly the biggest role. There are now two girls saying that g.maxwell joined in with epstien on a threesome with an underage girl in having sexual activity.
    The prince Andrew is also trying to be lost on the radar him and the divorced dutchess of york englang both flew to a island and i think he is trying to island jump and go to a country and hide out and have people hide and protect him from being picked up when the rest of the evidence comes out..

    They say that the flight logs indicate that bill clinton flew on the lolita express 24 or 28 times whatever.. He obivousially was getting his knob polished having his sick schoolgirl fantasy and victimizing helpless children. I believe if the flight logs say clinton was there 24 times in all actuality it was 124 times or 224 times. How many times do you think epstien called bill up and was all ready for the orgy with the girls trapped on pedo island and bill would definitely be able to afford a boat ride or plane to take him to see uncle jeffy right?
    I believe the flight logs mean alot but also nothing because just like the guards at the prison doctored the "jail cell check logs" anyone can doctor there own paperwork to say what they want but the victims will continue to come forward one at a time and say who they saw on that fn island. The prince andrew also jeffs lawyer alan dershowitz, bill clinton. Ect.

  22. What's missing the evidence. …and the stuff that comes on flash drives…intel , plans , patent details , trades and transfers banking routes , plans , conversations , details of all ongoing…Operations , secret group activities , blackmail activities , government operatives who talked freely— all unencumbered priveleged immunized protected criminal gangs and their holdings , hidden financial results and shell corporations with age old roots..OH MY THE HINTERLANDS….

  23. The island is a deaf dumb mute and sterilized Outland way station….not a notary in sight….all evidence is too compromising — AND EVERYBODY WEARS MASKS these furtive and secretive watering holes are bone dry- AN oasis til the caterer brings the punch and the bowl…Forensics will need Sherlock Holmes to reconstruct a blow by blow….DOJ can't whip clinton – mafia- illuminati- jesuit – mossad- royals varsity caliber cast of the usual suspects into a corner with their rubber whip….DUHHHHH

  24. You have to be insane to think he killed himself.

    You have to be insane to think anything will be released. It was all scrubbed well before this happened.

  25. Too little too late ! Like everyone says it should have been searched Day he was arrested , a total farce !if people in high places have been involved they stalled the search .A normal everyday pervert would have been investigated like no tomorrow , the eyes of the world are on you America ! Has turned into a circus , god help you all decent Americans . Having no questions or answers to all this. It stinks of corruption !

  26. And where's the arrest of maxwel ? There is more than enough evidence to put her in jail , plus she taking the pure piss going for a coffee where decent people go. Pure arrogance ! And she has no shame or empathy for her victims , money grabbing , devious , and a whole lot more which you all think ! I don't need to say anything more .

  27. Why did it take so long for the FBI and others to do their jobs and Rabid his property when he was alive. And if it was anybody else with no money they would’ve been in jail their place would’ve been rated and stuff would’ve been broken.
    But with this guy the Clintons
    Had a head start before the FBI

  28. Always referring to “ young women” 🙄….. shame on ALL the Pedos across the globe! They will face Judgement, one way or another! 🙏

  29. The drug dealers have heard we are coming , oh wait the bus is in a couple of hours ,never mind well get the next one ,what a joke ,did u manage to move everything before you went to the plastic surgeon ,this makes my blood boil .

  30. Yep they're raiding it alright to get rid of evidence that points the finger at globalist scumbags like Obama and Clinton. Comey did it once Christopher Wray will do it again.

  31. “Came only days after”.

    Yeah….enough days to allow the Clinton’s to get over there with prince Andrew and clean their evidence

  32. Let's all trust the people who could not even keep Epstein safe locked up in prison. No reason they would conceal evidence or cover up for Royal or political elite persons. Whatever was there.. is not there any more.. God forbid the break up hard drives and cell phones with hammers… (cough Clinton).

  33. This is all a dog and pony show this place was scrub months ago of any evidence. Hell the crooked FBI is probably the clean up team and making sure there isnt any real evidence left.

  34. Two days After he is already found dead?! They say that like it's a good thing! What a crock! Should have been raided at the very same moment he was being arrested! Either incompetence or corruption, unfortunately probably the latter.


  36. I'm not shocked after all fed law hid destroyed evidence. Fed law have shown their contempt of america broke their oaths and all deserve gitmo and death. Fed law. Obstructs. Justice. Lies removes and destroyed evidence WTF. ARE THEY FED LAW.?

  37. STAFF REMOVED????????? WTF KEEPS OPENING AND SHUTTING DOORS ,, moving carts and all we THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DONT TRUST THE FBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. How come regular people get raided their homes before they are arreseted or if police has just a slight suspicion? Oh yeah, it's called money talk…

  39. They have it all. This has been ongoing longer than you know. Trump delivered him. Now they have to report it! Trust the plan. It's here… They are all named and shamed now.

  40. This is all for show. Epstein cleared the place loooong ago. Try digging and cadaver dogs. The public knows what went on there.

  41. The FBI, along with every other government agency (CIA, DOJ, NSA, EPA, FDA, Homeland Security, Dept. of Commerce/NIST, etc., etc., etc.) are corrupt to the core. Not a single one of those agencies can be trusted. Our entire system of government in America is a sham. The French people showed the world in 1789 what needed to be done to end the power of the elite. Millions of people in Hong Kong are doing the same thing now. Most Americans are still in denial as to what really happened on 9/11.

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