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100 Replies to “Watch live: House Judiciary Committee take historic vote on Trump impeachment”

  1. Trump did wrong, there was Patriot witnesses that came forward from the call and overheard such as with Sonland in the resturant. There was evidence and all Trump, Barr, the GOP Senators and his failing support base is doing is deflection and lying. Trump attacked a 16 year old child the other day also for no reason on Twitter and verbally all while taking offence of others making remarks about Byron. Nobody should make any negative remarks about any child and Trump as the top position in the Country knows better and should of refrained regarding his opinion of this child. The GOP Senators goes off that this could happen to any American president in the future but Trump started these problems that are coming down on his head. By the way, Trump could attack anyone as he did this child, this could of been anyone of our children as we encourage our children to aim to be the best.

    This child had aimed just for that and achieved. Being that she achieved in what we all give our children encouragment to do only resulted in the top position in America & world leader, attacking this child. Could this be your child after you encouraged them year after year? Of course this girl could be your child. How would someone feel having their child attacked by a world leader for the results of your encouragement leading to your childs success? If anything, a world leader should be sending congratulations but not attacks. How Ironic, the GOP Senators had no defense for this child or Trump because they know Trump was wrong. With the GOP not standing up for the children, should tell people not to vote for any republican next election and Trump deserves this permanent stain of Impeachment for our future generations to see. He attacked children , our future leaders and our children of today should know about what he's done in the future.

    Trump Supporters posting all over social media threatning to cause civil war if Trump gets impeached are wrong as well and they won't achieve. Nobody wants bloodshed on our soil but Trump supporters. Well next week, Trump will be impeached period the end, his Supporters can't stop it so let's see if they start this civil war in which will be a very big mistake on their part that they will regret dearly.

    Now I don't see him being removed in the Senate but there is just no way I see that after his Impeachment will be re elected for a second term. Our national security is at grave risk in my opinion. I feel he needs removed permanently but unfortunately I do not see it. Let's hope no wars break out civil or otherwise like north Koreas Chritmas present that we were threatened with occurs. If north Korea attacks, there is no time for Trump Supporters to attack, if anything, such actions of north Korea, America needs to stand together and not against.

  2. Republicans seem to be very egotistical. They have this attitude, like they think that they are supposed to always get their way. They are so flabbergasted, and frustrated. You can hear it in their voice, like, "why aren't things happening the way I demand it to?" That's not how that works.

  3. In the Senate a Supreme Court Justice will over see the proceedings! That means due process and chain of evidence will happen! No sub-basement secret hearings!

  4. Oh, Molly. Molly…. MSM have been ignoring the Biden’s corruption and now they’re forced to ‘report’ on it, hysterical! MSM think they’re viewers are too stupid to understand what’s going on; there is no way that Trump thinks Biden is any threat, the poor guy can barely get a sentence out! No quid pro quo only quid pro Jo!!

  5. When it gets to the Senate there will be a majority of NO votes and that will likely happen fairly quickly. Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in a fantasy.

  6. How in the world did these Dems get elected?! Holy crap they are so corrupt. Do they not realize they're fighting against the American people which they claim to love. Trump was elected fairly and you just guaranteed his 2020 victory. Suckers!

  7. the American people don't think that they have made a strategic debacle by electing President Trump, and the dems should better be very careful before deciding on behalf of the American people, the democrats have no right to oppose/ overturn the will of the American people !
    today the democrats' witch hunt is a clear violation to the fundamentl principles of checks and balances that we hold dear
    the democrats in the house are paralyzed with deep hatred they feel toward a legitimately elected President Trump and until the democrats free themselves of this hatred the US will suffer
    what the democrats want is to make President Trump to serve at the pleasure of DNC, Obama, Biden, Hillary and other former administration Officials and not to serve at the pleasure of 63 million of American ordinary citizens who voted for President Trump !

  8. If people can’t honestly see the obvious bias from these reporters then there is no hope for our country. Remember when we ALL knew that MSM was nothing more than a propaganda machine used by the elite? Remember when we ALL despised career politicians and begged for someone from the outside? What the heck happened?

  9. Honey we not playing foot ball. The behavior of the Republicans are embarrassing to the public and this is an example of control money first people second and people are not 🏈s. And Dems have the house they do what they want isn't that what they are fighting for. For the president to do whatever he wants. Compare the 2 which is more dangerous get with the program not only the Republicans can upstage.

  10. Well, us conservatives had to endure eight years of Obama, and you liberals don't have it in you to return the favor? That doesn't seem to me to be playing fair.

  11. @ The House Judiciary Committee results of vote will make history when the impeachment fails in the Senate. Congress will just keep trying to impeach after 2020 anyway.

  12. The Democratic party died on 11/22/63 when lbj caused one of our greatest presidents assassination. Trump 2020 he's my president and I stand with him he's the realest president since Reagan.

  13. If Republicans want their witness requests to be take seriously maybe they should work on building up some good grace start by not intimidating the witnesses who have already come forward

  14. New standard practice for impeachment. 1. No bi-partison support 2. Impeach just because you dont agree 3. Take opinions and hearsay as facts 4. Complain about LONG-STANDING executive privilege laws and call it obstruction.

    Republicans should start impeaching the next democratic president in 2024, or whenever that will be, because after all is said and done Trump will be found innocent in the Senate and win in 2020.

  15. Senate will proceed as White House lawyers want — I hope they want a long trial and put Schiff and the Whistleblower (yes, can legally be called in) on the stand. Schiff Gang needs criminal charges brought against them for all the lies to the American public.

  16. I think calling it "historic," is a little click-bait. The Senate is already prepared to acquit the articles of impeachment and it is dead on arrival. All that will happen if the House passes the articles of impeachment will be to diminish the value of what impeachment means.

  17. The bidens and burisma is a case of corruption plain and simple. Trump wanting Ukraine to investigate this is Trump attacking corruption. These media retards can try to spin it however they want but I'm not buying it

  18. DemocRATs and HollyWEED and leftist media are the same corruption system. Crew them all since they try destroy America sell off jobs to China and offshore. Vote DemocRATs out of the house. Trump 2020👍👍👍👍👍

  19. President Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. Trump is human like any of us and so he is not perfect and we do not expect him to be perfect either. Good people make an effort to understand and improve with experience and he does that.  He has the better interest of the American people at heart and he is very capable, intelligent and wise. However, his good work is also often and continuously flanked with an adversary that gang-up on
    him and do what they can to undermine, stop, disrupt and degrade his work, even at the expense, well being and prosperity of the American people.  

    Can you imagine having a media, owned primarily by 5-6 companies, some foreign (as Mexico), and they distribute a high percentage of content with hostility and a mocking picture of his work and successes, plus degrade his wife's good works and attack his young son? They are not our "Commander in
    Chief" or our voice.  Allowing and adding to this is shameful behavior on the part of the Left and a Pox on the Democratic Party, although some of the civilized Democrats are pulling away and my sincere salute to them. As I see it, President Donald J. Trump is not just a President of our country, but a Social/Political Catalyst. The Catalyst factor causes the social-political-pot to be stirred and react in many ways, particularly by uncivilized people that are toxic and who need to be corrected. In seeking

    out hidden "unbalanced" deals and other problems, his work has been nothing less than magnanimous, magnificent and very pleasing to most of the American people and many other people abroad, who hope and wish well for President Trumps new and improved standards.  I know many people in other countries that "wish-to-God" that they had a leader like President Trump in their own country, being a warrior-winner and standard-carrier for their people.

    Jealousy, fear, greed and unlawfulness should never be amalgamated with purpose, intent, mental-drive or goals in leadership. Nobility, human decency, goodness, veracity, sincerity should always be the mental driving forces behind and in a good leader.

    These good characteristics are what I see in our current President. Normally however, the potential of personal "power" attracts too many leaders that lack real nobility and who are holding onto and disseminating turmoil and graft/theft, for personal and unlawful gains, even at the expense and
    demise of our people and nation. This is when our good people at large need to be ever so vigilant in noticing, combating, unifying and correcting this Social/Political Virus, of corrupted or unlearned high values, and put it down

  20. Democrats will be voted out of office if they vote against trump and that's just going to give the Republicans everything back then the Republicans will be in charged to get rid of the corrupt Democrats out of office and take the government back and strengthen the government again

  21. #Swampers #Snowflakes and #CrockedCareerPoliticians just signed their death wish and CROCKED Mal Intent to TRUMP 2020 free and blow out WIN! DEPORT DEMS!

  22. Do not be naive!
    The Real war is between pro life and pro choice. Trump is pro life that is Why Democrats want him out

  23. What will be historic is when Barr and Durham get to these slimy cheating A Holes ….. EPIC in fact ! Trump 2020 by a Landslide !

  24. you republicans arguing on video have to have more fight in you seems like you giving up but still mad at those who seek truths and justice, thats the thing that is sad today not that the dems are doing their jobs or not doing the jobs correctly according to some……mmmh mmh mmh may truth prevail

  25. #FakeNews didn't even show their names when they started the Crocked circus show! Vladimir is very biased and tied to Clinton New Network! Very POOR coverage, slanted and biased Against the American People, One Vote and the US Constitution!

  26. Do not be fooled people with these sorry looking Republicans because there all lying defending Trump.. people do not be fooled there defending a President that cheated in the elections and got caught trying to do it again in 2020 Elections.. do not be fooled these Republicans. The Democrats prooved there case with facts (proof).. these Republican attorneys with all this intimidating talk couldnt even show one witness or document to collaberate Trumps innocense. lies, lies and more lies same on you Republicans not defending the constitution of the United States.

  27. So let me try to Understand the President and the Republicans. Joe Biden and son being American citezens.. are the cause of all the corruption in Ukraine. Because thats the only thing documented with the president on corruption with Ukraine. The president and republicans cant proove what there saying.

  28. No matter what happens in the trial.. Americans need to hear the truth about this Presidents abuse of power and obstruction in congress..

  29. Gaetz has typically a face to slap when he says that the Administration has cooperated… forbidding his staff to testify before Congress. Decidedly, those GOP people take you for idiots

  30. The facts are the facts. Each dem voting for political bias alone are traitors to America, and the constitution they were supposed to uphold. Pilose, schiff, Nader, are traitors and will be remembered for their political coup!

  31. Not a sad day for country just excuses Nothing unfair these gop reps are all going to be voted out trump lies every time he opens his mouth gop has dug it’s grave polling says most americans want trump out yes voters will remove all these lies

  32. Leslie Sanchez needs to stop sharing fake news.. the Democratics have been more than fair.. its been the republicans that have been unfair.. Leslie must not understand obstruction of congress. Obstruction of Congress meaning there was absolutly no cooperaton at all from the president and republicans.. so both parties could sit down and impeach the right way that Leslie is talking about… Its abvious Leslies trying to defend Trump and his unfair republicans..

  33. I wonder how many people on the impeachment proceeding know about this?

    On September 24, 2019, Representative Lance Gooden proposed a resolution to remove Nadler from his position as chairman of House Judiciary Committee, accusing him of unlawfully beginning impeachment proceedings before the House has given the committee authorization.[19][20]

    Jerry has tried to impeach other Presidents before Trump.

    This is making a laughing stock of the Democrat’s!

  34. All the Republican's interviewed at the end were absolutely right in their remarks. And…if you watched the hearings all the way through and still disagree, you are willfully blinded by hate only.

  35. Still voting for Trump. Now to move on to legal action against Biden and his quid pro quo in regards to Ukraine and his son. Also exposing the FBI for working with Obama/Clinton. America will know the truth.

  36. When all the republicans let it be known they’re okay with the HEAD of the EXECUTIVE branch committing crimes lmaoz

  37. i gave you a thumbs down because your commentary sucks. stop posting your networks narrative, instead my be be real news and just post the hearing and lit people come to their own conclusion.

  38. Stick to your guns AMERICA (no pun intended) back Trump in 2020, it's the only way to really send the swamp a message. Impeachment will fail and Trump and America will win in the end.

    The left did this in the UK over BREXIT, they called us ignorant, racists, stupid. With the full force of the media and elites they tried to overturn BREXIT. Yesterday BREXIT finally WON. So too will Trump.

  39. Burisma was corrupt af lol who worked at burisma? Who held up a loan guarantee unless Ukraine fired a prosecutor who was investigating burisma? That's corrupt. Why would Trump ask the old corrupt Ukrainian president to look at corruption? He asked zelensky to look at crowdstrike, not debunked, and bidens corruption, not debunked. If Biden did something illegally is he protected by running for president? This is effing nuts

  40. ALL the corrupt democrats know that President Trump is the hardest working president EVER! They HATE that they No longer get illegal KICKBACKS! THEY SHOULD FEAR BEING VOTED OUT!!!

  41. What the Republicans are going to be upset of that impeach in this man broke the law no one is up but all is above the law not even the President of the United States

  42. So now you cant say a person has anger issues if they are autistic? What? Infact autistic people are caple if having anger issues it's not illegal to point out they are angry just because they are autistic..

  43. Republicans mad, cause they got outplayed (so hard) & they're losing $$$$$$ for their big businesses after the impeachment.

  44. Yes, They know Trump will win 2020. That is why they (Dems) are attacking trying to impeach Trump. Dems will loose 2020!

  45. In the words of a democrat and a republican, “We Make Children Lives Better Again.” or MCLBA. I am that democrat and republican. And it is my free will to make this a hashtag. #MakeChildrenLivesBetterAgain #MCLBA or to be funny about my hashtag. Mac Lba lol. But please make this hashtag work? And make #MyKidsMatter work, too?

  46. Listen carefully to Rep. Mike Johnson & Debbi Lesco[29:30…] and think – maybe THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT THEY SAY !

  47. Is there cause for impeachment? Yes
    Are there witnesses to support cause ? Yes
    Have empirical evidence been submitted supporting constitutional violation? Yes
    Start Trial.

  48. Matt Gaetz, Jordan, Collins, Lesko; corrupt, lying people, in my opinion. How dare they claim any of their bogus defenses!? DT did NOT provide documents! Did not cooperate, and THAT, is obstruction of process. The mere FACT that DT/WH, tried to HIDE evidence, is enough to show guilt. All I want for Christmas is, A NEW PRESIDENT!!!! Hopefully, a qualified one.

  49. This people are a bunch of liars and failed in their duty The Republicans are going to pay the price as Voters enact their own justice.

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