What is a Venue Fee? The Latest Sneaky Fee in Las Vegas

What is a Venue Fee? The Latest Sneaky Fee in Las Vegas

– The latest, crazy fee to hit Las Vegas. I’m Chris, this is Yellow Productions. I do travel guides that are fun, informative, and entertaining. This is part of my series on Las Vegas, and in this video, I’m gonna
be telling you everything you need to know about
the latest, sneaky fee that’s appearing in Las Vegas
bars and clubs, the venue fee. (suspenseful music) What’s a venue fee? Well, it’s a fee on top
of all the other fees that they charge in Vegas,
resort fees, parking fees. If they couldn’t get you on those fees, they’re gonna get you with this one. This fee was recently reported
by the Vital Vegas blog, where recent guests to the Park MGM, questioned their drink bill
that was originally $38, but was added with about $3 of taxes, and a $1.90 service charge. What’s that service charge? It’s the venue fee. There was another recent guest at Park MGM that went to Twitter to ask Park MGM about it and complain about this fee. This Twitter user, that goes by the handle of @NotFromConcentrate,
reached out to Park MGM for an explanation on this fee, and Park MGM said, “The charge you’re seeing is a venue fee. “It is not only applied for table service, “but for bar service as
well, and is being applied “to every check in the venue.” Park MGM went on to say
that, “This fee is applied “to all things that keep the
venue operationally running, “like the gaming maintenance
for all bar top games, “Wi-Fi, and lounge maintenance.” @NotFromConcentrate pointed
out that the venue fee is paying for Wi-Fi, but if
you’re staying at the hotel, and you’re paying a resort fee, well, you’re also paying for Wi-Fi. So does that mean that they’re actually double charging guests for the same thing? It was also recently reported on Twitter that the Sahara hotel,
which recently returned to the Las Vegas Strip, it
used to be called the SLS, now it’s the Sahara again. They are charging mandatory
service fees on drinks as well. A guest from the Foundry at the Sahara, reported that a recent
drink bill that was for $14 of cocktails, ballooned to $16.80 after a mandatory 15% gratuity, and a 5% mandatory service fee. When I looked up venue fees in Las Vegas, these actually aren’t new this year. They’ve been around since 2018. Vital Vegas also reported,
that at that point in time, the XS Nightclub at the Wynn,
was charging a 7% venue fee on top of its already
pretty expensive drinks. By the way, those prices,
they are in U.S. dollars. All of these fees in Las Vegas, they’re getting truly ridiculous, and this is just
continuing that ridiculous nickel-and-diming that everybody who goes to Las Vegas hates. I think the theory behind the executives dreaming this one up, is that, “Well, you know, we need to
make sure everybody pays a fee, “and if they’re staying with
us, they’ll pay a resort fee. “If they’re parking with us,
they’re paying a parking fee. “But what if they just
walked in to our hotel “from The Strip? “In that case, we’re gonna
get them with a venue fee.” There were also some
great comments on Twitter. One user said, “What’s
next, a toilet flush fee? “An air conditioning fee? “A housekeeping fee? “A towel fee? “Quadruple zero roulette fee? “Pool lounge chair fee?” Wait a minute, they actually
already do charge that one. If you go to the swimming
pool and you wanna stay in a cabana, guess what, they’re
gonna charge you for those. Another Twitter user said, “When I put $20 into a slot machine, “pretty soon, I’m only
gonna get $17.50 in credit, “because $2.50 will be taken out “as a slot machine maintenance fee.” If any Las Vegas executives
are watching this, and need ideas for other
fees, I’ve got a few. How ’bout an oxygen fee, or a sun fee? Who says those things have to be free? You know what, in Las Vegas,
you’re already charged fees for sitting at the tables and bars. Why don’t you be like Europe,
and you can charge a table fee for sitting down at restaurants, too. I really haven’t had
enough fees going to Vegas. I could use a few more. What about you? Are you guys fed up with these fees? Let me know. Well, hey, if you’re going to Las Vegas and you wanna see more
of my videos on Vegas, you can click right here to watch my entire playlist of Las Vegas videos, or if you wanna know
more about resort fees and maybe how to avoid them, click right here to watch my
video, All About Resort Fees, the Other Fees in Las Vegas,
that yes, I really hate.

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100 Replies to “What is a Venue Fee? The Latest Sneaky Fee in Las Vegas”

  1. You might enjoy watching my video on the best hotels in Las Vegas here: https://youtu.be/zSyzvMBaM0o

    Or browse all my Las Vegas videos in this Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOVadUHX1B-JzE5fiVleugu6HTYLsr2sk

  2. 3:41 I live in Europe, been to many of the European countries and I've never heard of, or experienced table fees, so don't know what you're talking about.

  3. Ugh as if there isn't already enough freaking fees?!?!? I've got two upcoming trips to Vegas left this year but after that I am seriously considering taking a break for a while…maybe even a few years. It's always so much fun but so expensive when you account for all the extra money in fees.

  4. I just tried yesterday to buy tickets to see Van Morrison. Tickets were $229 each. I expected some fees for two tickets, but the fees went to $136 extra! So not $460 for two, but $596 for two tickets!

  5. STINKS !!!! thanks for the vid Chris ! We stayed at Treasure Island on our last trip, for the sole reason that they don't charge for parking. Time before that… The Rio, for the same reason!

  6. I can't stand all the fee's but this is the zeitgeist. Most of us have $800-$1000 phones in our pocket. Even after spending that much money people(not me) have a $400 smart watch on their wrist. If you can sell someone a product that they truly do not need at all and charge them half the price of the phone for it, getting away with a tax on alcohol seems like a no-brainer.

  7. While we don't drink or go to clubs when we're in Vegas, we'd have no problem NOT tipping if we're going to get hit w/a "service" fee next time we're, for example, at a restaurant who felt like adding that to our meal costs. After all, 5%(?) for this fee sounds more appealing than a 15-20% tip. Vegas is a good example for cities wishing to learn how to jump the shark.

  8. Vegas is a firm no-go for me at this point, everything is outrageously overpriced and I'd rather just go somewhere else at this point.

  9. Well then. I'm going to Vegas for the first time in December and it's going to be a site seeing vacation. My backpack will be filled up with my own drinks and snacks.
    I will punch he or she who walks up to me about paying fees for walking, breathing air, moon/star/sun lights, hearing, smelling and seeing.

  10. i have never been to LV and i live in LA…and after your post, chances are i will never go there..how about posting sites that do not have these fees..thanks

  11. People should just considering it a tip, and not tip on top of that. You can always dispute a portion of the (or the entire) bill with your credit card company.

  12. I live in Vegas and work in the casino construction industry.I see the underbelly of every major casino/hotel and I can tell you itโ€™s extremly gross and nasty in EVERY hotel on the strip itself,the interior walls should be repainted every year from all the careless employees who scar walls up and expose drywall dust /Silica to food/and blankets that they just leave around in hallways while workers work around them.You the tourists are paying for an illusion basically ,at night it looks fantastic during the day you might want to take a look at the sides of the buildings you might decide to stay at so you can see all the grime on the walls of the exterior of the casino resorts.There are a lot of things this city should require to fix because Iโ€™m sure they would like to remain a major tourists destination.Parking fees should be removed for sure as well as these new venue fees.By the way thank you so much for all the informative videos you do,great to watch and sorry you were robbed in London.

  13. This is the beginning of the end of the Las Vegas strip. At some point all of these excessive fees are going to bite the resorts in the ass.

  14. i go to LV twice a year and I think "I'm on vacation" so I don't sweat the fees. I figure it is part of the cost of spending a week on the Las Vegas Strip. If they deducted part of my $20.00 in the slot for fees that would tip me over to visit less often. I figure the fees would piss off the frequent visitors more than people who go once or twice a year. These fees are decided by people with degrees in finance and psychology, and they have figured out that people will pay………

  15. I was in Vegas in July and have no desire to return. If you are a gambler, the slots have never been more stingy. The streets are packed and there are children up at all hours, which is just wrong. I stayed at Bellagio but it was still a three ring circus except for the pool area. It's no longer a bargain and no longer fun.

  16. Stayed at the Delano last year beautiful hotel my problem was the food cost they were beyond ridiculous returning in March but staying at southpoint trying to lower my expenses but it might be time to 86 Vegas…

  17. Maybe it is time for the U.S. to adopt Eurostyle automatic gratuity charges and ditch the tips. Back in 1996, a lot of restaurants and bars in Atlanta just prior to the Olympic tourists coming to town adopted this format and was quickly met with a major backlash. It lasted about a month. In the Las Vegas situation, for those who enjoy watered down bottom shelf liquor with lots of fees added, try skipping the tip and see how that works. From a business perspective, my attitude is that the price of a product or service is priced accordingly to cover the cost of keep the venue up-to-date, employees, paid, the taxes and overhead. Hopefully, people will vote with their feet. Seems that MGM has to hoard some cash to pay for the October 1st, 2017 lawsuits. As someone who lives in Las Vegas, what the resorts or or don't do does not have any effect on my life and frankly if people just say no to Las Vegas, it might be a good thing or the next recession will certainly force corrective matters.

  18. I hate fees!!!! They are making me not want to go back there again!! Are used to go three times a year then I had to cut down to twice a year then once a year now I havenโ€™t been out there in about four years and not planning on going anytime soon!

  19. This appeared in my Vegas hotel checkout receipt: ADV GST $15 FEE.
    Asked the clerk what that was. Her answer: Call center processing fee when I made the reservation.
    What FEE will they think of next? I know, Beverage Fee ….oh wait!

  20. Chris, please do a video hyping the little places that don't have this odious fee, but may have appeared on a "Worst…" list (even yours!) in the past. I go to Vegas every coupla years, and those are the places I started to spend my money! I learned that there's plenty to do out there that doesn't involve greedy casinos and resorts!

  21. I already canceled my next Vegas trip. Between resort and parking fees and the new venue fee its simply not worth going to Vegas anymore. I will spend my money in Laughlin

  22. Soon they be charging Welcome to Las Vegas fee where if you step into the strip…you have to pay… basically an entrance to Vegas fee๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  23. Hi Chris. These fees are getting too ridiculous. After the Mandalay Bay incidents, they practically beg us to continue supporting these hotels and this is how they show their gratitude. Gimme a break.

  24. After $17 hamburgers, $20 pina coladas, etc. the last time I went to Vegas in 2010 I remember telling my friends the next time I'd be back in Vegas was if my company paid for my trip to go to a convention there. Really that's the kind of crowd they've been trying to attract for the last 2 decades, high rollers, celebrities, and conventioneers traveling on their company's expense account.

  25. Hi Chris I'm going to Las Vegas in October I'm from Australia I'm sick of fees I'm staying at Trump hotel as you get more for your money there. It's costing me more a money to come to Vegas as the Australian dollar is only 68 cents to $1 greenback so by staying in a hotel that has a mini kitchen free water, coffee a fridge to put your things in it free a lot of hotels charge $25 for a fridge per night as I'm coming for 7 days that can add up. So I don't mind the Resort fee at Trump but if they ever charge me a venue fee I will go elsewhere.

  26. I've booked the hotel 7 months ago, will they add it upon it even if its fully paid? We leave this November! Should I be worried??

  27. I had more money left over from my trip to New York than my trip to Vegas.ย  I didn't know the price of food was so ridiculous in Vegas.ย  If I had gambled more, I would have left with no money at all.ย  Vegas is fun and all but they're too damn greedy.

  28. We just came back from The Wynn and have t say after 30 years of visiting this city we probably won't be back for a long time. It was just unenjoyable. We were disappointed with the outrageously expensive prices (we are from Manhattan), below average food and fees. There are just too many regional options to enjoy.

  29. Seems like it would a lot easier to just stay home and SEND Las Vegas ALL my money. Or I could always go someplace else- for instance, the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Muir Woods, etc…

  30. Im from Colorado and in Black hawk Colorado which is a mini Vegas the hotels are starting to charge resort fees. It's ridiculous. Well I'm going to Vegas but I'm not staying at the strip. I'm going to an Airbnb. Waaayyyy cheaper even better. My Airbnb will have a full kitchen full laundry room, my own bedroom and a swimming pool. It's only five minutes away from the strip. What else could I ask for. Plus no other garbage fees. You have to be smart on how you spend your money. I'm gonna go to the local Walmart in Vegas and buy snacks and drinks there. Stash it all in the refrigerator. If you don't drink than you can have enough money to even rent a car. I'm pretty sure you will save so much than just spending it on a hotel with all these expensive fees and all the expensive snacks plus fees that come with it lol. All I have to do is just drive down the strip and have fun

  31. I go to Vegas every year! I only travel in February and/or August and take advantage of rate drops! (Ie: July 4th) I dislike resort fees however I love the Las Vegas vibe and energy! Here's the thing! I never drink when I'm in Las Vegas! & I only eat @ Taco Bell Catina, Earl of sandwich and lastly In N out burger! My point is I do things for cheap and there are a plethora of exciting things to do on and off the strip! I will also mention I have a budget when it comes to gambling. ($125 per day) YES all the fees suck! But Vegas doesn't.

  32. But seriously, Vegas isn't worth it unless your company is footing the bill. The only entertainment costs money, and food prices are steep to begin with.

  33. Can you say "Indian casino"? They now have great golf courses, gourmet restaurants, decent live acts , spas, great beds, slots that pay out AND no bogus fees I haven't had to go to Vegas in four years .

  34. Hey hey Chris, Well said!!!!! This would be a great time for someone to come out with a "Frequent Fee" Program. For everything you buy in Vegas and get charged a FEE of some kind, you get points for every dollar you spend in Fees. So, as you build up points you could cash in your points for Casino rewards which you could cash in for Slot plays, or room nights,restaurants, etc. What do you think??????

  35. Unfortunately, a lot of hotels are following this ridiculous trend. In San Francisco at the Spero Hotel we paid $58 a day for parking and $35 resort fee. For a 4 day stay this adds up significantly to the already ridiculous hotel rates. Also in South Lake Tahoe we paid a $25 resort fee and local taxes. We still need to hit Las Vegas and still have a significant trip ahead where these stupid fees will occur and influence our vacation negatively ๐Ÿ™

  36. It would be one thing if this venue fee for drinks was going directly to the bartender who makes your drinks in exchange for perhaps tipping them if u dont wanna, but this is just another example of corporate greed at its finest folks. When is enough enough already?

  37. Chris,

    Yeah, soon they'll be additional fees, specifically charged, to those who get charged fees.

    But to be serious for a moment, it's sickening. These excuses by big corporations to explain why they need to charge these fees are utterly comical. What's sad is some people will actually believe the "wifi charge" shtick. Companies charge these fees for two simple reasons. 1. Because they can and 2. Because they can get away with it. They know they have to give some kind of explanation to appease the masses, just know that the excuses they give are not the truth. This is why you'll never see them backup these "reasons" by producing real data for the public to see. There are no checks and balances, the extra money never trickles down to the employees of these grand hotels, and the only ones who benefit from the extra profit are the already rich CEO's and Shareholders. They'll run these scams until there's no more money left for them to scam.

    The last time I went to Las Vegas was in 2017 and I haven't been back since (I used to go 1 to 3 times a year when I started going to Vegas back in 2000). The fee thing and the nickel and dime thing have gotten way out of control. I'm a firm believer in speaking with my wallet. Not just saying it, but doing it. There are others out there like me, not many, but there are. When enough people get fed up with this, things will change… Or not… but I won't contribute to it anymore.

    Las Vegas isn't the same place I loved. I no longer feel welcomed, quite the opposite, always anticipating the next scam. And scam is an apt word. Vegas, to me, right now, is a scam.

    I have "My Vegas" at home now, dedicated a room in my house, an exercise room, replete with a huge framed picture of the Strip (just before City Center was built), A color-changing jellyfish tank (ala Mandalay Bay), Star Trek memorabilia (ala Hilton's Star Trek The Experience), lots of Coca Cola & M&M merchandise (Showcase Mall), Hershey Store plushes (NY NY), a shot glass collection (one for each trip to Vegas), an animated lightbox of Fremont Street, and a large screen TV hooked to a mini PC showcasing all the pictures I took in Las Vegas that play randomly. I'm all set.

    Thanks as always for the video Chris! Yeah, the subject is a downer, but your commentary is fun and it made me laugh. And what's funnier is, I don't even drink ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great one!


  38. Daughter moved to LAS.ย  I search for hotel with no fee.ย  Don't gamble or drink, so my visit is enjoyable and less expensive.ย  Thank you for the info.

  39. Most people complaining don't know how to travel on a budget. I stayed at the Marriott by the convention center (no fees and free breakfast) and we only ate with Groupon deals and certificates from Restaurant.com (we called/emailed all the places to make sure they would accept the certificate) and we found some great family owned places in the process! We bought uber gift cards before we left (our local grocery store gave out 4x the fuel points in exchange for buying gift cards) so I saved money on my gas at home ๐Ÿ‘ I booked flight/hotel/airport shuttle on expedia.com and saved a TON of money.

  40. Idk if you know anything about this, but the Monorail now has a cost. I really enjoy your videos about Vegas, so I was surprised when we went last weekend and there is a $5 one way ticket cost. Unless you covered this in a video already, I apologize. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

  41. Is there any way to find out about these additional fees before we get to pay? If we ask them, do they have to be honest about it and tell us? Iโ€™m from the UK so even the tax not being included in the price is crazy to me. When I found out about the resort fee I literally changed my 4 days staying on the Strip to 2 days. These fees are really off putting

  42. I just came back from Vegas yesterday. And our whole group agreed it will probably be our last trip. The fees added up to more than the hotel room rate. It's hard to have fun with all the silly fees

  43. I can see resorts charging a Room Service fee next, charging per day for fresh tools and amenities…. because WHY NOT? Palms Place does that if you are an Air BNB guest they offer it at like 30$ a day I believe…. so nothing is stoping everyone else doing so.ย 

    Vegas is going to keep charging fees until people stop going…. too many cheap skates cruising around the strip looking and not spending so I totally see why they are charging for a few bucks for a drink fee. Gotta get the money out of everyone somehow.

  44. I definitely noticed the fee this weekend at all the south strip food and drink places. My small margarita at the pool cost $16.

  45. People are no longer just bitching about these outrageous fees. The fees are being cited as a major reason for the drop off in tourism to Las Vegas, along with high prices, increasingly worse gaming odds for the players, and impersonal service.

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