What to Do If Someone Rings Your Doorbell Overnight

What to Do If Someone Rings Your Doorbell Overnight

a mystery woman in shackles desperately ringing doorbells in the middle of the night the disturbing video was taken by a doorbell security camera now police are trying to ID the woman and determine whether her life is at risk this is what we know at 3:20 a.m. she rang the bell at a house in Montgomery Texas outside Houston are those restraints on her wrists she seems to be wearing just a t-shirt no pants she’s barefoot after ringing the bell she glances nervously down the street then she’s gone what would you do if somebody knocked on your door so late at night home owners have had different reactions this total stranger furiously rattled the door and banged on the window of a home in Fresno California recently it was past midnight in this case the home owner a retired cop pulled out a gun and called 911 the woman was cited for misdemeanor vandalism and just five days ago a woman in Toronto rang a doorbell but nobody came to her aid as a guy dragged her away by her hair the woman was later found safe so what should you do if it’s the middle of the night and this happens I spoke to security consultant Steve Karndean Steve what would you advise me to do if in the middle of the night this woman knocked on my door first of all make sure you go to the door with cell phone in hand take a look outside get a picture of what’s going on on the other side of that door dial nine-one-one if that person’s really in distress and then direct them go to the side of the house back of the house or hide behind something of concealment so if they’re being pursued they won’t be seen should I open the front door not immediately make that assessment look at her body language look for other people but don’t open that door right away you know whether you should let that person in you [Music]

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100 Replies to “What to Do If Someone Rings Your Doorbell Overnight”

  1. Open the door.
    As soon as they come inside 45 gsw to the chest.
    Then drop a box cutter near their hand.
    Guess that won't happen again.

  2. Just put a security door on, it has a bolt lock and you can answer the door without opening the security screen door, and usually when the light is on outside, they can’t see in but you can see out …. call it what you want lol, but it keeps us safe

  3. I literally watched the 2nd video shown of the girl banging and crashing the window just before dis won 🤣

  4. The first woman probably was a hoax, she didn't seem that distressed, and also is ALMOST TOO pushed…the hancufs.. the sexy white blouse.. no shoes… hair not even that messy…some huge tape hanging around her right arm…idk.. , to me it seems staged, she didn't even yelled or something, after she seems to look around with a disapointment look on her face

  5. "Help me!"
    "I've got a gun!"
    Asking for help in Texas.

    I'd answer the door. As punishment for this behaviour, nobody knocks on my door.

  6. I may be pessimistic.. but I'd Automatically think it's a scam of a person trying to get you to open the door so someone can jump out, rush inside your home, rob you, etc

  7. What I would do: Open the window and yell at her to stay where she is for the time being, and then call police.

  8. I’d get next to the door rack the bolt of my ar15 tell her if she really wants help then get on the ground and do what I say. You want to help you then prove your not a threat to me.

  9. Version 1:

    "Someone rings your door bell"

    Pokemon trainer battle theme starts

    Version 2:

    "Someone rings your doorbell*

    grabs fourze belt HENSHI!

    Version 3:

    "Someone rings your door bell"

    puts on spider man suit

    Last version:

    "Someone rings your door bell"


  10. This is me when the doorbell rings at anytime.
    Doorbell rings
    Turn tv off and run out of sight
    I don't even look who it is I just don't want to answer and talk to people.

  11. Likely to be a trap/set up in mostly cases. Some people probably by instinct will open the door to try saving the women, but someone else can be with her, hiding until people open their door and commit a crime. Don't make any noise, be quiet and pretend no one's at your home. Go somewhere away from the entrance door and call the police. Try remaining hidden inside your home with, if you feel the need, something to defend yourself just in case they break your door or windows.
    I get scared already when I hear people just passing by outside in the street during the daytime lol😅

  12. Dumbest advice ever hear in texas we're License to carry so if you ring that door bell that early in the morning and I don't know you guess what she BANGS SHE MOVES 😂

  13. in this situation they might be in danger and u can save them if it's a woman child old person I wouldn't hesitate cuz they can't really hurt me also it makes sense they need protection there frail but if it's a man then I would be not sure wat to do I can definitely defend myself but it can be risky so here I might do kinda wat the advice on the video says

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