What’s inside Worlds TOUGHEST Bike Lock?

(drill whirring)
(banging) (man screams) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is
Dan and today this is my brand new mountain bike
that I got for Christmas. – It’s a very fancy mountain bike. Safety and security is something that everybody thinks about. This video is sponsored by SimpliSafe, a home protection service for your home. We’re gonna talk more
about that near the end of the video so stay tuned for that. We want to be as safe as
possible and protect this bike so I went on Amazon and I bought the five, four toughest bike locks that you can possibly buy on Amazon. – This looks like handcuffs. – It looks like giant
handcuffs for your bike. How tough are these bike locks really? We’re gonna see which one is the toughest and which one Lincoln
should use for his bike when he goes to school. This is Lincoln’s lock that
he’s been using for a while, let’s test it with these
clipper thingy guys. Let’s see if these will cut. Okay, so I’ve got it on there, and then I’m just going to squeeze it. (laughs) – [Lincoln] That was ridiculously easy. – So easy that even Lincoln can do it with his baby muscles. (laughs)
– It’s so easy. – This is the typical
bike lock that you buy. On the inside there’s
like 16 different wires, or cables inside. They’re very, very weak so
if you’re trying to really keep your bike safe,
it may not be worth it to buy the cheapest lock possible. Here we go, okay, London now squeeze it. Squeeze it all the way. Keep going! Keep going, you have it! But she really does almost
have it, it’s almost– (yells) – I did it!
– You did it! This is so easy that even a third-grader that’s eight years old, that’s a girl with a
JoJo Siwa bow in her hair can cut in half. So really question your life decisions if this is the bike lock
that you’re choosing to use for your kids for
your expensive bikes, or even not expensive bikes, when you send them to school. London, thanks for the muscles. – Okay, bye-bye.
– Bye. Lock number one is busted. What about the world’s toughest locks? This bike lock is also
used for motorcycles. I wonder if we can break it with this guy. – Go ahead, try it.
– It’s pretty strong. Oh, that’s strong. (grunts) (banging) Okay, I think it passed
the test for this guy. – [Lincoln] Did it make a dent? – What did it do? A little bit on both sides. Like, it made a little bit. That one bike lock bent
the metal on this tool. (hammering)
(upbeat music) Alright, we got a big
old crack on the bottom just from that one hit. (hammering) – Oh! Strong metal. – It’s pretty tough. We have confirmed the
clippers nor the sledgehammer will work with this lock. – There’s one thing left. – This is one that if
somebody was going to a bike rack they could just walk right up with this thing, (hums) cut something off, grab the bike, and take off. So will an angle grinder cut through this Master Lock crazy tough looking guy? (upbeat music) No! Check that out. How long did that take?
– Didn’t take that long. – Did you count? – Um, it was like– – Minute? 30 seconds? – 20 seconds. – It’s loud. – And it hurt my bike. – Your bike looks okay. Yeah, your bike’s fine,
your shocks are good. – Yes! – It’s almost like we’re
making a video, like, how to break into a bike. That’s not our intention. This one is intriguing. – What is that? That’s not a bike lock. – Out of all of the bike
locks that you just saw, this one is the most expensive, $135. – This?
– Yes. It’s titanium– – More than this necklace? – More than this giant
Kryptonite necklace, yeah. – It’s not even that heavy. (upbeat music) – Watch your fingers, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] This is good to watch. (yelling) – Ow! – Look at that, titanium. Right through that bad boy. – It hit my finger, like it slid weird. Just like clamped on it. But I saw this little
spark, what was that? – I heard it do like a
little crinkle noise, but I thought maybe it
was this plastic layer that’s on it. But no, it just clean got it. – No way. – Do not buy this $135 lock. This was the most expensive one. Good to know. Fail. – [Lincoln] Onto the next one! – Kryptonite!
(rock music) Who uses the Kryptonite? – [Man] Well, in Batman verses Superman, Batman used Kryptonite against Superman. – This is what Batman
uses against Superman. Hold that, Lincoln. I’m stealing Batman’s bike. (grunting) Ah! I thought it did it
(laughs), it just came off. That one doesn’t work. No good.
(chuckles) Kryptonite evolution. Go! (upbeat music) (banging) The plastic is opening up on it. It just has the plastic that’s around it, but the metal integrity of it
is still strong, so alright. Now for the hardest test of them all. How long do you think
this is gonna take, Link? – Um, three minutes.
– Three minutes? I’m gonna say less than 30 seconds. (upbeat music) Broke, stop. Stop the time. Not only did I make one incision, I cut two different sides of it and cut out an entire chunk section so that then you could
just go, it’s probably hot, let’s see, it’s a little bit hot. So then you could just go like that. – No way!
– Pull it out. – How long was that? – Check this out, ow it’s hot! I just cut that whole thing out. That is so hot, I totally burnt my finger. – Can I touch it? – No look, see that white? That’s burnt. I have no feeling there now. Kryptonite! This is New York Lock Kryptonite. They’re trying to tell
me to forget about it. This guy’s thick, I don’t
think this one’s gonna work. I can’t even get it around it. – Well this one passed the first test. (banging) (upbeat music) – I mean, I feel like it’s come off a little bit right there. That’s just a nice plastic
covering on the end of it. I thought I was making progress, but no, there’s some heavy duty
steal underneath there. Okay this one passed
the sledgehammer test. Lincoln, how long do you
think it’s gonna take? – This one’s gonna take 15 seconds. – 36 seconds. – [Lincoln] Wow, alright. – 36, did I say 36? 26 seconds. (upbeat music) We’re through, it’s not
off the lock though. It’s not like off it there. It kind of is, I mean I
could do the double cut like I did on the last one. (upbeat music) (whirring) There we go. That was beautiful and
it just melted right off. Can you get it off the bike, though? I should’ve done the
second cut a lot wider. (upbeat music) Boom! That’s what we should’ve
done from the beginning. I accidentally made a
second cut on that one. You’re the winner. Well we learned that there are some locks, like these two, that break very easily with just some clipper type things. Then there are some that
are a little bit stronger, like this guy, or like these ones. They are heavier so it
is a bit of a trade-off. An angle grinder can get through
almost any piece of metal, any type of lock. I do like this one quite a bit. – It’s really cool.
– It does look cool. There are also different
ways to secure your family and your home and your possessions. We chose SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe is incredibly effective, reliable home security. It’s all monitored by
professionals 24/7 who will call you in emergency and
send police if needed. It’s really easy to use
and really intuitive. I set it up in a short amount of time. We are building a house over the next year and in the rental home that
we’re living in right now they don’t let us put screws in the walls. All of the different
sensors, the monitors, they were all able to go on with stickers other than the doorbell, but the doorbell I was
able to use the screw holes that were already there from
the traditional doorbell. Now with SimpliSafe we have
a doorbell that records everybody that comes up whether they push the doorbell or not,
we’re already seeing them. We even have sensors for carbon monoxide or for water if water
leaks in different places and it will monitor that
whether we’re home or not. SimpliSafe has fair and honest prices with no contracts or hidden fees so you’re not stuck into
some long-term contract on your security system. And it’s equipped for
the worst-case scenarios, like if your wifi goes out
or your power goes out. And a lot of the features I really like, like I hear a little
chime inside the main room that tells me that one
of the doors has opened. It’s like these really
thoughtful features that like, hey your door is open, go shut your door. So whether you’re renting
a home or you own a home, I definitely recommend SimpliSafe, it’s worked great for our family. If you would like to learn more about it you can go to simplisafe.com/whatsinside and you can get all the information. We’ll put the link in the description. Thank you, SimpliSafe for
sponsoring this video. We learned a lot today about safety. What’s safe and what’s not? – Yeah, like these, eh not the safest. But those ones, yeah pretty safe. – Let us know in the
comments which bike lock you like the most and which
one would you actually buy? (upbeat music) This is what it looks like when a thief is coming to your doorbell. See, I can totally see
him, it’s recording it. It’s Lincoln. (doorbell ringing repeatedly)

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