What’s NSA Surveillance Got To Do With Me?

What’s NSA Surveillance Got To Do With Me?

– We’re interviewing people
about some of the stuff that’s been in the news lately
about the government access to your phone
and internet records. Have you been following that
at all? – Basically,
the potential ability to access anyone’s data
anywhere, anytime in perpetuity. – The government should be
collecting information about threats to Americans, threats
to the national security, but it has no business
collecting information about millions
of innocent Americans. And everyone
should be rightly worried about their private information
ending up in a government database
for absolutely no reason. That is the form of surveillance that the founders
of this country thought so dangerous to liberty and so dangerous
to free expression. – I have nothing to hide. – If I have nothing to hide,
why am I afraid? – Whether or not
you’ve done anything illegal, everyone has something
that’s private about themselves. We all live our lives
in public and in private, and the government
shouldn’t be in the business of blurring those two parts
of Americans’ lives. – It’s information
about the information. – There’s all sorts
of information that the government can glean
from information about who you’re talking to
and who you’re emailing. That information can reveal
your political affiliations, your religious affiliations, whether you have
medical conditions that could, for example, be relevant
to your insurance coverage. It can reveal information
about your infidelities, things that the government
simply has no business knowing. – I’m not sure.
I’m not sure. – I’m not sure exactly
the scope of what sort of oversight
there is. My guess is probably not as much
as there should be. – A secret court
has secretly interpreted a law that’s very poorly
understood to allow the government
to do this, but there hasn’t been
meaningful oversight of the government’s use
of the surveillance authority by Congress, and there hasn’t been
meaningful oversight by the public, which is
the most important check on government overage. – You know,
it’s just nerve-racking to know that they can find
anything on you. – I think I need to do
some research.

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22 Replies to “What’s NSA Surveillance Got To Do With Me?”

  1. One aspect of the so-called "Patriot" Act makes it a "crime" NOT to inform on anyone you suspect — without any evidence at all, just a vague suspicion — of money laundering.

    So go ahead, do your Duty as a Loyal Party Member. Denounce the people you suspect, even though you have no proof. You don't need proof; Big Brother will cobble together all the "evidence" they need for a conviction from the phone records, and then torture a confession out of them. Very efficient.

  2. Government have rights to use intelligence information to protect citizens from terrorist threats etc. The problem is when they have every bit of your information, it can be used against you at anytime even if you don't do anything illegal. I am a victim of 24/7 covert electronic surveillance and psychological harassment. Once they share your very personal information, anyone can use it against you. Basically they can control your mind.

  3. I would like to see President Obama get the "NSA Treatment" and have it all made public. Much has been withheld by Obama, the Democrats and the MSM. Every detail of his past life including original documents, school transcripts, papers written, complete residence history, all known acquaintances, all tax documents, quotes from students in his classes and anything and everything else. Also since he has been president the details of all his contacts, e-mails and meetings.

    Fair is fair.

  4. no objection in data collection, as long as it is supervised by court. do not try to weaken "institutions".

  5. Even if the government was actually doing this in the interest of nation security, the potential for this sort of power to fall into the wrong hands and be misused is way too much.

  6. we need to start checking on our representatives pronto – why are they so secretive about what they decide behind the closed doors – they work for us, we should know what they do, because we put them into the office – they are OUR employees!!! – simple as that

  7. I suggest everyone to read the very interesting article from Rick Falkvinge : "Debunking the dangerous "If You Have Nothing To Hide, You Have Nothing To Fear"" (YouTube prevents me from adding the link). It goes far beyond the arguments raised in this vid, and I think it's highly relevant to the issue of surveillance and deserves to be brought in broad light. I hope it will contribute to this very important debate. Have a nice read!

  8. I 've contacted the aclu regarding the problem that I'm having with Fed.,State,and local government law enforcement not only surveilling me but also badmouthing me everywhere I go and this includes neighbords who are so Jaded and Gullible ( afraid ) to say any to me.What they are doing has nothing to do with national security or terrorism.It has to do with abuse and missuse of power by some people / neighbord's who can use these powers for private use !The alcu turned my request down for help ?

  9. I saw two different women today in uniform (Canada) and I thought; how can these people actually believe they are going to fight "for our freedoms", when our own governments are taking them away one at a time? They are fighting for the 'Military Industrial Complex'…and the rich get richer!

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  11. which is against the law – they are supposed to serve people who oted for them – not the corporations 🙁

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