Window Channel Balance Repair Replacement

Window Channel Balance Repair Replacement

If you want to go from this To this Watch this video Hey this is Bob here and I’m gonna show you how to take your window out oil or lubricate the channel balance there’s 2, there’s one on each side It’s very easy to do Sometimes you know the if the clips I’ll show you when I take the channel balance out but sometimes the clips on each end will break or the spring inside will get all rusted and you’ll know if it just needs to be replaced They’re about like $10 to $15 a piece and there’s a place online if you do a search for “channel balance” “window channel balance” There’s pretty much one place that sells them My home is in South Florida so at least for me that’s where I found there was just one place that had them So anyway let’s get to it The first thing you need to do is on each side of the window there’s these clips ok and what you need to do is just slide it up When you slide it up the bottom of the clip kind of comes out and what happens is when you raise the window it will catch the window frame and you just slide the window up and the channel balance will stay down here in the bottom part of the window There’s one on each side You may need to use a screwdriver Mine just kind of push up I’ve done this a few times so they’re loose but if it’s hard to push up then just use a screwdriver and just kind of pull it up Just raise the window up ok then you push the window over to one side ok You see the channel balance is right here, it’s caught It’s held in place by this clip here ok there’s one on each side So this is what we’re gonna be doing right here Now like I said the clips I was talking about on each end of this channel balance here there’s these plastic clips Let’s see if I can get that down there ok, there’s the bottom clip Sometimes over the years these things break I’ll also show you how to identify your channel balance for what you need There’s a number On mine, there was a four digit number and basically it tells you the load that it can handle the weight and the length Alright so I’ll take one out Ok so what you have to do is there is a spring in here and there’s tension here It’s trying to push up as if there was a window still attached here So it wants to go up but the clip is holding it in place So what you need to do is just push down You just kind of work it out of there It kind of goes in at an angle One side goes in first So you pull one side out then you can kind of get it out of there and like I said there’s tension on this so I’m slowly raising it up This is kind of the hardest part because you need to get that clip off of there It’ll come out Ok there we go Ok so there’s the clip Ok and now will go out to the garage and I can show you what this whole piece looks like Ok so basically what I do is I take some silicone spray Now again, this is basically if you want to try to avoid purchasing a new Like I said if none of the clips are broken You know if it looks like something that you can get away with I did this with several windows and it seems to be working the windows were very hard to raise They were just you know sticking very badly and I did try to spray some silicone into the track without taking anything apart but basically It’s this part that goes up and down when you raise the window and I’ll demonstrate that now So imagine this is in the side in the clip and then It’s this pulley system Ok Over the years it just gets you know to where it needs a little lubrication Alright so what I did was coat the spring Ok and then the pulley here I try not to do too much because I don’t want to really saturate this nylon wire that much but when I was searching online I never really saw anything that looked more like a repair to these things then just a replacement I saw a lot of videos on how to replace them but I don’t think I saw one video on how to do this Ok and then Now I’ve already done this on this one so it’s pretty good just kind of work it You know and after you try this I mean you can always try it and if it doesn’t seem like it’s going to work after you put it in Like I said These are like depending on the size you need they’re like $10 $10 to $15 They even sell if you wanted to do it They sell the things where the little rivets where you can actually pop these out and replace these clips but I did not want to mess with any of that so I just figured I would buy the whole piece and I did that on several of the windows The way to identify these things is there’s a number on here let me see if I can get this thing closer well I don’t know if I’m going to be able to show it Maybe it will show up There’s a number right here this one says 3020 Ok That’s the number you need when you go online You’ll know what I mean when you start searching like I said there’s pretty much one place that sells these Well, at least for my window These are for My house was built in 1983 and these are what worked for my windows So anyway just lubricate it work it back and forth I know my kitchen window was like the worst it was like Not only do you have to lean up over the sink which you know you don’t have a lot of leverage there and it was just always very hard to open and we never really opened it that much because it was just a pain in the butt to open So I took out the channel balances and did this exact thing put them back in raised the window moved it back and forth got it all you know seemed like it was working good put it back in and the window works perfect so this is what worked for me So I’m gonna go put them back in now Alright so you take You’re gonna take this little hook and there’s a notch in here You’re going to get it to where you can feel it clip back in there feel it push in and you just slide this down You wanna go down past the hook or the clip on the side ok Now we can put the window back in Actually now here’s the thing I have an alarm system so I have these magnetic contacts right here on this side so I need to go in with this side first Ok so you get one side in push the other side in and you slowly lower the window and it’ll slide right back down on to those balances Ok then you’re going to push the clips back down They also sell these plastic clips too They sell everything I had to replace, not on this window, but I had to replace one of the lock the locks and that’s it you’re good to go It’s very easy I know for years I mean we moved in here in 1996 and for years on one of my other windows I had a broken latch not the latch but the keeper I guess I was like I didn’t know but when I was able to go on the internet and do searches and find out how damn easy it was to take these windows out Then I started replacing the balances The one in my garage has been broken for years but I didn’t really care that much cause it was in my garage it was a side window and we never opened it anyway but I had a few other windows Now I’ve gone around and fixed all my windows My son’s window we had to use like a board to hold it up because one of the channel balances was totally broken and you need both of them for the weight So we always had to when we would raise his window we had to put a board in there to hold the window up it was a real pain So anyway, I hope this helps somebody Like I said you either replace them it’s not a huge expense but you know if you have a lot of windows it can add up so if you are able to lubricate it and get it working again smoothly then that’s the way to go it doesn’t hurt to try that So like I said I hope this video helped out Thank you

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69 Replies to “Window Channel Balance Repair Replacement”

  1. Do you know how to open the window if the channel balance has already detached from the clip area on the frame? I tried to open a window and the channel balance moved with the window. It stopped at the top of the window frame and I can't get the window to go further. This means the window can only open 2inches.

  2. Hi thank you for great video!I
    I have a question, you mentioned in instructions to check the model number of window balance and I did that..However when I surched for number 2840 it always gave me 2830.My question is can I use 2830 I stead of the one that is on my old window balance 2840?
    Thanks in advance

  3. This is a great video. My only question (so far) is what kind of lubricant are you using? Should it be pure silicone or lithium or just plain WD-40? If I'm going to go to all this trouble, I need to use the right stuff! I can see you're using Liquid Wrench brand but not sure which type of lubricant it is. Please post!! Thanks!!!

  4. Thanks for the video. I have the same type of window that's in your video, but it just slides down a little once open. Do you know what I could do to make it stay put?

  5. Awesome video! You are a life saver! I have a condo I am selling and those windows have this system. I didn't think I was going to be able to fix them. Now I can! Thank you!!!

  6. What is the name of the website ,where you found them >I also live in FLa.and have 4 windows to repair.Great video!Thanks

  7. Bob, thanks for the video this really helped a lot and like you said there's no videos on how to repair these only replacing….

  8. I removed my window to wash the outside and when I was replacing the window, the channel balances (thanks to you, I know what to call it) popped out! I unsuccessfully tried to figure out how to re-install it. I watched your video and had the thing put back together in 3 seconds. Now I don't have to face an angry hubbie! Many, many thanks!!

  9. you mentioned a 'place online for window channel balance that had the channels' in the video, is it possible for you to post the link to this website you speak about?

  10. Thank you so much for this video! I understand the concept now and I can put the channels in and pull them down. But, I can’t seem to get the little metal clips in correctly. I think I have them in and the channel just flies off along with the clip! Have cut myself twice trying to get the clip in and having the sharp edge of the channel nearly removing my hand. In the video, I keep trying to look over your shoulder as you’re replacing the clips – LOL. Can you or someone else tell me or show me how exactly this is supposed to work. Thank you so much.

  11. Rhinsen, thank you so much for sharing this video. I have a window today that the right side plastic roller in the channel balance are broken. I will have to replace the balance. Again, thank you so much for sharing this video.

  12. Thanks! You’re right about your video presenting a different solution. One of my windows balances had come off from where the clip hooks onto the hole in the rail. I easily did maintenance on a second difficult to operate window within a few minutes. Now I’m very motivated to do the whole house. Thanks!!

  13. This was exactly what I was looking for. I too am in FL and have the exact same windows. I thought I needed to replace the window but thanks to you all I needed to do was buy 2 window channel balance. Who knew! Thank you.

  14. Un clear if this window is aluminum or vinyl. If you have a vinyl window don’t use silicone spray on vinyl windows. Can permanently discolor vinyl. Teflon spray safer. oil lubricants will attract dirt and some will dissolve vinyl.

  15. Thanks for the info. The balance fell inside the channel and wouldn't let me close the window so I had towels stuffed in the two-inch gap. After watching your video, I lifted the opposite side and got the window to close. Phew! I think it happened because I was propping a couple sliding window screens under the open window as a barrier to keep the cat from pushing the existing screen out and taking a walkabout. One of the sliders was taking all the weight and the window was off kilter. (Kitties do love an open window!)

  16. Unfortunately with Storm windows the channel is made with plastic pulleys and self destruct after 50 open and close times if the pulleys were metal they last . Haven't found anything that's made better than the stock one's witch are JUNK .

  17. Thanks a million! I just bought a 1981 built home & having "stuck" window problems. Being a 68 yr old female, I do not think I can do this repair but at least I am learning from Youtube videos (such as yours) the possible problems that cause windows to stick. Blessings.

  18. Thank you for this video! Do you know if the actual tension can be adjusted, I followed your instructions and the blasted thing is still a challenge to close? We have installed one of these types of windows on its side and I'd rather be able to open the window to where I need/want it rather than just all the way.

  19. Great video I live in FL and have these windows. Could you tell me if I need the black plastic piece that's on the window itself because they broke from how brittle they were. If so where could I get replacement for these specific windows thanks

  20. This may helpful to some but just know there are dozens of variations with manufactures and so of course some of the things on YOUR's will not look like someone else's….like the "plastic clips" might be metal parts that dont look much like your components at all …just saying

  21. very helpful i used to do these a lot but out of practice, gonna try servicing a few of mine with silicone this weekend 👍 👍

  22. Thanks for the great vid… I couldn't keep the balances lowered to re install the window.. So I cheated.. Used 1/16" drill bits through the frame to hold down the balances… Then it was ez peazy to install the window….

  23. mine open and closes, the problem is it wont close all the way down, it stops about two inches before hitting the bottom..any ideas?

  24. Hey Bob, great video. My condo is 1980s and I too live in South FL. According to your video it appears I have the same window as the unusual front handles and color are the same and my Windows are single land and metal as well. Swissco, despite the fact that I sent them information on the window balance is requesting the manufacturer's name. If you know the manufacturer I would appreciate getting that from you. I attempted to look for an email for you, however this appeared to be the only way for me to request the information from you. I realize that this is a strange request, but I hope you can help. Thank you.

  25. Hey Bob, again I got window info from you recently. I did, in fact, have the same Pan Am window as yours and with this info I was able to purchase the channel balances from Swissco. 

    I have one question: I am unsure as to how the channels are actually get reinserted. I see you mentioned about the tab in the video, but, I am not clear as to whether both bottom tabs go into the channel track or does ONLY the "exterior" tab get inserted into the track with the second / interior tab simply riding on the channel frame itself without being inserted. I can't get the second ("interior") tab in. Of course, I don't want to break the tab. Please help. Thanks again.

  26. This reply from a viewer, the site is (Only 1 "s"). I just bought window balances from them. They really spent a lot of time with me as my parts were a real puzzle to match and properly size. GOOD LUCK.

  27. Thank you! I was able to fix my window problem thanks to your video and instructions. One of my balancer was unhinged so I was able to remove the window and the balancer in question and put it back, window and all! Thanks again!

  28. Thanks for your video, i was bumbed that hdepot didnt have any in the window section. I will order them… thanks

  29. Has anyone tried to just replace a broken cord? My channel balance and spring look fine – it’s just the cord that broke. I tried looking for replacement cord end clips but can’t find them anywhere. Seems a shame to replace two entire channel balances (recommended to replace in pairs) due to a single broken cord. Having to buy a pair of channel balances for a single window is fine, but replacing two at a time for dozen+ windows is going to get pricey.

  30. I searched for a video on how to repair my window balances, yours was the only one that showed how to do this in detail. Easy to follow and informative, thank you. Just as a safety side note, I have a friend that has a glass repair business for 30+ yrs and he cautioned when extending & lubing the cord to be careful of the hook which can injure your finger if it gets away from you while under tension. Thanks again sir, this helped greatly!

  31. Would have liked to have seen how you took window out and put back in. Camera was set too low to catch that portion and you were blocking what view there was of procedure . Otherwise, it was very informative.

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