Windows® 7: How to fix the low volume problem on Windows® 7-based PC

Windows® 7: How to fix the low volume problem on Windows® 7-based PC

Hi, there. Need steps for fixing the low volume problem in your windows 7 based computer system [well], I’m here to help you. [do] just that We attempt to ease the frustrations you experienced with Daily use technology at Times you might face issues with the volume being played on your windows 7 based PC You may experience a sudden drop [in] the volume while working on your computer? Such a problem is usually caused by a feature in Windows 7 which softens the volume when it detects Communication activity, but this feature gets triggered at other times as well So here’s how you can fix the low volume problem [in] your computer follow me Go to the start menu and click on control panel Select hardware and sound click on sound Click on the communications tab in the dialog window that opens click the do nothing radio button Click ok to save the change and then close it So you see by following the step-by-step? Instructions given in this video you can fix the low volume problem [on] your windows 7 based PC without any hassles Don’t you just love technology at our iyogi? We’re on Standby [to] help you get more out [of] your PC Along with its related software and programs if you have questions on antivirus security Protection or on how to work your other devices with your PC such as syncing your printer MP3 player? Camera or Router ETC. Just give us a call We’d be delighted to help go ahead have fun with your PC. Good Karma

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50 Replies to “Windows® 7: How to fix the low volume problem on Windows® 7-based PC”

  1. hi there.. I'm having problems with the volume panel of my PC.. I checked the settings on the windows and realtek and there are no sound coming from the left panel.. I hope you can make a video on how to fix this.. thanks..

  2. Ignore this Vid. Srsly It's Click-Bait.  Hell if it's gonna tell you how to get Windows to go above 50% volume!     "DUh! Ya need better SPEAKERZ  Equipp[ment,L0lz  n00bz!  DEEERP!"
    mm!mmkay, that's why i had NO SOUND VOLUME ISSUES  IN WINxp.  Same HARDWARE, SAME PC.   Explain that mr. "I havent payed attn to Reality for the past 7yrs"

  3. Yeah it didnt fix my problem either. I found this solution loong ago but didnt work, i hoped this video will help. Nope xD

  4. Already setting done, this didn't fix anything. That only changes how volume is changed when using voice communition programs like discord or skype. My problem is that volume is set to 30% each time I boot up my computer.

  5. holy shit this actually worked, didn't expect when the amount of dislikes was so high. it was just that the explorer click and volume control test sound was low for me, everything else was fine. for some reason the mixer doesn't have the explorer application listed so this seems like the only way to fix it

  6. We came here to get our volume up to hear so you don't think of placing subtitles on screen for us to read. WE CAN'T HEAR YOU! .. Still doesn't work anyway

  7. Alright… I can see you talking, but I'm not quite hearing you… lol…
    I followed the steps but it didn't work… thanks anyway…

  8. My windows 7 desktop speakers are good. The headphones occasionally go down in volume and I never remember how to fix it.

    This technique does nothing to solve the problem.

  9. I am the 350 dislike and I am proud of it because this video didn't help and the girl is making me angry more than the sounds of my PC does

  10. Doesn't work. Already tried that.And everything else. Somehow the damn things set to headphone sound,when I don't have headphones

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