Wired Alarm Panels ( Burglar & Intruder Alarm)

Hi Friends My name is Mahesh Kumar Singh I want to tell about what my new product is What is this and how it works This is know as Burglar alarm Systems & Intruder alarm systems What is the definition for its? Security Alarm is a electronic device, that emits a loud noise when someone attempts to make unauthorized entry to a building or other premises. Also send massage on your registered mobile. Now we are starting this systems, in this systems have different -different type of sensor. This is DVD (Digital Vibration Detector) This is Magnetic Contact Sensor They can be used by you in the door, window or any entry or exit point’s. Third, this is your panic switches, like you are alone at home or office, your servant, office staff or someone who came from outside attacks you, then you can suppress it. When it started you just see the option’s press 1, 2 or 3 for Previous restore, Factory restore or Format panel. This is for new entry only. If you had already entered all data you can wait for few second. It’s automatically start. This is fourth shutter contact sensor, you can use this sensor in shutter, sliding door or window. When there is gap of 1 to 2 inch in it, it will work and will play alarm and send the message to the registered mobile phone. It is motion sensor, you can use it in day or night, when no person is in the office or in the house. What will happen in that when someone goes to the office or home, the sensor will start working and will send the message to the siren and send the message on the mobile I will show you how it works. There is an indicator coming in. It contains a battery of 12V – 7 Ah which is not connected. Now we connect it as if the battery connects the indicator closes Now complete installation of yours is completed What will happen now is this sensor. When someone is forced to go to the office or home to touch this sensor, the siren will start playing and the message will go on the mobile If someone removes this magnetic contact from their place, then the siren will roar and the message will move to the mobile. Similarly, if someone presses this panic switch, then the siren will ring and the message will move to the mobile. Similarly if someone shuts off 1-2 inches of this shutter contact sensor, then siren ring and message will move to mobile. If you have a motion sensor, there will be a movement in front of it, then Siren will ring and the message will go on mobile. The hooter is what it will be 15 to 20 seconds and the message will be accessed on your mobile phone,
This is a complete function. Now let me tell the software section of that You will first go to the Play Store and download its software phase talk. After downloading Phase Talk, you will be registering if you are a new user. What is in it is the user name password, in which the first two Zero can select from whatever it is after. And in this one will put a mobile number which is simulated here. After that name address contact number and email address and will submit it. After submitted it’s completed Now if it opens the software then it will come like this will have a user id and a code will be As we have registered in it, we have entered our name in the name of the user, now it will enter the user name and password login. After logging in, this window will open, enter different types of data in it. Such as contact information auto enter the data of ARM Disarm, entry and exit time and different – different types like voice on / off What happens after you are out of office, if your staff open your office or home, then the alarm will start. So for that you can do ARM or DISARM from here Now I am disarm for this, press the disarm for it and put a code and press OK, here will see a message and it will be disconnected. Now if you open the door then there will be no problem, and after closing the office in the evening, i will active it an ARM. When it is turned on or off, the message will be sent to the mobile. You can run this from somewhere Thanks for watching this video, like , subscribe & comment on this. If need more information you can contact us on :- 9911607784. Thanks

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