Wireless Home Alarms | ​Honeywell

Wireless Home Alarms | ​Honeywell

With a Honeywell alarm, you can sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that your family and home are protected at night with At Home Zoning Mode, protecting important entry points whilst giving you the freedom to move around the house. Your alarm will even let you know if a window’s been left open before you leave, giving you complete peace of mind, home or away. All from a kit that’s quick and easy to install. Our Quick Start Alarm Kits are incredibly easy to set up and use. Fit the siren and the sensors, then use a remote fob to arm and disarm it. Protect your home with a single touch with our Apartment Alarm Kit contactless tags – or use a PIN code if you prefer. The sleek, smart keypad doubles-up as the internal siren. For larger homes, Honeywell Home Alarm Kits fit perfectly with family life. Extending your home? It’s easy to add extra sensors, and secure everything with the remote fob or contactless tag. The super-loud siren also gives visual alerts, and with the optional dummy siren, potential intruders will think twice. Now you’ve got the alarm your home deserves, adding a Honeywell doorbell is just as simple and reliable. Wireless and beautifully designed, together Honeywell doorbells and alarms help you feel safe and sound.

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