Wireless House Alarm: Pending Alarms

Wireless House Alarm: Pending Alarms

Hello and welcome to the FrontPoint Podcast
series. I’m your host Greg Able joined as always by FrontPoint’s Chief Operating Officer
Peter Rogers. Hey Greg. Hey Peter thanks for taking the time. Today we’re going to talk
about a new technology in home security called pending alarms. Peter we’ve talked a lot
here in the past about how a burglar might disable a home security system by cutting
the phone line. Right, but there are plenty of other ways to try to take out a home security
system aren’t there? That’s right. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the
alarm system itself is quite vulnerable and I’ll explain to you a little bit about how
an alarm system works, but there’s a feature called pending alarms which makes it much
more difficult to the point of being impossible for an intruder to take out a system in this
way. Alright tell us about pending alarms, what
is that and what does it mean? The way an alarm system works normally is say an intruder
comes into your home. There is a 30 second period where after the door opens the alarm
system is waiting for someone to put the code in. That doesn’t happen. Then the siren
sounds (the interior siren in the home) and then there is another waiting period because
in case it’s you, the system wants to give you another chance to put your code in and
possibly scare an intruder away before the system will contact the central station. Alright
so let me catch up for a second. If I’m a burglar and I get in there and I kind of
know this, I might try and find that security panel and smash it so that call never happens.
That’s right. As an intruder I’ve got this window of 1-2 minutes before the system
actually signals out where I can find the system and whack it and take it out before
it communicates at all. Alright, and then pending alarms though? The
way that pending alarms work is that the system is actually communicating every time something
happens in the home. So if you have the pending alarm feature every time a door opens, a window
opens, the system is armed or disarmed, you name it, the pending alarm means that the
system is communicating. So when that intruder first came in, the system said I don’t know
if this is Greg or a bad guy, so I’m just going to tell the world or the monitoring
center that the door was open and if that disarm signal is not received within a certain
time frame the alarm system treats it like an intrusion. Okay so if you have pending
alarms and someone breaks into your home and extracts your Control Panel there’s still
covered, that call is going to get made to the monitoring center and to the police? That’s
right because that signal that went out immediately was held in a pending alarm status and because
no disarm code was put in, that pending alarm became a real alarm and the police were dispatched.
Okay, but if you don’t have pending alarm, and someone gets to that Control Panel before
the call is made all that’s happening is maybe a siren but no call to the monitoring
center? That’s correct. Local siren heard in the house and nothing else so you’re
really unprotected. Alright and how prevalent is pending alarm
in home security systems sold today? Less than 1%. It’s actually a next generation
feature that’s fairly unique. At FrontPoint we offer to all of our customers with our
interactive level and we feel that more companies will offer it in the future but today, it’s
hard to find. Alright, pretty cool. So pending alarms; a new technology that people should
know about. Peter, thanks a lot for your time once again and thank you for joining us for
this edition of the FrontPoint Podcast series.

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