Wireless Security IP Cameras by HUGOAI Made Easy

Wireless Security IP Cameras by HUGOAI Made Easy

– Home security cannot be cheap and it can cost a lot of money. But, securing your house
and monitoring your home can be done in budget. Introducing HUGOAI. This is an amazing camera
in a small-form factor that can offer you a lot of functionality, and is not gonna let you feel left out from other competitors out there with a higher price tag. Let’s check it out. (light techy music) ♪ One, two, three, go ♪ So a couple days ago, I received
a call from this company and they informed me about
their IP Security Camera. When I first read their email
and looked at their product, I was a little spectacle
about what it can do because I was like, how is it possible that your competitors out there
are charging so much money, up to 200 or $300 for the same product that offers the same functionality, yet your price is at $30, how
could you compete with that? But after reading the reviews and after getting it in
my hand and using it, this is the second one that I have, I found out that this thing
has some punch inside of it. So, I decided to share it with you guys, and I was like this passed
my test, let’s talk about it. Looking at the box, when you first get it, it is nothing special. Actually, the box is very normal. There’s nothing special with the box. But what is special is
that it’s what inside. And that’s one thing that
you gotta compromise. One of the way that they
compromise with the budget, with the price, is that
they cut extra packaging, and they cut a lot of
things back and forth, but the product itself
didn’t lack the functionality such as motion detection, night vision, or even two-way audio communication. So, let’s look at the box, and let’s see what they have inside. Now, this is the front of the box, and this is the barcode. If you’d like to scan it, go right ahead. On the side, the only
other thing that we have, is a couple of information
regarding the product, and that’s pretty much it. Pretty simple, self-explanatory, and nothing special to it. So, upon opening the package, we are greeted with user manual. Of course the user
manual, always on the top. And this one is not that
big of a user manual. It’s pretty much a couple
of pages on the back, and a couple of pages on the front. One thing that I like is
that they didn’t cheap out on the user manual as well. The user manual is color, it
has a glossy texture to it, and it’s not flimsy that
can be tossed around. So this is always good. This is one of the other
places that you don’t want companies to actually save money on because if you haven’t used
a security camera before or an IP Camera security system, this is something that you need. So putting that aside, the next
item inside of this package is the camera itself,
we’ll put that aside, and if I’m not mistaking,
we have a couple of cables right in here. And oh my god, they’ve
provided everything. And that’s pretty much it. So, let’s go over it. We have our plug. Standard plug, this is a
power adapter that is 100 volt to 240 volt, so if you’re
at international user, and you’re wondering if this is gonna work with your voltage, this definitely will
work with your voltage, although you need to change
the socket on the front, but the voltage, got you covered. And again the output is
about five volt at two amp. So, very standard. Small, little, discreet plug. Although, one thing that
I would like to see, is that they would have
put the plug, the insert, on the top so you would
just put it right here instead of having it going this way. I don’t know if you
understand what I mean, but this is a little awkward to hide it. But, good. This looks good. Small, compact, easy to carry. And it doesn’t feel that bulky. This is nice. One thing that I like is that they include all the equipment,
basically, that you need to install this camera to your wall. So if you wanna permanently
place that on your wall, you already have the screws
and all of the material and what seems to be a SIM
ejector from a cell phone. I don’t know what the use
of this SIM ejector is, but there is one included
in case you have to use it. We’re not gonna use that,
so we put that aside. Next thing, next is a regular USB cable. And although it’s not very
long, and it’s pretty short, but it does the justice. It’s not too short and
although it’s not too long, but it’s kinda like the perfect size. So, not too much worried
about the cable size, as it’s gonna solve my problem, at least. And finally, oh, we have one magnet, and this is a cool part about this camera, which I’m gonna discuss
with you guys in a moment. Gonna put that aside. And we have the camera itself. Now, first impression,
this thing is bulky, but it doesn’t look bad. Although it’s a little big,
you can’t really hide it, it sticks out there, but in some cases, this is good. You wanna let them know that
they’re being monitored. This is not necessarily for
a type that you wanna do detective work and hide it,
but the size is not bad. And I’m actually happy with it. It has a nice little weight
to it, actually, as well, which makes it feel a little bit more, how do I say it? It makes it feel a little bit more better than one of those cheap
ones that you find out there that are very light. And the plastic that is on
it, is actually not bad. This is the front of the camera, this is where everything happens. This is where your mic stands, this is your motion detection, and this is the camera itself. And again, we have another mic on the top. And right in the middle, we
have the actual camera itself. Turning the camera around,
we have a nice speaker on the back of it that lets
communication with a breeze, providing a nice, clear, audible sound that you can have and hear
and have a really easy two-way communication. Right below that, we have a reset button with a nice, tactile, clicky button. Listen to that. (button clicking) So, you get a quite nice,
haptic feedback right here. Right next to it, we have
the USB input to power it on, and the only other thing on this camera, is to the side, where
your memory card sticks in in case you wanna record internally, although you have the option of recording over the IP, or over the net, but if you prefer to
keep everything internal and not put this or
connect this to your Wi-Fi, you have the option to do so as well. Although, even if you wanna do that, you have to make sure, for initial setup, you need internet connection to be able to connect to it and get the full benefits of it. Now, one thing that I like, as you see, there’s no
screw holes right here, so how do you mount this to the wall? And this is where this
little thing comes in hand. This is a really nice
option that they include in case you wanna mount this to the wall, and you don’t want it to be permanent, sometimes you wanna remove it. You have two screws right here, which you’re gonna put inside of here, to stick this to your wall, and when you’re done setting up, you pretty much just
stick your camera to it and then you are all set to go. One thing that I like, is that once you place it on the wall, you have the capability
of turning this camera all the way around to
any angle that you like. This is a good point. This is nice. That gives you a lot of
flexibility on positioning it, so you’re not stuck to a certain position like some of those cameras out there that only go up and down. This is nice that this actually rotates and you can rotate it as much as you want. Although, I don’t know
what’s the limit to it, but apparently this thing is not bad. So far, so good, I’m happy. Now what the image quality looks like, is the image quality horrible? Or is it not? So the video is not that bad, although the quality is
not 4K or it’s not 1080, but the quality’s good. You could easily identify
anybody who stays in your house, what they are doing, where they’re going, where they’re coming, and a good feature is that you can set up motion detection, you could set up audio detection. So if there is sound,
if there is movement, it will notify you with
a push notification and it will let you
know there is something going on in your house. Highly recommended if you don’t
wanna drain all your money into a $200 or $300 video
camera surveillance system, this is a cool product to get
your hands on and start using. One thing, that again I’m gonna mention, that I like about this camera, unlike those expensive cameras, they lock you into a contract, this thing has internal memory. So you could just simply
stick a SD card right in here and you set up your
data, your monthly data, and then you could use
it as much as you want, you could keep it as long as you want without any limitation. And some other place
that you could use this, since this is an IP Camera, you could hook it up to other devices and maybe integrate it
and just mess with it. Highly recommended, link is down below. Also, I wrote an article about it, I’m gonna link that one also down below. Be sure to check it out, and I hope you guys liked it. As always, stay happy, stay classy, and I’ll check you guys on the next one. (upbeat tech music) – [Narrator] Follow us on
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. – [Narrator] Click, listen, enjoy.

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  1. Great visual quality. Takes a little adjustment for placement. I placed one under a window eve to view my driveway door. I turned off the sound and adjusted the motion and it's perfect. The one placed inside is set for sound and motion. Gives me an added sense of security without high end costs.

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