Woke News, CIA and JFK, Cell Phone Security,Slovenia, Space Weather

Woke News, CIA and JFK, Cell Phone Security,Slovenia, Space Weather

[Music] lawmakers also claim President Trump cannot obstruct justice since he has absolute authority over all federal investigations House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunez is joining me right now from the world Ag Expo intial eres California and Congressman Nunez is a also a member of the House Ways and Means Committee councilor it’s good to see you this morning thanks for joining us mr. chairman great to be with you as always thank you I want to ask you about this letter in a moment but first I got to ask you about one of your colleagues congressman trey Gowdy and his remarks recently on Fox News when he spoke with our own martha maccallum you’ve been joining us now for several weeks for over the last year as you continue to investigate what it was that launched the FBI’s investigation into Trump potential collusion with Russia is that right yeah that’s that’s correct and I think that mr. gaudi’s comments that he made earlier we’re gonna show conference we’re gonna show this ones first look I just want to make sure this is that your investigation is looking into how that investigation launched so here’s your trey gowdy section Martha just last week you congressman what does trey gowdy say there well what he’s really talking about there is that trey gowdy believes that he has been told multiple times by the Department of Justice that Donald Trump president Trump is not a target of this investigation he believes that he’s been told that multiple times and so he comes to the conclusion well if they were only going after Russians if the FBI was only going after Russians and Donald Trump’s not a target of this investigation then what is all this about and so the mainstream media continues to ignore that piece that mr. Gowdy I think has clearly said now on multiple occasions but was very clear about it last week and that President Trump is not a target of this investigation in his own mind I have to remember that mr. gowdey loves the FBI and the Department of Justice I think all Americans want to have a good Department of Justice and FBI doing their job and if they’re targeting Russians or Chinese or what-have-you that’s what we expect them to do however the challenge we have in this is that they actually targeted a political campaign that was Donald Trump and that’s where I think that even though mr. Gowdy believes that the president’s not a target of this investigation this campaign is and I think that’s where the challenge occurs so do you think then that the FBI did the right thing in terms of investigating the campaign looking for Russia interference well you know mr. gowdy has you know wonder what he’s heard he believes the FBI was doing the right thing and you know what could solve this for a year we’ve been waiting almost a year now we’ve been waiting for documents from the Deputy Attorney General so Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to provide all the documents all the information that we need this week and we could write a report we could write a letter by Friday that says hey looks like the FBI it looks like stay with and we are back with house Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunez and mr. chairman you were just saying a moment ago that we could clear all of this up this week if you were to review the documents are you telling us you have yet to see the documents that you’ve requested from the Department of Justice which gives you a timeline into how this investigation into the Trump campaign started that is correct so last August we issued a subpoena we should have been provided all of this information that we’ve been asking for over and over and over again we issued a new subpoena and so now we’ve been waiting we that we’ve attended two briefings they were very small briefings not a lot of information but we were happy it was progress we believe that there are some documents information that we will review this week what I would say is if you don’t have any – anything to hide the Deputy Attorney General knows that mr. Gowdy would love to exonerate the Department of Justice and the FBI so just provide us all the documents everything that we’re asking for let us comb all the way through it and we’ll issue a letter on Friday and we’ll be done with this and we’ll dit and we’ll be able to say look the Department of Justice and FBI did nothing wrong there was no FISA abuse that occurred here there was no issue of opening a counterintelligence investigation into a campaign there was no issue with looking at how that investigation was opened if there was any five eyes intelligence that was actually used to open in this investigation we’d like to see it because we have yet to see it those are all outstanding questions not to mention the questionable timeline of the of the briefings that we have had where we know that the counterintelligence investigation was opened in late July well that’s fine so if that’s all the information you have then why are there these other strange activities leading up to late July particularly in the spring I just trying to understand this because you you broke the news on this program more than a month ago that you’ve looked for reasons and and catalysts to understand how an investigation was opened and launched into the Trump campaign and you said to us based on the five eyes intelligence of all of the our partners across the world that there was no intelligence that you could find that was launched that investigation and yet here you have your colleague trey Gowdy saying the FBI did the right thing so I’m trying to understand where the disconnect is well I think on what trey Gowdy is saying we got to be very careful because the medias tried to make a bigger deal about this and what it is but trey Gowdy is specifically talking about is this small slice of the investigate that we’re looking at as it relates to whether or not informants an informant or informants were used that’s what he’s referring to when he talks about that the president’s not a target of this investigation I believe that mr. Gotti knows very well and he’s been instrumental in helping us get to the bottom of the FISA abuse that that did occur that is that is absolutely for sure right you see a widened that was used to get a FISA warrant yes and and there’s new information actually this week that the media is ignoring so so the New York Times has reported in the past that the Australian ambassador Australian High Commissioner is the one that brought this to the attention of the United States government now typically that would have gone through FBI channels it would have went through the embassy in London in order came across officially across the pond officially that’s what we and it didn’t and that’s what we would like to have seen now this week we now know that mr. downer the former Australian ambassador a High Commissioner in London said that he had given it to the information to the Australian ambassador in the US well now we know that that’s not true so so mr. downer now has has claimed that in an Australian newspaper but we now know from from sources that have now spoke to different media outlets the Australians are denying that that’s how this happened at the Australian ambassador in the United States had nothing to do with this it quite frankly that’s what we want our partners in Australia to do we don’t think that they should be investigator and looking into political campaigns and then willy-nilly throwing that information over to the US government and then opening investigations in the political campaigns that’s not what we want to see if the president is not a target why are we talking about a potential interview with the special prosecutor back to the letter that that Fox News has obtained and that is basically a letter from the senior legal team outlining the readout lining the reasons why the president should not sit with robert muller and is not going to be subpoenaed and should not be so if he’s not a target why did they have to send this letter well I agree with you right so this is the difference so so mr. gowdey believes that he’s been told by the Department of Justice on several occasions that mr. Trump’s not a target but what I keep going back to is is that we’ll wait a second we know from mr. Comey he said that the Trump campaign was the reason that they opened up the counterintelligence investigation so they did open up an investigation in the Trump campaign and so look maybe I’m not a lawyer maybe there’s a legal definition the legal definition as to why he’s not part of this however I don’t think that’s the case here I mean I just think that it’s impossible to believe in in normal America if you open up into the Trump campaign you absolutely are opening up into Donald Trump himself that’s my opinion mr. gowdey doesn’t think so he’s a lawyer he’s worked with DOJ I don’t know who’s right but it’s one of the things that we have to get to the bottom you are investigating the State Department right now to try and understand how the information has flowed ultimately getting to the FBI to launch this investigation what can you tell us about your investigation into the State Department well that was the new information I was referring to just a little bit ago is that the New York Times had reported that mr. downer the Australian High Commissioner had brought this information through official channels through five eyes intelligence that didn’t happen we have people in the State Department who say that they absolutely that they were involved so people in the US State Department have admitted they were involved so now we’re trying to figure out well who at the State Department was involved did mr. Danner take this information to the State Department is that what happened and the State Department then take that to the FBI because somehow although the normal procedures and processes were short-circuited in this investigation and why is this important it’s important because they opened up an investigation into a political campaign maria a political campaign not we’re not talking about a terrorism we’re not talking about something criminal they used our intelligence services by opening up a counterintelligence investigation they did not have to convene a grand jury none of that had to happen here which is why it really falls on the House of Representatives it falls on the Intelligence Committee and this is this is why people should be nervous there’s a very few people in this country who can actually get to the bottom of what happened here I prefer not to have to be doing this there’s a lot of important work that we could be doing but the American people are counting on Congress to get to the bottom of this we’re the only ones with the with the classification that with the with this clearances that matter to get to the bottom of the situation so even though we don’t want to be doing it we’re the ones that have to do it because if we don’t who who will and and I just don’t think members if they’re being honest all the members of my committee don’t believe that the counterintelligence capabilities should be used to target a political party well my members on the Republican side we’re gonna take a short break but I’ve got to ask you about the Google story we’re in the search results it says Nazism as an ideology for the Republicans you as a California Congressman we’ll be right back and I’m back with house Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunez mr. chairman you’ve got the primary in California next week and you’ve also got an IG report forthcoming what are you expecting from the inspector general’s report with regards to the email investigation of Hillary Clinton well we’re a little disappointed in that this has been delayed another week and my experience with this is a lot of time the lawyers get a hold of it and they start to water down the report so it was supposed we were supposed to receive it this week now it’s been pushed to next week I know there are some interviews with FBI officials on this this week these are also officials that we’re very interested in because a lot of the Clinton email investigation team are the same people that are involved with the scandals that were interviewing and we’re investigating and you’ve got the primary in California on Tuesday right before that primary you being a California congressman I want to get your take on this because basically as an ideology of the California Republican Party less than a week before the primary nazism shows up in the in the search results from google google displayed the information in the knowledge panel next to search results which listed Nazism alongside fiscal conservativism market liberalism and ideologies of the state GOP your reaction sir yeah so we’re on the front lines out here in California I always say this you know I’m used to getting attacked I enjoy getting attacked by these crazy leftist but I think what the American people need to understand is that there is bias against conservatives and Republicans all across this country and now as you see things it’s always been there with newspapers and television but now as you see it getting into the Internet you know it’s one of the challenges we have with Millennials so somebody types in Republican and up comes Nazi well nobody wants to be affiliated with Nazis so this is one of the challenges we’re having with Millennials I just looked on Twitter Drudge the Drudge Report is being censored today so for the last three or four days I haven’t been able to get on The Drudge Report because it’s being censored on Twitter so this censorship of conservatives and Republicans and conservative values continues in this country and here in California we’re on the front lines I just hope that at some point people realize there’s a reason why California is not doing as well as the rest of the country California is a great great state are we going to see new legislation to try to stop social media from censoring conservative ideas then well the best thing would be is is for there to be some we’re a new search engine that actually doesn’t censor conservatives I think there’s a free market solution here if somebody can compete with Google if they can’t then ultimately we’re looking at monopolies and then that you know that brings in a whole nother set of circumstances is are these companies Facebook Twitter Google Apple etc are they monopolies and should they be reined in I would hope we don’t have to go there I would hope that that they you know just don’t get involved in politics and don’t censor conservatives and Republicans but if they continue to do it then we have to move obviously to hearings on those issues right it’s good to see this morning thanks so much [Music] you you [Music] good morning folks we’ve got big events across the world big science news in the peer-reviewed journals and a warning where the mainstream refuses to give one we’re starting with our star over at space weather news.com and finding the last 24 hours were exceedingly calm no solar flares bright active regions have no dangerous sun spots and about the only thing to keep an eye on are the plasma filaments dancing over the limb and on to the earth-facing half did get a small eruption yesterday but it was on the far side of the Sun as seen here by stereo a bowler wind at Earth has steadied and despite some variability within that range we’ve not seen anything stronger as the coronal hole departs the solar wind will continue easing back geomagnetism already quieting considerably folks if you didn’t catch last night’s upload the storm in the new Valley of the Sun made it to our soe we had a gorgeous multi second lightning bolt that presented every stage of the global electric circuit lightning evolution and we labeled them accordingly we want to see the different forms of discharge and a gorgeous display check it out for sure up next we’re going to Guatemala where Fuego has erupted and one fell swoop and Worf to everything that has happened at Hawaii so far there are dozens injured at least seven dead from the blast and pyroclastic flows were seen streaming down the mountainside Wego indeed and speaking of volcanoes and speaking of Hawaii from May 17th to May 28th all volcanic eruptions were under 5.0 but since then the eruptions are getting stronger spaced about two days apart and not one single media outlet even those covering the volcano is describing the fact the eruptions are getting stronger and stronger no doubt about it there are no signs of calming as has been widely reported jumping across the planet to the Mongolian autonomous region wildfire has gotten so bad in ancient forests and there are such bad fire conditions forecast for this week that a major geoengineering operation is being considered government official says artificial rainfall is the prime option bit of aesthetics here this is one of the driest places on earth at the border of Libya and Algeria star dunes on the Left dark dry hills on the right gorgeous shot comes out the window of the ISS there’s a research paper pegging the energy in the particle radiation during the September 2017 solar flares at six GeV or sixty times stronger than the strongest particle flux range of analysis that means previous stories of total dose are probably accurate but that’s for organ failure and does not describe the risk of one single energetic particle hitting and damaging your DNA lastly folks a survey of the cosmos has revealed yet another way in which satellite galaxies to the Milky Way are debunking lambda cold Dark Matter models they already have the polar orientation and Co rotation which are not expected but apparently we’re a little light on them as well we need to find about six more blobs like the Magellanic Clouds in our galactic neighborhood to make the model work and that ain’t happening check out last night’s video if you missed it we’ve got your wind maps and shots of our star to close we greatly appreciate your support over at suspicious observers Oregon will do this all again tomorrow right here but right now it’s 4:20 a.m. in the new Valley of the Sun eyes open no fear you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] some of the recent public accounts of of CIA activities in South Vietnam particular the stories of or reports on how the CIA has undertaken certain independent operations or independent of other elements of the American government that are insulted fact of the matter is that mr. McComb are picking the National Security Council on imagine I see him at least three or four times a week ordinarily we ever worked very closely together in the National Security Council in the last two months accepting to meet the problems we faced in South Vietnam I can find nothing and I’ve looked through the record very carefully over the last nine months I could go back further to indicate that the CIA is anything but support policy does not create policy attempts to execute it in those areas where it has competence and responsibility I know that the transfer of mr. John Richardson who is a very dedicated public servant has led to tremendous earl flatly that the CIA has not carried out independent activities but is operated on the close control the Director of Central Intelligence operating under the with the cooperation of the National Security Council and under my instruction so I think that while the CIA may have made mistakes as we all do on different occasion and has had many successes which it may go unheralded by opinion in this case it’s unfair to charge them as they have been charged I think I’ve done a good job morally had a CIA allan dulles says in an interview drill American today that reports of disputes between the CIA and State Department various branches of the government in South Vietnam have arisen because quote of a lack of a clear-cut operational policy in Washington and he goes on to say that he thinks what’s needed is less backbiting between US agency officials view of the defense you just gave the CIA which you care to agree with those charge or contestants I agree with the last part of it that they’re the agencies as we all know it faced with a very difficult problem in South Vietnam which are all familiar with both in the military and the political side men have different views about what actions we should take and they ought to members of the press to all of you in Saigon here in Russia but I must say that as of today I think it’s particularly true since general Taylor and secretary McNamara came back I know of no disagreement between the State Department at the top CIA at the top defense at the top White House and ambassador law on what our basic policy will be in what steps we will take to implement now it’s down below is disagreement I think in part it will be because they’re not wholly informed of what actions were taking some of them are necessarily confidential but I think our policy so I would I’d say what effect it’s going to have I think we are in agreement of what we felt what we ought to do I would think that the Saigon and personnel the various agencies should support that policy because that pathology we’re going to carry out for a while president how do you feel about Senator Gruening proposal to set up a congressional committee as a watchdog over the CIA I think the present committee is one in both the House and Senate maintained very closely agent with the CIA is best considering the sensitive nature of the Central Intelligence Agency’s work to know there is a congressman congressional committee in the house on in the Senate composed of members of the Appropriations Committee in the Armed Services Committee in me frequently mr. McConnell he also testified before the Foreign Relations Committee of the House and Senate and the General Services Committee and I think the Congress has through that organization means of keeping a liaison with them in addition I have an advisory council which was headed by dr. Killian farming now mr. clark clifford includes Jimmy Doolittle and others who Robert Murphy also serve as an advisory committee to me on the work of the intelligence community I’m a well satisfied with the present arrangement yeah [Music] countries that are starting to wake up to the globalist experiment actually being detrimental to them you can add them to Italy Poland Hungary and growing movements really all over Europe at this point Europe is starting to realize that the people have a right to represent their own wishes and that they shouldn’t be constantly stepped on by people that aren’t even from their country that’s what’s happening Italy is now run by populist George Soros comes out it’s funny so cool we don’t Italy Italy’s having problems and and they’re doing the wrong thing and you know the EU maybe maybe they should punish Italy but at the same time that might hasten the demise of their you know existence under the eurozone which by the way he’s actually right about that and they’re like oh if George Soros is worried about us we’re moving in the right direction and I heartily agree Hungary has basically expelled him and every NGO he runs from the country you know Congrats to them Poland is moving in that direction interesting that the Netherlands you know builders actually made massive gains for his party shoving the center-left out of the way so that this sort of centrist establishment had to be in order to form a government they have to work with that with the Green Party now then to form a coalition with the far left because the center-left died off entirely this everything’s gonna rot from the centre movements that are part of the pure centrist establishment core but are you know particularly far to the right or left are gonna die off and those voters are gonna go elsewhere as those parties die that’s primarily going to favored populous than atavistic movement so no maybe might not favor outright ethno-nationalism I think that that’s a boogeyman in most cases but populism definitely people are hard tired of the migrant crisis they look over and they see millions of people are in Europe who they don’t even want to be there primarily they want to be back in their home country but then they’re like oh yeah but these globalists bombed their country them from living there hmm it’s almost like they created a war and then we had to suffer along with it too you know meanwhile those people they’re not taking in refugees and they never will Sylvania has now elected a populist movement to the source of greatest power in their country now they have to form a coalition which means they’re gonna work with other parties but that does mean us as the largest party now I believe they’re gonna get concessions they’re going to be able to govern once they form a coalition or they’ll have you know basically a political breakdown of some sort or another this keeps happening because in some European countries I think five or six parties each pulling like 20% and it becomes a little bit of a problem because they can’t work together in this again this is another vimar symptom the inability of the political parties or I should say the inability of establishment parties to work together towards any common-sense solution their inability to govern ends up leading to their displacement and I would tell you this it works at the post national level to the European Union is incapable of making any decisions especially related to fiscal it is incapable of governance because it is incapable of making sure that everyone is capable of working together and being happy a decision that that makes Germany happy is unlikely to make Spain happy a decision that bodes well for Sweden may not work for ever Slovenia that’s just sort of the way of the works because the economies are different the languages are different the nations the cultures everything about them is different the fact that they’re all part of Europe doesn’t mean anything that’s like saying that there’s that’s actually Venezuela and Chile could form a political union because they’re on the same fucking continent yes Japan and the Philippines should form a political you niggas gives me United States of Asia the Kenyans are going to join together with South Africa and form one nation on paper and join a currency bloc that’s that would be considered nuts nobody would possibly seriously recommend one of these scenarios you want to be like the United States but you’re simply not there’s a total difference look most of the US was forged by a group of people that had already formed a union those new places therefore although they’re diverged in each state has its own culture they are their own States there’s a differential demographics and income and whether a place is more urban or rural it’s different across the United States but it was always part of that same Union anyway you were never part of one you’re trying to learn how to be part of one it’s not gonna work it’s too messy people are already leaving the EU the UK has already left one of the main economies one of the big three has already left the European Union bye-bye Italy will probably be next yeah at some point I expect other states to leave it’ll start in Southern and Eastern Europe probably the UK was it was a little bit of a maverick there those primarily the charismatic campaigning if you kept above all things but it’s gonna work else or by the way people are are up said they’re worried look Russia wins Putin wants to see the EU die because it’ll weaken Europe no it’ll strengthen Europe your countries are better off without a post national authority imposing rules and restrictions you should compete with one another economically you should have your own cultures you can maintain peace there trust me having peace and serenity is a lot cheaper than having constant infighting in trouble within your nation the decisions that have been made at the post national level by the EU have contributed to the breakdown of order in many areas of Europe it costs money to police things iike when you deploy soldiers to your streets because of the problems spawned by the EU shitty border policy that costs money now doesn’t it you have to pay those soldiers you in confusing as you slow down traffic in the most literal sense at every possible step in weakens the efficiency of the economic machinery of your nation and that’s just the economic side don’t even get started on the ethical side hey guy hey random civilians of my nation who aren’t responsible for any war you know our nation not being part of one we’re gonna take in people from another country who don’t even want to be here after our post nationalist Authority started bombing them so the people people are gonna come here are going to blame us for their problems and when they realize that Europe is in the Middle East winter it’s cold and that they’re probably not going to find a job and that the quality of life isn’t utopian like people think about Europe you know there there’s a is Paris syndrome I believe it people go to Paris ahead this Jerusalem syndrome to they go to some of these you know renowned cities around the world and they end up in a weird like a food state or something because the expectation in reality or soap are so far divergent from one another I think there’s a specific Japanese tourist for some odd reason are most likely to suffer this going to Paris because they expect is gonna be hard and wine and this dude with the mustache and the stripe shirt smoking a cigarette meeting snails or something they get there and they find that it’s a normal open city its diverse and the most literal sense and then that that’s not what the Sean’s alizée actually looks like anymore and they they go psychotic this happens in Jerusalem some American tourists will go there and start acting like Jesus and weird shit like that it’s a weird psychological state Europe has problems right now you know from the outside looking in yeah I don’t even want to go to Europe because there are too many problems like some of these offshoots it’s like maybe the UK like if you go to some really rural area be okay but in a lot of the urban areas of Europe there’s a breakdown of order crime is rising and you’ve got all sorts of problems the only thing that’s being suggested like the UK I know this isn’t the EU but the UK right now suggesting banning pointy knives like oh maybe knife manufacturers should have to blunt the tips of them now I don’t know how you’re gonna keep people from resharpening them I guess you throw them in jail and rape them repeatedly with a with a tire iron if they dare to sharpen their steak knife that’s what you think is a common-sense solution to your stabbing spree problem okay that makes a lot of sense no Slovenia is doing the right thing hopefully populism and nativism grow even more in Europe and the EU hopefully dissolves Europe will be stronger you’re not gonna suddenly fall back into grand – brother’s war bickering just because you’re not part of a political union which is basically what the European Union represents at this point it was like who’s just gonna it’s just me like a currency union and a concern of a Confederated system so we can work together and organize better it’s not a political union but you can’t deserve determine what you’re gonna do with your borders you can’t determine your foreign policy you can’t determine your trade policy you can’t determine the price of goods you can’t determine much of anything so that seems like a political union run unfortunately by the most inept and corrupt European leader which is Angela Merkel that’s about all [Music] this report is brought to you by virtual shield the easiest way to create a personal VPN or virtual private network to completely anonymize your location and browsing history please view their ad at the end of this report good afternoon I’m still reporting on Big Brother just when we thought that cell phone calls were private know according to the cyber guy Kurt Knudsen an FCC working group has concluded that the software that allows telecoms to root your cell phone traffic from one cell tower to another is still using something called signaling system 7 that dates from 1975 and it’s full of holes the FCC studied reports that German hackers were able to drain German bank accounts by penetrating ss7 to reroute the two-factor codes sent out by the banks to their customers but that’s not the only problem with ss7 feds raising the red flag about surveillance systems that can track the locations of cell phone users and spy on their calls so does this put our national security at risk here now with some tips help keep your information safe and private is the cyber guy kurt Knudsen Turk good morning – morning guys let me ask you this question first of all signaling system 7 you know what that is right that is the technology we’re talking about that was you if you was 1975 you would know this technology that’s how old the technology is that’s protecting our cell phone towers and systems around the country in fact around the world why isn’t it updated exactly that is the question how come they haven’t updated this a lot of wireless companies have on their own after a lot of reports have come out that said hey this is a problem you know the FCC took a look at it you’ve had Congress taking a look at it in 2014 you’ve had Germans using it to rob banks you’ve had people yeah you have four countries identified as big users of this for intelligence to surveil around the world old and America is the biggest target of this problem and I’ll tell you right now they gotta do something about it so here it’s the problem with it it’s so it’s the technology that really is at the foot of how cellphones talk to each of the network so if you and I are roaming on our phone and our phone goes from site to site this is a technology that makes it work the problem is it lets anybody in it lets in hackers it lets it anybody who wants to get there and it’s not just phone calls it’s your texts it’s it’s what you’re looking at on the internet it’s it’s everything on the phone as it may as well be posting everything you text privately on your phone on Twitter okay everything is vulnerable nothing is private that you’re using on your cell phone bottom line your VoIP calls are out there texts are out there and the data you’re using and worse at your location they can track your location for hours upon days upon months to know exactly where you are at any given time of the day can we do anything yes correct so first of all pressure your local congressmen and Senators to do something about it because that’s the only way anything’s gonna happen and then secondly I mean you can just do this yourself for texting you can use secure apps you’ve heard of signal app that’s one of them for voice you can you and also like if you’re using Apple yeah whatsapp works and if you’re on Apple iMessage works for texting okay and then the same thing is that’ll protect that’ll keep your call inside of an encrypted envelope so that much more difficult for them to get to it and then for voice calls silent circle again the signal app phone feature of that works great and then location tracking really the only answer here is turn off your phone that’s the only way that they’re not going to be able to track you but I’m talking about thousands of intrusions happening daily around the world into cell phone towers by all kinds of nefarious sources I’m still reporting from outside the one time free speech capital of the world a day the recent exposure of the Cambridge analytics hack of Facebook’s customer data is yet another good reason to have you your family and even your company behind de VPN wall because as long as your Facebook is open even though it’s on a separate page or tab Facebook according to media reports is somehow watching where you’re going and what you’re doing and it’s not hard to go stealth in fact it’s fun here’s what it looks like double click the virtual shield app click sign in takes about five seconds to sign in now you can simply click on connect and virtual shield will pick the location and sign in for you in another 5 seconds in seconds once a day and you’re done and if you have a business you absolutely should not go another day without virtual shield look at this deal they’ve got as low as $49.99 per month or 50 to 100 devices unlimited bandwidth and phone support if you need it and like any product we approved for advertising it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee you can get a single user version of virtual shield for as little as $5.99 a month and for viewers of the still report use promo code bill still or an additional 20% off again no technical knowledge is required and they offer helpful live chat support to get you up and running fast [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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