Wyze Cam Pan Review | A Robotic PTZ Camera for $29.99

Wyze Cam Pan Review | A Robotic PTZ Camera for $29.99

If you remember the video I did a few weeks
ago featuring WyzeCam 2, then you already have a jumpstart on today’s video which is
all about the $30 Wyze Cam Pan. This is a new camera that’s launching today,
but thanks to WyzeCam, I’ve been testing it for a couple of weeks. It’s important to point out that I’ve been
using a beta version of the app so take what I experienced and expect things to get even
better. In the box, you’ll find one Wyze Cam Pan equipped
with a universal mount. It also ships with a quick start guide, USB
cable, and a power adapter. Installing Pan was breezy and took less than
two minutes since I already had the WyzeCam app in place. Speaking of WyzeCam, Pan and WyzeCam 2 share
a lot of the same features but they aren’t exactly the same. The biggest difference is that Pan can pan
and tilt mechanically and robotically. It’s also bigger. At night Pan uses 6 Infrared LEDs as compared
to WyzeCam 2 which uses 4. Can you tell the difference? During the day, Pan offers a full HD 1080p
video resolution using a 120-degree field of view. Of course, when you use its Pan and Tilt abilities,
your field of view expands. Though Pan is a PTZ camera, zoom is achieved
digitally. Pan and Tilt, however, are not. There are three features tied into Pan’s PTZ
ability starting with control using the app. For example, you can press right to pan right
and up to tilt up or you can use your finger to swipe the feed and move the camera around. You can even customize Pan’s pan speed. At its fastest, it can pan 110° per second
which means that it can provide a 360° view in about 3 seconds. While this is handy, automating the process
is more fun. And the first way you can automate the process
is by creating a Pan Scan. Think of Pan Scan as preset locations for
your camera. When you turn Pan Scan on, the camera will
rotate between your four preset locations spending 10 seconds on one location before
moving on to the next. This allows the camera to monitor a wider
area and provide better security coverage. The final way you can automate the pan tilt
process is by enabling Motion Tracking. Motion Tracking allows the camera to robotically
track motion that’s within its field of view. This works when you have the camera
set to a locked location and also when you’re using a Pan Scan. I first tested the camera in an area where
it had to monitor a full 360 degrees. It was easy to trick the camera and hide from
its view. I found that the camera performed better when
I didn’t walk behind it as its motion sensors are located on the front of the camera. If I stayed in front of the camera, it did
a much better job of keeping up, even if I moved quickly. Two final issues with motion tracking. One, I noticed that when the camera follows
motion, it tends to lose focus becoming slightly pixelated. This could be due in part to its lower frame
rate. Like WyzeCam 2, Pan records at 15 frames per
second. Two, panning is not a silent process. As the camera moves, it makes a motorized
sound which is audible in the room and on recordings. Going back to the basics, Pan shares most
of its features and shortcomings with WyzeCam 2, and as we just went over those not too
long ago, I’m going to go through them quickly but not deeply. Pan offers two-way audio, a motion detection
zone, motion tagging, sound detection, sound recognition, local storage, and 14 days of
free cloud storage. If you add an SD card, it can record continuously
and offers a time-lapse creation feature. One thing I learned this time around is how
the WyzeCam app behaves when you have multiple cameras. First of all, you can only stream one camera
at a time. Second, both cameras will record event-based
activity to the same library, but you can filter clips by camera. Event-based clips are 12 seconds in length
and can be downloaded, shared, or deleted from the mobile app. Third, push notifications are one size fits
all. While you can control motion detection on
a camera by camera basis, turning push notifications on or off will affect all of your WyzeCam
cameras. To wrap this up, the fact that WyzeCam turned
out a product like this for $29.99 is bananas but so is their $20 WyzeCam 2. If you’re trying to choose between the two,
I vote for WyzeCam 2 but only because I prefer its smaller, more discreet design, and I found
Pan’s panning noise a little distracting. If you are strictly considering Wyze Cam Pan,
then my vote is yes. Buy it. So long as you can deal the shortcomings I’ve
outlined in this video and the ones it shares with WyzeCam 2 which I pasted into the description
below. But I’ll also add this, WyzeCam continues to
make these cameras better. They’ve pushed out so many wonderful updates
over the past few weeks, and I have no doubt that both Pan and WyzeCam 2 will improve with
time. So with that in mind, I think it’s a pretty
safe choice considering that it’s only $30. If y’all have any questions about pan, let
me know in the comment section below, and I will see y’all soon!

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45 Replies to “Wyze Cam Pan Review | A Robotic PTZ Camera for $29.99”

  1. I filmed some of this in advance as I was gone Memorial Day weekend. No surprise, but WyzeCam kept making this thing better up until the last moment. The Pan San screen now looks different and the destinations are called Waypoints. It still works as described though. Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. Side Note: Foscam asked today if I'd be interested in testing their wire-free camera (https://foscam.com/E1.html). I'm not sure that I am, but would you all want to see a review of the Foscam E1 or something else?

  3. It was fun and whimsical watching you outsmart the Pan Camera but you proved your point well
    Thank You

  4. I love my WyzeCam v1 and v2, and can't wait to see how this works! Thanks for a great review as always!

  5. Wow! That's a fast pan! So funny, you running around testing it. Very nice job. I have the EZVIZ 360 and once I put it on auto track it never stops! I turn it off and it keeps on tracking. Wyze is improving this market and I'm glad to see them do so.

  6. Hey Rose, great review! Two questions: 1. What's the max. size microSD card allowable in the new Wyze cam? 2. When away from the house, without wifi, how quick/slow do the motion notifications appear on your phone? Thanks!

  7. Just wish that you could view the camera feed on a computer rather than just the phone. Also it would be nice to be able to download video to your computer.

  8. Thanks for the timely video Rosie. I love seeing product reviews by the launch date of products. Great job!

  9. Great review. I am so disappointed with my recent $150+ Ring2 purchase and I just missed the return window for it. I think I'll try the Wyze V2 first to see if I get better results than my Ring 2 for far less $$. Thanks for this detailed info. Seems the Wyze V2 price is quickly creeping up, not finding any at $20 but $25+tax, free ship still feels ok to try one out.

  10. Just found you between a couple of cooking videos…You have a very good delivery and speaking voice…your videos are informative and well thought out. Keep up the good work..oh and you're a pleasure to watch πŸ˜‰

  11. Awesome informative video as usual.
    Always look forward to your videos… Beautiful lady too.. Keep up the good work!

  12. Honestly, I think they made a HUGE mistake pricing this stuff so low. To me it seems they are really screwing those on the lower totem.
    I think the camera should be $39.99, and their new Pan one $59.99. That is STILL cheap for such cameras, they could maybe even use a little better parts because of it etc.

  13. Video sample of the pan noise would be useful! I'm having to dig to find any raw footage of this thing moving around

  14. Excellent review. I just got the V2 but might return it for the Pan version, given that the extra motion capabilities are probably worth the $10 extra. Yes, it's too bad the motor can be heard and it's bigger. If you mount it upside down and flip the image 180 via the app, does left and right panning get flipped too?

  15. How do we turn them off with the app??? I dont see anything to turn off. My best has an off button in the app.

  16. Thank you for your review. I have a question about using this product outside. I'm concerned about having to have it plugged in. I couldn't find a battery operated one and wasn't sure if this is an option? Is there another camera similar to this in price and functionality that I would be able to use outside where I wouldn't have to worry about it always being plugged in?

  17. Have you had any motion tracking overshooting issues? I am having this issue and have found many others on the Wyze forum. The cam seems to follow the movement but then overshoots to one side and gets stuck there. Wyze claims to have not heard of this issue, but as I have said many others are talking about it on Wyze's own forum.

  18. Hi 🌹! If you had a choice between the Reolink Argus 2 and the Wyzecam V2 for outside home use (Of course with the wyzecam V2 purchasing the extended cable for power and silicone cover with the exterior mount) which would you recommend? I'm on the fence with this decision!

  19. Can you view the recordings from your SD card remotely? Or do you have to take it out and view on your PC? My goal is remote viewing but it would be nice to see continuous recording as a way to view more than the 12 seconds of motion activated cloud recording.

  20. How do the motion ZONES work? Do you get a single adjustable box that tells the camera to ignore motion in that area (like a flag)? Can you set multiple boxes/areas? Also, are motion zones available on the WyzeCam2 or just the Wyze Cam Pan? Thanks!

  21. I like my wyze cam; however, a few things to know before buying the cam
    1. you'll need to buy separate accessories if you want to place it outdoors as it is not weather proof, and 2. it doesn't operate on batteries so you'll need a long cable and if someone turns off the power, the cam is useless for security.
    I placed mine behind a window inside to capture the front driveway outside; however, the problem is that it captures aweful reflection of blinds during night with no outside visibility.

  22. I have 2 Wyze cams and wonder if anybody experiences as I do, these cams occasionally without my intervention turn on by themselves and I’m concerned about who or what does that. With respect to our privacy I hope this isn’t being done by a business or individuals.

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