Xfinity Home:  Anne’s Story

Xfinity Home: Anne’s Story

My son Jake was diagnosed with moderate autism
at age four and a half, and of course that’s scary when that happens. As he grew older, friends and family would
ask me what I saw for his future and to be quite honest I couldn’t think about it. I had to sort of put that in the back of my
mind and just take one day at a time because that was the easiest way to get through my
day. Thanks Mom. Seeing how Jake has changed over the years
its something I never thought was possible. Jake, with the help of a local agency, eventually
got a job when he got to be about 20 years old. And when Jake got a little bit older, I sensed
that he was craving some independence. And about that time I was looking for some
freedom, as a single mom it was difficult. So I thought about my Xfinity Home camera
and I said, “Jake, how about if I leave you overnight. I’ll come back early tomorrow morning. But I can use my cell phone and my ipad to
check in on you to make sure everything is ok.” And he lit up like a Christmas tree. So I left overnight I came home very early
the next day, everything was great. Jake was beaming. We tried that every other week. I always knew Jake would be eating his breakfast
at 7am, his lunch at 11:30am, his dinner at 5pm. So at those times I would pull out my cell
phone or ipad and just check in on him. It was a very simple solution to a difficult
problem. And we did that over several months and Jake
blossomed like you would not believe. Now I’m happy to report that Jake has his
drivers license. And he works 32 hours a week at a local grocery
store. He works in the produce department and he’s
doing an awesome job there. Our hope is that he will eventually be able
to work full time. And who knows, be out on his own. Get his own apartment, that is the hope. Is that something I ever thought would happen,
no, that is not something I thought would happen when he was younger. And I attribute all that to my piece of mind
that I got from using my Xfinity Home camera. It’s our main job as a parent to foster independence
in our children. That’s why we’re here. It is particularly hard when you have a child
on the autism spectrum. You have to find creative solutions and this
is one creative solution. If you are a parent who has a child on the
autism spectrum and your child is little, you may feel hopeless at the moment. It’s a day to day situation. It’s challenging everyday and you wonder what’s
to come of my child. But I’m here to tell you that there is hope
for these kids.

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