Yale Alarm review (Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm, EFKit 2)

Yale Alarm review (Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm, EFKit 2)

Hello. This is a basic review of the Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm, AKA YEF-Kit 2. It’s a fairly short review; I didn’t ever see myself as making a video of this nature but when I was looking for an Alarm, there were alot of choices out there but not alot of reviews or past experiences of people who have an alarm so I thought I’d make this short video to try and help you out if you’re looking for an Alarm. Actually to be fair, this is a fantastic bit of kit for the money. In this day and age, the security of your home, posessions and family should be taken quite seriously and this system is fantastic at doing that job. It’s really easy to install even if you’ve not got much DIY experience. or if you’d prefer, I’m sure you’d be able to find plenty of tradespersons willing to install it for you

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42 Replies to “Yale Alarm review (Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm, EFKit 2)”

  1. I'm looking into a home security kit and this has caught my eye. I was wondering what the purpose of the ethernet port has on the control panel. Is it necessary? Does it have wireless too? Thanks for the video

  2. Hi Joe, me again. Another question about this system. You mention you can adjust the timers for the door sensors. Is it possible to do the same with the motion sensors? Cheers

  3. Great Review! Also reassured I made the right purchase of this kit earlier along with the remote keypad. I wasn't sure if it had the lock/unlock via smartphone app. But glad I have it now for the panic setting alone.

    Many Thanks!

  4. Hi there, thanks for the review very informative! I have the system just been delivered but have a couple of points to ask if I may?… With the control panel: would it be advisable to hide it in a cupboard somewhere if set on entry/exit mode as the burglar could disconnect the phone line within the countdown time and if I'm away from the property i will never know the alarm has been triggered? also do you think it being in a cupboard would affect the signal strength? I'm in a similar size property to the one in your video (I think)? Many thanks and good work again!

  5. Hi Joe great review, I purchased this the other day, I just bought a key fob for it, it just will not recognise the control panel, any help would be great thanks…

  6. A good review about things delibratly made complicated to detear the budding diy/money saving enthusiast. Leant a fair bit, thanks mate.

  7. Hi, i have purchased this alarm and have tried to connect it to the Yale application. However, it asks for a panel MAC/ serial number. was wondering if you could help me?

  8. Thanks for the great review! I was thinking of buying this system and indeed did after watching your video. Still to decide where to mount the control panel though. Thinking of putting it in a a cupboard and purchasing a keypad for the main alarming and disarming of the system. Thanks again

  9. Just installed this system at the weekend. Wondered if you had any ideas…when I arm the alarm, it's giving a fault that the doors are open but they're not. Also, the magnets are nice and close together as recommended. I can still force the alarm to arm. Secondly, when I enter programme mode to clear the fault, there is no 'fault log' on the screen like yours, simply 'log' of events. I.e. Alarm armed/disarmed etc. Many thanks.

  10. Fantastic review mate! I was thinking of getting this and you have helped me make up my mind.
    One question though… could I fit a sensor to my shed, do you think the control panel will pick it up? The shed will be approximately about 30 meters from the panel.

    Thanks again mate!

  11. Great video What happens if the alarm is unplugged from the socket? Also can you put a motion sensor in a shed? Around 25 meter away?

  12. Hi Joe, my yale alarm panel, the same as you show in your video shows that there is an AC Fault, and that a red light is constantly on, i have tested the AC power supply to the panel and all is fine but it still shows AC fault, as on panel as DC DC1 Low Batterey what is DC1
    Many thanks

  13. Helpful review, thank you. Whats your verdict on the camera system?Did you integrate the camera system with a dongle in the end?

  14. HI Jo – your video is very informative and helpful. Could you describe how to set 2 Zones. eg for Upstairs & Downstairs.  I cant seem to get enough information form user Manual.Thnx Jonny

  15. Hi Joe, Great vid… thanks. Some questions if thats ok. I bought this due to your video 🙂

    When installing the PIR sensors internally and Outside alarm box out side were the wall plugs all the same size or specific. I only ask as it doesn't say which wall plugs to use?

    Im also a bit nervous about this spring that needs to be depressed against the wall for the alarm box.

    Does the power for the control panel need to be plugged into the power at all times?

  16. Have you ever replaced the bell box DD batteries?? Iv replaced mine twice in 3 months. Bought from Asda , Duracell ultra and normal Duracell.

    Where can i buy them from which will work

  17. Great video I had this system fitted a while ago and I now have the red triangle lit up it was initially because of a low battery which i replaced but still have the fault and can't seem to get rid of it. Any help would be appreciated.

  18. I ordered the smart EF-KIT3 but then i returned it after reading bad reviews about the app system. I called a 2 alarm fitters and they both said YALE was no good.

    Does anyone know if these are any good? And which obvious be better. This one our the smart wireless one. On paper they sound good but I'm not sure

  19. Hi I'm trying to lengthen the entry time but it's asking you to press a symbol that's not on the panel any ideas it's a u shape with a arrow on the end of the left side.

  20. Great review! I just want to ask wether the external alarm was on when you were demonatrating this or was it just the internal making the sound? Thanks.

  21. excellent and very comprehensive video which answers most questions. can you please demonstrate the installation and requirements to enable the alarm alert telephone call feature with its associated cost and also the remote operation feature with the app if you are in a different city or country. Many thanks

  22. Hi,

    Thank you for this excellent video!

    My aim is to be able to get a notification alert on my smart phone as well as the phone call.

    Therefore, would you be able to connect all the accessories that comes with this "telecommunicating alarm" kit to the Yale smart Hub?


    Does this kit already have that incorporated with it and its just a case of downloading the Yale app?


  23. Hi there and thanks for this video it's really helpful, just one question for you, does the phone alert system cost to call out?

  24. Hi Fat Joe Films, Firstly thank you for your very informative review, it's been an excelent insight into choosing my home alarm which I'm still deciding on, although this is currently looking very favourable. As you may have guessed, I have a question…..
    I keep my van parked outside approx 15m from where the main panel would be sited. I would like to put a PIR in the back to add to the security of the van, I would like the upstairs of my home to be the second zone within the system, can I have a 3rd zone to include my van ? this would allow the alarm to be set when the van is not present outside. Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance, Ian.

  25. Hi Joe, really need your help again please. I followed your advice yesterday and managed to clear the PIR fault, tried everything with the door contact which still says low battery (tried 2 brand new ones) and also says tamper fault. Battery is in correctly, spring is fully depressed. So I decided to delete from the devices, only problem now is when I try to add it again, it says already in the system, yet it isn’t listed in my device list. I’m pulling my hair out lol, hope you can help me please

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