Yale Home Automation | Smart Phone Home Security System | Melbourne Home Show

Yale Home Automation | Smart Phone Home Security System | Melbourne Home Show

– G’day, I’m Steve. I’m here at the Melbourne Home Show in front of our Yale stand and I’ve got some really smart
home products to show you. This is the new Yale
Secure Connect Alarm Kit which is also your home automation system. What we have here, is
you’ve got your normal standard kit which is made
up of your strobe and alarm. It’s made up of your main
controller which is your hub. It’s made up of a camera PIR, a standard PIR and you’ve
got your wall keypad to turn on and off your alarm system. We’ve also got door and window connectors. With this particular alarm
kit it also comes with the power point so you can
control all your lights and anything that you plug in at home to turn on and off from a remote position. Some of the things that
we have are the light as you can see here, the
lamp can turn on and off via the app on your phone. And you can control anything that plugs in with this particular device. The other thing with this
particular smart home kit as well, you can control your locks. The locks can be opened
remotely from anywhere in the world providing you’ve
got a internet connection. It has a automatic openings via the app. Basically all you do is you
press the lock button there and within about a three or four seconds you have a delay, your
lock locks and unlocks. The easy way to then
lock that lock after that is purely by touching the face of the lock and it re-locks itself. Also this lock offers
key code entry as well so you can have your own
user codes to open the lock. You can give anyone a PIN code and give them a timeframe to actually enter the lock as well. Okay, I hope you enjoyed
that tour of our stand here at the Melbourne Home Show.

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