You Can Help Prevent Package Thefts

Many people use online stores to have
packages delivered to their home but never consider the safety risks that are
associated with that. Hi, my name is David Tilley with the Plano Police Department.
Today, we want to share some tips on how you can make sure that your packages are
delivered safe. First of all, consider having the package delivered to the U.S.
Post Office, UPS, FedEx or Amazon Locker locations for you to pick them up. Next,
have packages delivered to a friend, family member or neighbor who is home
during normal delivery hours. Consider having a tracking number assigned to
your delivery and keep up with when it’s delivered. As soon as you’re aware,
arrange to have that package picked up. Require a signature on delivery. This
will ensure the package won’t be left at your door without someone there to sign
for it. Finally, cameras. Cameras are not only a
crime deterrent, but they can help us in identifying package theft suspects. Not
to mention, you know if the package was delivered to your home. Many camera
systems can be set up to alert you on your mobile device when motion is
detected. Planning for safe package delivery will not only reduce stress and
frustration, but it also helps us take criminals like this and that off the

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