Your Home on Your Phone with Vivint Smart Home

Your Home on Your Phone with Vivint Smart Home

When you’re out of the house and on the
go it’s nice to still be connected to home. So we created a simple-to-use app that lets you do just that. *DOORBELL CAMERA RINGS* Hey, guys! You’re already here? Our flight was early, believe it or not. I’ll let you in. From helping with the unexpected— Hey, guys! Grandma and Grandpa are here. Let’s go see them. —to reminding you of things you happen to forget. It can even help you save money while you’re away. And helps the people at home stay connected to you. Hey, bud. Hi, Mom. Dad bought pizza. Awesome! Save me a piece. From knowing who is coming and going at home and keeping them safe to setting the mood with ease Stay connected to the things that matter
most. Anytime. Anywhere. It’s your home on your phone.

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