Your Smart Front Porch with Vivint Smart Home

Your front porch is a big part of your
life. And Vivint Smart Home lets you stay connected to it wherever you go MOM: Hey, girls! GIRL ON DOORBELL CAMERA: Oh, hi! Is Tommy here? MOM: Yeah, he’s right here. MOM: Tommy, look who it is. TOMMY: Mom! TOMMY: I’ll text you later. Even when you’re away, it’s a place you want to keep an eye on especially when important visitors drop by. MISS MEDINA: Hey, girls! GIRL SCOUTS: Hi, Miss Medina. We have your cookies for you. MISS MEDINA: OK, great! You know what? Let me open the front door for you and you can leave them inside. It’s a place that deserves protecting. HOMEOWNER: Can I help you? PORCH PIRATE: Uh, sorry. Wrong house. A place where the people you care about
can come and go and where you can keep them safe while they’re there. Your front porch is an important part of your home. And Vivint Smart Home can help you stay connected to it from anywhere while keeping it safe and secure.

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