Zosi Security Camera How to and Review

Zosi Security Camera How to and Review

Today I’m gonna unbox review and set up these security cameras. I bought this eight camera Zosi security camera system from Amazon for 200 bucks. Link in the description. I actually bought two of them so I’d have 16 cameras. This here is the DVR that will record the security cameras and here’s the Zosi instruction manual. Here we have the power supply and we have the mouse. This box has the hardware to install the cameras, some stickers for the windows, instruction manuals. This is a power supply splitter and this is the power supply that’ll go into it. Here we have wires that we will run to each of the Zosi security cameras, and here’s an actual camera, which is a nice indoor/outdoor camera with an aluminum housing. It takes a pretty nice image. Let’s take a look at the back of the DVR. We have our BNC connectors here for connecting your camera up to the DVR. You have a BNC video-out connector here, along with a RCA audio out connector down here. You have a HDMI out connector, a VGA out connector. These are all for monitoring. You have four audio inputs, which these cameras don’t have audio but there’s a really cheap easy way to add audio to them. We have two USB ports for the mouse. We have our network connector for hooking it up to our router and we have a power supply down here. Let’s open the box up and see what it looks like on the inside. We have a screw on the side. Screw on this side. Two screws in the back. So I bought this unit with a pre-installed one terabyte Seagate drive, but if you were installing your own Drive, or you wanted to swap this out to upgrade it, it’s just those screws that hold the drive down right here and then the two connectors. It’s a pretty simple installation. Okay let’s connect this thing up and get it working. First we plug the power in. This is the power for the cameras. Then the other end goes into this splitter. This splits it up into four, for the four different cameras. That goes into the end that’s marked connect to DVR, and then the other side of this BNC connector goes onto here with a twist. We’ve connected the four cameras up to the DVR and up to their power supply. Now the other end needs to be hooked up to the camera, which is pretty easy. There is a side that says connect to camera. You plug the red into the red and the blue BNC connector goes on with a turn as well. I’ve connected the other three surveillance cameras so all of them are now connected to the DVR. I’m going to connect the mouse to the back of the unit. Connect our HDMI cables so we can monitor the cameras, and connect up power. The front power light has gone on. All right here we are at the main window, when you first start it up and this thing is feature packed. You’re gonna want to download the app. That’ll allow you to monitor the cameras on your phone but you can also access the cameras using your computer, and you’re going to want to go to Zosi’s website and download the owner’s manual, because there’s a lot of stuff that this does. Very quickly here on the main screen you can change month/day/year. We can go back in and change this but you want to know GM meantime, Greenwich meantime where you were located. We’re in California so that’s minus 8. The date and the time you don’t really care about at this point because you’ll hook it up to a network and then you can sync it with a network time server. This way it matches your phone and your computer. So here we are with the eight cameras showing. If I right-click, I can look at a single camera. Like channel one or I can go multi and look at channel one through four or even there’s this neat version down here where you see all of them but one camera is bigger than the rest. A couple of neat things that it does. Color. You can adjust the color, the brightness of each individual camera which is great because you might have a camera that’s outside and it’s in a bright area or it’s inside and it’s in a dark area or it may need you know more color saturation, higher contrast. You can hit default to get back to its normal. but that’s pretty neat that you can adjust the color for each camera. PTZ, which is pan tilt zoom. That’s for adding pan tilt zoom cameras. Audio, you can add audio to these things using one of these guys right here, which I’ll show you in a little bit how that works. Let’s click out of here. If we go down to main menu. We go into setup/basic, here is date and time. So you can sync with network time server this way. Once you get it onto your network, and that is highly recommended. Under here I think it’s in alarm/motion. Maybe? Yeah. So each camera, you can set up areas that when it detects a motion, it triggers the camera to record, and if it doesn’t detect motion then the camera isn’t recording. So it saves you tons of hard drive space and you can also eliminate areas because if say you had this pointed to your front lawn and your street was viewable and cars we’re always going by you wouldn’t want to record every time a car went by, so you could click and drag to deselect. You know, this area over here and it won’t record when that area has movement. Let’s just X out of here. So that’s a very neat feature but this system has a ton of features. You can schedule recording times. You can record based on motion. You can, I think combine both of those. You can use PTZ cameras. In addition that, it will email you for like various alarms or various things. It’s incredible how many different things this can do. Like I say you can look at it on your phone or you can look at it on a computer. You can backup the files to a USB Drive and then look at them on your computer and save them that way. So you need to get the owner’s manual to see everything that this thing can do because it is feature packed. For now, let’s go back to here, and one through four. So you can see me on all four beautiful cameras as I’m going to pick this one up. So for now I’m gonna run outside and I’m gonna start installing these things and I think it’s going to take several weeks of me going through this entire system to figure out exactly how everything works and get it all dialed in, so it’s perfected, you know, between my phone and computer, and all that stuff. I hope you enjoy this video and you find it useful. If you do, please hit like and subscribe. Particularly subscribe. We’re trying to get to a hundred thousand subscribers. We currently have about 37,000. I think that’s where it is and when we get to a hundred thousand YouTube will send us a cool plaque. So we really appreciate that. Plus, in addition to how-to videos we make a ton of fun videos like we make travel videos and daily vlogs and all sorts of interesting stuff. So if you could like and subscribe I really appreciate that. If not, hey you know, I hope you enjoyed the video and found it useful. Right now let’s start installing these cameras. So to add audio to a security camera you just buy a little gizmo like this for like seven bucks and what it is, is… it looks like this. It’s got a microphone on it with a sensitivity adjustment and then three wires: power in, power out, and then the actual audio. So you take your camera like this, and you have your video connection on your camera and your power connection. So you put the power connection together and now this becomes your power. It loops through to the camera. This is still your video and now you have an audio signal with this microphone. Pretty neat right? Alright, so I’ve got a camera set up right here. This one here catches the living room, and with not only one but two cameras in the bedroom it should capture zexy time.

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  1. Cool Video Vince,I have been thinking of cameras like that or ring doorbell. those look fairly easy to install. Take care , Bruce

  2. The feature you mentioned that prevents the camera from recording every time a car drives by is very cool… Before I bought my place the previous owner had cameras that size. I found it creepy to have a camera staring at me in each room. I like the idea of a pinhole type camera better so I don't see it. Or a spy type camera where it's built into a light switch, a smoke alarm or something. Did you ever consider those other options? Just wondering.

  3. Hey Vince. Your editing is on point. Thanks for the audio tutorial. I really needed it. Yea. Free porn. Just kidding. God bless. See ya soon.

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